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Fraternity & Sorority Life Standards of Excellence

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Fraternity & Sorority Life Standards of Excellence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fraternity & Sorority Life Standards of Excellence. Revised October 2010. Overview of Training. General Information Membership Development Chapter Management External Relations Policy Compliance Resources If you have any questions please ask them!. General Information.

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overview of training
Overview of Training
  • General Information
  • Membership Development
  • Chapter Management
  • External Relations
  • Policy Compliance
  • Resources
  • If you have any questions please ask them!
general information
General Information
  • Preparing your Binder
    • Follow the format outlined in the Self-Evaluation
  • Turning in Binders
    • Due June 14th
    • Binders returned in the Fall after Homecoming
  • Extra Credit- Provided by SLL and Greeks Gone Green

We will be emailing all SOE chairs with information and updates including:

  • SOE Point Opportunities
  • Extra Credit Opportunities
  • Please make sure SLL knows your current email address & check your email regularly!!
membership development
Membership Development
  • Academic Achievement
    • Chapter GPA (Gold Laurel Standard)
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
    • Academic Success Program
      • Documentation: Description of program
    • Academic Success Presentations
      • Documentation: Completed Educational Program Forms
    • Academic Recognition Programs
      • Documentation: Description of program
    • Individual Member Standards
      • Documentation: Description of standards w/advisor verification
educational program form find it http greeklife sdsu edu policies html
Educational Program Form Find it:
membership development cont
Membership Development (cont.)
  • Membership Orientation & Education
    • Written New Member Education Program (recognition standard)
      • Documentation: Copy of chapter’s written new member education program, dates and description of new member activities, & copy of chapter written plan for continuing education.
    • New Member Series
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
      • 60% of pts. awarded on attendance, 40% of pts. awarded if 50% or more of chapters attendees complete the electronic evaluation
membership development cont8
Membership Development (cont.)
  • Chapter Educational Programs
    • Documentation: Completed Educational Program Forms
    • Minimum of three per year. Programs must be completed by a TRAINED PRESENTER and last at least 30 minutes.
    • Changed – now chapters can earn the full 30 points by having 25% of their members at 6 programs (5 points each) or by having 50% of their members at 3 programs (10 points each) or a combination of 5 point and 10 point events.
    • An untrained student may co-present with a trained presenter with expertise in the topic. ONE MUST FOCUS ON CULTURAL AWARENESS?DIVERSITY ISSUES IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ANY POINTS IN THIS CATEGORY.
membership development cont9
Membership Development (cont.)
  • Leadership Development *Each member only counts once*
    • External Leadership Programs

Documentation: List of members with name of conference/workshop with verification of attendance

    • Additional Participation in External Leadership Programs

Documentation: Same as above

    • Individual Leadership Positions, Non-Greek

Documentation: List of names, organizations, and position held

    • Individual Leadership Positions, Greek

Documentation: List of names, organizations, and position held

    • Leadership Development Series *NEW* 10 points/year

Documentation: Student Life & Leadership

chapter management
Chapter Management
  • Participation (all documented by Greek Life)
    • Attendance at Council Meetings

(recognition standard)

      • 80% of council meetings
    • Chapter Presidents Meetings

(recognition standard)

      • 80% of council meetings
        • President Roundtables (5pts.), Council Specific (5pts.)
    • TEAM SDSU January 2011
    • Chapter Showcase Presentations
    • Participation in GLAB and Greek Week Events
    • Participation in Jr. Greek Council
chapter management cont
Chapter Management (cont.)
  • Financial Management
    • Bookkeeping
      • Documentation: Description of accounting process signed by Treasurer and Advisor
    • Budget (Gold Laurel standard)
      • Documentation: Copy of budget each semester signed by Treasurer and Advisor
    • Financial Policies and Agreements *signed by members
      • Documentation: Copy of policy with Advisor and Treasurer verification
    • Council & University Debts (recognition standard)
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
chapter management cont12
Chapter Management (cont.)
  • Goals & Action Plans
    • Goal Setting (Gold Laurel standard)
      • Documentation: Description of goal setting process, and list of three goals from each semester with action plans
  • Alumni and/or Advisor Guidance
    • Chapter Advisor (recognition standard)
      • Documentation: Letter from advisor
    • Campus Chapter Advisor Meetings
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
chapter management cont13
Chapter Management (cont.)
  • Executive Board Training & Transition
    • Officer Notebooks
      • Documentation: Statement from president & table of contents
    • Transitional Meeting
      • Documentation: Meeting agenda
      • *Tip - make sure outgoing SOE chair gives incoming SOE chair all documentation for events/programs held in Fall 2010
  • Chapter Meetings
    • Attendance
      • Documentation: List of meetings and members present
    • Minutes
      • Documentation: Letter from Advisor
  • Administration
    • Standards Self-Evaluation & Awards Applications
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
external relations
External Relations
  • Campus Involvement
    • Clubs & Organizations
      • Documentation: List of members and organizations to which they belong. *Each member only counts once.
      • New: Opportunity to earn more points now
    • Campus Activities *Include Photograph
      • Documentation: List of activities and brief description, date, location, and attendance with verification
          • Aztec Nights participation
          • SDSU athletic events now 40% chapter attendance
external relations cont
External Relations (cont.)
  • Alumni and Family Relations(Gold Laurel Standard)
    • Newsletters / Routine Communication
      • Documentation: Copy of newsletters, verification of communication
    • Alumni Events – 2 Events
      • Documentation: Copy of invitations
    • Family Events – 1 Event
      • Documentation: Copy of invitations
    • Other Parent and/or Alumni Involvement Activities
      • Documentation: Description of activity, dates, names, and advisor verification. *ensure an ongoing commitment
external relations cont16
External Relations (cont.)
  • Community Service (90pts.) (Gold Laurel Standard)
    • Direct Community Service (DCS) (max. 90 points)
      • 4 points per hour per member. Example: 1,000 hours of comm. Svc divided by 50 members =20 hrs per member. 20 hours X 4 points = 80 points.
      • Philanthropy week sponsoring chapter is credited only with hours their members complete.
      • Philanthropy: (max. 20 points)
        • 1pt. per dollar per member
        • 1pt. per ‘in-kind’ donation per member
    • Chapters CAN complete all 90 points with community service, but can only earn 20 points for money raised

