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Diego’s temperature project PowerPoint Presentation
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Diego’s temperature project

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Diego’s temperature project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diego’s temperature project. (Santo Domingo/Canberra ). DIEGO’S TEMPERATURE PROJECT.

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diego s temperature project

Diego’s temperature project

(Santo Domingo/Canberra)

diego s temperature project1

In this presentation I will be featuring to very famous cities. Here they come, Canberra located in Australia and Santo Domingo located in the Dominican Republic. I have been recording their temperatures for the past week and they’re about to go head to head!

Here they are! These temperatures were recorded in Fahrenheit. And as you can see it’s a battle between high and low temperatures
if i were to pack for a trip to santo domingo i would bring
if I were to pack for a trip to Santo Domingo I would bring…?
  • If I were to pack for a trip to Santo Domingo I would bring short sleeves, shorts pants, swim trunks, and lots of clothes. I would also bring a camera, (for sight seeing) water (because its super hot there and I would dehydrate and die if I didn’t have any), bug repellent (because like I said before it’s super hot there) and sunglasses (because… OH GOD DO I REALLY HAVE TO SAY IT AGAIN?, ITS SUPER HOT THERE!) OOPS sorry about my tantrum… So were was? I oh yeah it’s super hot… well I guess that’s all that I would pack.
if i were to pack for a trip to c anberra i would bring
If I were to pack for a trip to Canberra I would bring…?
  • If I were to pack for a trip to Canberra I would bring 1. a heavy winter jacket because its winter there right now. 2. mittens so my fingers don’t fall off. 3. skis just incase it snows and finally number 4. a moose… just kidding number 4. would be a cell phone just incase I get lost or there is an emergency.
where and how i got my information
Where and how I got my information!

Every day from Monday to Friday I would go on Google and search up lets say something like “what the temperature is in Canberra right now” or “ what’s the temperature in Santo Domingo right now” then I would right the temperatures down on a slip of paper. To get the average for Santo Domingo I added up 84 82 81 82 81 to get 410 then I divided that by five to get 82. then to get the average for Canberra I added up 25 18 17 25 35 to get 120 then I divided 120 by 5 to get 24. To make my graph I went on and I filled in the legend and all of those important things. When I finished I saved picture to my desktop and uploaded it to here. that is where and how I got my information.