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WCL321 Data Visualization Applications with WPF & Silverlight. Tim Huckaby Founder / Chairman, InterKnowlogy & Actus Software Microsoft RD & MVP. Level: All. A little bit about me and why I am here…. About Tim, InterKnowlogy & Actus…. InterKnowlogy ( )

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Wcl321 data visualization applications with wpf silverlight l.jpg

WCL321Data Visualization Applications with WPF & Silverlight

Tim Huckaby

Founder / Chairman, InterKnowlogy & Actus Software

Microsoft RD & MVP

Level: All

About tim interknowlogy actus l.jpg
About Tim, InterKnowlogy & Actus…

InterKnowlogy (

Tim Huckaby, Founder/Chairman ([email protected])

Custom Application Development / Consulting / Software & Systems Engineering Firm headquartered in Carlsbad, CA

Design, Architect, Build and Deploy Enterprise Class Applications

Industry Experts:

Most of the employees are published, MVPs, RD, Speakers, etc.

Microsoft .NET Application development since 2000

Microsoft .NET Rich Client Pioneers / Industry Leaders

Microsoft Touch Application Development Leaders (Surface / Windows 7 / Silverlight 3)

Information Worker Solutions (VSTO & SharePoint)

Integration / Messaging, B2B / B2C, Wireless / Mobility

Leading Edge: Surface, WPF, Silverlight, Win7 touch, SharePoint, VSTO

Cutting Edge Solutions on emerging Microsoft technologies

Largest Client: Microsoft

Actus Software (

Tim Huckaby, Founder/CEO ([email protected])

Software Product Company, Coming soon…

Session objectives and agenda l.jpg
Session Objectives And Agenda

Data Visualization: WPF & XAML…and Silverlight…and Surface..and “the phone”

Session Objective: To get you excited by showing you “what you can do” so that you start doing it.

What this session is Not: a “Stare at C#” Session

Why you need Rich Client Applications

Rich Client Technology Roadmap

Demos, demos, demos!...

About the computer i am using today l.jpg
About the Computer I am Using Today…

  • Acer Aspire 1420P

  • Give away “free” to all attendees at the PDC

  • One year old…

  • Price in October-2009: $420

  • Price in November-2009: $350

Wpf 3d the scripps research institute vitruview autocad dwf viewer l.jpg

WPF 3D:The Scripps Research InstituteVitruViewAutoCad–dwf Viewer

Tim Huckaby

CEO, InterKnowlogy

Microsoft RD & MVP


Surface wpf 3d the scripps research institute vitruview l.jpg

Surface WPF 3D:The Scripps Research InstituteVitruView

Tim Huckaby

CEO, InterKnowlogy

Microsoft RD & MVP


History of surface l.jpg
History of Surface


The concept of an interactive table is born


A dedicated group is formed,

and more than 85

prototypes are developed


The first prototype is presented to Bill Gates


The look and feel of Surface is finalized


Microsoft Surface is unveiled to the world 


Sample xaml l.jpg
Sample XAML

Runs in a WPF Application:

Runs in theBrowser:

Tim huckaby founder interknowlogy actus software microsoft rd mvp l.jpg


Tim Huckaby

Founder, InterKnowlogy & Actus Software

Microsoft RD & MVP

Complex XAML

Declarative programming wpf silverlight l.jpg
Declarative Programming: WPF & Silverlight

  • XAML replaces code

  • Attributes control Layout and Style

  • Event handlers wired-up in XAML

  • Declarative Data Binding

Slide14 l.jpg

The Big 5 “XAML-based” Technologies

  • WPF (Windows XP and above)

  • Silverlight (Cross Platform for the Browser)

  • Surface

  • WPF 4.0 Touch (Windows 7)

  • Windows® Phone 7 Series

Wpf surface silverlight library of congress win7 wpf multi touch silverlight l.jpg

WPF, Surface, & SilverlightLibrary of CongressWin7 WPF multi-touchSilverlight

Tim Huckaby

Founder, InterKnowlogy & Actus Software

Microsoft RD & MVP


Silverlight wpf light l.jpg
Silverlight… “WPF Light”

Lightweight WPF runtime

  • Modern XAML/event-driven application UI framework

  • Interactive experiences for devices, PC, & Mac platforms (and others…)

  • Subset of Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Lightweight download (4.2mb executable – runtime is larger)

  • Programming model uses XAML + .NET

  • Access to XAML tooling

XAML-based Tools


<Button Width="100px"> OK






Silverlight 43things com interknowlogy wish 43 wp7 wish43 l.jpg

Silverlight43Things.comInterKnowlogy Wish 43 WP7 Wish43

Tim Huckaby

Founder, InterKnowlogy & Actus Software

Microsoft RD & MVP


Eclipsys corporation silverlight 3 enterprise visibility real time hospital operations l.jpg

Eclipsys CorporationSilverlight 3 - Enterprise Visibility Real-time Hospital Operations

Tim Huckaby

Founder, InterKnowlogy & Actus Software

Microsoft RD & MVP



Eclipsys maestro hospital management l.jpg
Eclipsys MaestroHospital Management

Eclipsys maestro hospital management20 l.jpg
Eclipsys MaestroHospital Management

Wpf sl how does it work l.jpg
WPF/SL – how does it work?