Documentation:Student Organization – Community Service Form, receipts, letter from beneficiary

external relations cont18
External Relations (cont.)
  • Faculty/Staff Relations
    • Faculty/Staff Programs (Gold Laurel Standard)
      • Outreach: Must be someone other than your advisor
      • Documentation: Description of activity OR letter from University department
      • 2 events worth 5 points each
  • Greek Relations
    • Greek Relations Activity (Gold Laurel Standard)
      • Documentation: Description of event including date, location, and number of participants from each chapter. *Photograph*
      • One should be with a USFC or NPHC organization and one with an IFC or Panhellenic organization.
external relations cont19
External Relations (cont.)
  • Participation in Auxiliary Greek Organizations(Gold Laurel Standard)
    • GAMMA, Rho Lambda, FratMANNERS etc…
    • 15% of chapter to earn 10 points.
    • Documentation: List of members and Organizations
  • (Inter)national Fraternity/Sorority Relations
    • Attendance at (Inter)national Organization Events
      • Documentation: Letter from HQ or Regional Officer
    • Magazine/Newsletter Articles/Online Publication
      • Documentation: Copy of article submission
    • Interaction with Other Chapters
      • Documentation: Letter from other chapter describing activity
external relations cont20
External Relations (cont.)
  • Public Relations
    • PR Chair
      • Documentation: Name and job description
    • Press Releases
      • Documentation: Copy of press releases
      • 2 Per year *don’t have to be published
    • Local Website
      • Documentation: Printout of current website with URL
      • To earn points the website must be active and updated
policy compliance
Policy Compliance
  • Risk Management
    • Risk Management Officer
      • Documentation: Name & job description
    • Risk Management Educational Sessions
      • Documentation: Completed Educational Program Forms
      • 4 per year. 50% attendance. MUST INCLUDE programs on alcohol/drug awareness and sexual assault/domestic violence awareness to earn points.
      • New- #3 or #4 can be 75% of NEW MEMBERS
  • Safe Social Events
    • Dry Events
      • Documentation: Description of event, location etc.
      • Documentation must be signed by other chapter’s president and your chapter’s advisor for verification. *Photograph*
      • New- If Chapter has more than one event with the same chapter, only one will count.
policy compliance cont
Policy Compliance (cont.)
  • Member Conduct
    • Chapter Code of Conduct (Gold Laurel standard)
      • Documentation: Copy with advisor verification
    • Chapter Judicial/Standards Board
      • Documentation: Copy of judicial procedures
  • Compliance with Campus Policies
    • Incentive for Compliance (Gold Laurel standard)
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
  • Facility Management (only for Chapters with housing)
    • Fire Drills
      • Documentation: copy of evacuation procedures, advisor verification
    • Chapter House Appearance
      • Documentation: provided by Greek Life
extra credit
Extra Credit
  • Max of 50 points extra credit awarded
  • Green Love (30pts. maximum) – lists 21 options to earn points including:
    • Attending Green Love, Greeks Going Green or Environmental Business Society Meetings
    • Recycling
    • Lowering energy use by 10%
    • Electing an eco-chair
    • Hosting a speaker on environmental issues
    • Completing an eco-friendly community service
    • Printing chapter T-shirts on organic material
    • Installing a white board for announcements instead of printing flyers/agendas
due date
Due Date
  • Please turn in an organized hard copy. A flash drive is an extra option you can submit in addition to the hard copy.
  • Packets can be turned in starting May 17th
  • The deadline in June 15th at 4:30pm