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HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase Docent Training PowerPoint Presentation
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HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase Docent Training

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HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase Docent Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase Docent Training Tuesday February 12 th and Wednesday February 20 th , 2013. Docent Management Workgroup. Ricardo Crosby Matt Johnson John Paganini Chad Hiner Danae Kaemingk Elizabeth Peters. Agenda. IHE USA

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HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase Docent Training

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Presentation Transcript

HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase Docent Training

Tuesday February 12th and Wednesday February 20th , 2013

docent management workgroup
Docent Management Workgroup

Ricardo Crosby Matt Johnson John Paganini

Chad Hiner DanaeKaemingk Elizabeth Peters

  • Interoperability Showcase
  • Overview of the Docents
  • Detailed Logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Floor Plan
  • Use Cases
  • Medical Banking Community
  • Q&A
ihe usa
  • IHE USA ( is a not for profit organization founded in 2010 that operates as a national deployment committee of IHE International™
  • IHE USA is the sponsor of the IHE North American Connectathon
    • Cross-Vendor, live, supervised, structured testing of real-world clinical scenarios using IHE Integration Profiles
  • IHE USA conducts activities in three main areas:
    • Testing and Test Tool Development
    • Education, Training, and Outreach Opportunities
    • Deployment of IHE Profiles in the US
    • Supporting the development, adoption and use of standards based interoperable health IT solutions
interoperability showcase
Interoperability Showcase
  • A live action demonstration of practical solutions to standards-based interoperable health IT
    • Over 6,000 attendees at HIMSS Conference alone
    • Real-Time data health exchange
    • Over 100 participants
    • Over 200 systems
    • International
  • Real World Case Studies
    • EHR’s, PHR’s, Radiology PACS Systems, Public Health Registries, and more
  • Medical Banking Community
    • ICD-10, Patient Payment Experience, Payment Hub
overview of docents
Overview of Docents
  • Thank You for your Time!!!
    • (no the training isn’t over)
  • Integral part of the Interoperability Showcase
  • Facilitate groups through Use Cases
  • General knowledge of the IHE and Use Cases
  • Professional Appearance
  • Arrive. Arrive Early.
  • Plan to commit 100% to the shift.
    • Arrange phone meetings and business meetings for time outside your shift
    • Silence phones
    • Stay engaged with your group
  • We all know emergencies occur, please communicate those to us as EARLY as possible
specific roles
Specific Roles
  • Docents
  • Super Docents
  • Back-up Docents
  • VIP Tour Docents
  • Help Desk Staff
  • Welcome Desk Staff
  • Sunday
    • Live training starts at 12pm on the Showcase Floor
    • Lunch Provided (Lunch served at 11:30am)
    • Plan on being available to run through Use Cases with vendors
  • Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
    • 1st shift 9:30am-2:00pm 2nd shift 1:30-6:00pm
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your shift
  • Plan for the end of your tour to run a few minutes past your shift
  • VIP Tours run just before, just after, or during lunch at the Showcase
  • Everything is subject to change
detailed logistics
Detailed Logistics
  • Tours start at the Welcome Theatre
    • Guests receive about a 10 minute presentation
    • Docents will line up to form 6 groups
    • Guests will be divided among the groups
  • Docents will lead tour to first stop on Use Case
  • Docents will remain with group until tour officially ends
  • Docents do not need to remain with group after the last stop
  • Docents will return to Welcome Theatre for next group
detailed logistics1
Detailed Logistics
  • Tours run every 15 minutes and will last approximately 30 minutes
  • Tour Time Frame
    • Group A takes first group at 1:15pm and tour lasts 30 minutes
    • Group B takes second group at 1:30pm and tour lasts 30 minutes
    • Repeat
  • This builds in some break time between tours
matt and danae
Matt and Danae

Schedule Content

floor plan and use cases
Floor Plan and Use Cases
  • Each Use Case (UC) is associated with ONE Pod.
  • Each Pod is made up of a group of vendors who each play a role in the UC.
  • For example; if you are the docent for UC 10 you will go to the UC 10 Pod and lead the group through the Use Case, step by step.