  • Built on Top of Direct 3D

    • Converted to 3D triangles, textures and other Direct3D objects & then rendered by hardware

    • Benefits of hardware acceleration & performance due to work being off-loaded to GPUs (unlike GDI based systems)

    • Ensures the maximum benefit of new hardware and drivers

    • Software rendering pipeline as fallback

Why wpf and silverlight l.jpg
Why WPF and Silverlight?

  • The GDI & USER subsystems were introduced in Windows 1.0 in 1985

  • OpenGL – Early 90s

  • DirectX – 1995

  • Goal: Overcome the limits of GDI+ & USER with the productivity of .NET

Audience participation time l.jpg
Audience Participation Time

  • Does WPF & SL enable me to do something I couldn’t have done before?

    • No. Unless you factor in time & money…

    • And would like to do more with less…

  • Is DirectX dead?

    • No. It is more applicable to advanced 3D developers writing hard-core “twitch” games.

  • Are Winforms dead?

    • No. …but it will not be advanced; the last version was 2.0 in .NET 2005.

    • WPF / Winforms Integration is simple

    • Windows 98 Supports WinForms

  • Does WPF run better on Vista & Win 7 than on XP?

    • Yes.

    • 3D objects only get anti-aliasing on Windows Vista or Later

    • Non-rectangular windows only get hardware acceleration on Vista.

    • Vista has a driver model that helps with resource contention

  • Does Silverlight trump all this other WPF Stuff?

    • One would think so with all the marketing dollars that are being thrown at it….

    • But, in Reality the answer is “No” and it makes solution architecture more difficult than ever.

  • Does HTML5 trump everything XAML?

    • Doubtful…but, there is wild speculation right now..

    • The Next 5 years are going to be “interesting”…

Wpf where to go next free resources l.jpg
WPF: Where to go Next Free Resources

  • this is the official Microsoft community portal for WPF development, and is chock full of great resources such as the...

  • Learn WPF page- this page links to podcasts, labs, and the very popular "how do I?" videos

  • MIX University's WPF Bootcamp- this is a full 3-day video training course on WPF, in which expert instructors guide you from the surface into the depths of the technology stack

Where to go next l.jpg
Where to go next

  • Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF)

  • by Adam Nathan, Daniel Lehenbauer

  • Essential Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

  • by Chris Anderson

Where to go next26 l.jpg
Where to go next

The InterKnowlogy WPF & Silverlight Reference Applications

Silverlight where to go next free resources l.jpg
Silverlight: Where to go NextFree Resources

  • - this is the official Microsoft community portal for Silverlight development

  • - This is the official product site

  • – Free Windows Phone Developer Tools (1 download)

Where to go next silverlight books l.jpg
Where to go Next – Silverlight Books

Silverlight 4 Unleashed

by Laurent Bugnion

(September 6, 2010)

Essential Silverlight 3

by Ashraf Michail

Silverlight In Action

by Chad Campbell and

John Stockton

Summary l.jpg

  • We are at the Edge of the Rich Client revolution

  • HTML is sufficient for Web Sites, but mostly insufficient for Data Visualization software applications

  • The Tools, Plumbing and platforms for Rich Client, touch based computing are powerful and available

  • Within a short time frame computers with touch capability will be the norm.

  • The .NET stack for Rich Client & Touch Based Software (Surface, WPF & Silverlight) is elegant and powerful

  • The Concepts of NUI & Data Visualization change the way we design and build software

Slide30 l.jpg

Tim Huckaby

  • Contact me: Tim Huckaby

    • E-mail: [email protected]

    • Phone:

      • Office: 760-444-8640

      • Mobile: 619 990 9200

    • Blog:

    • FaceBook:

    • LinkedIn:

  • More info on InterKnowlogy:



  • More info on Actus Software:

    • Coming soon….

  • About Tim Huckaby…

    • Founder/Chairman, InterKnowlogy

    • Founder/CEO, Actus Software

    • Microsoft® Regional Director – Southern California

    • Microsoft® .NET Partner Advisory Council Founder / Member

    • Microsoft® MVP - .NET

    • INETA Speaker – International .NET Users Group Association

    • Board Member: Association for Competitive Technology

    • Board Member: Dev Connections

    • Author / Speaker

Session evaluations l.jpg

Session Evaluations

Tell us what you think, and you could win!

All evaluations submitted are automatically entered into a daily prize draw* 

to the Schedule Builder at

* Details of prize draw rules can be obtained from the Information Desk.

Slide32 l.jpg

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