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EDD/581 Action Research Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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EDD/581 Action Research Proposal

EDD/581 Action Research Proposal

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EDD/581 Action Research Proposal

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  1. Action Research Proposal EDD/581 Action Research Proposal

  2. Action Research Proposal Template Instructions • This template will be used to document an action research proposal that could be used to obtain permission from your school or organization to conduct your research. • Follow the prompts that are listed on each slide. • Add your content to this template as defined below for each week. Your content will replace the existing content on each slide. • Submit the entire template for each due date so that the instructor is able to view your work from previous weeks. • For Week Two, complete Section One • For Week Five, complete Section Two • For Week Six, complete Section Three • For Week Seven, complete Section Four

  3. Please read before proceeding with this section!! Section One: Background Complete the following for Week Two: • Problem statement • Problem description • Purpose of the project • Writer’s role Note: You may add additional slides if necessary. Action Research Proposal

  4. Problem Statement Problem Statement • The problem is that homeschooled children have limited access to local public schools for extracurricular activities which would help to increase social interactions. Upon narrowing the problem, an intervention will be implemented. Action Research Proposal

  5. Problem Description Problem Description • Homeschoolers have limited access to social encounters during the school year and the public school has ample extracurricular activates. • The problem was not addressed because the doors are not open to home school children for any extracurricular activates in the local public school. • Attempting action research will find out if there is any information on this topic. All homeowners pay taxes for that school and all children should have more access to utilize activities not available at home. • The research will also open other avenues for social interactions. Action Research Proposal

  6. Purpose of the Project Purpose of the Project • The purpose of this project is to determine if local public schools opened their doors to homeschooled children for extracurricular activities, would that increase their social interactions? Are there other ways home school children can feel like part of the community by interactions if the school does not cooperate. Action Research Proposal

  7. Writer’s Role Writer’s Role • This topic relates to homeschooled children in a small town where social interactions is important. • This topic was picked because it is important for students’ to have an opportunity to socialize with other children their age and be able to utilize the school house for extracurricular activities. • There are some extracurricular activities that just can not be offered at home, but are available at the local school. Action Research Proposal

  8. Please read before proceeding with this section!! Section Two: Problem Documentation Complete the following for Week Five: • Problem Documentation • Literature Review Note: You may add additional slides if necessary. Action Research Proposal

  9. Problem Documentation Problem Documentation • In this section, you will obtain information to verify that a problem exists and to clarify the nature of the problem. • Create a 10-item survey that you propose for your action research study. • Note the group(s) that will be surveyed, a brief rationale for surveying each group, the major elements of the problem that you want to explore and verify, and your 10 questions. Action Research Proposal

  10. Literature Review Literature Review • A literature review should summarize all important research relevant to the problem, demonstrating a current understanding of the topic. • You should have at least seven literature references. • List your literature review in the following format: Action Research Proposal

  11. Section 3: Solution Strategy Please read before proceeding with this section!! Complete the following for Week Six: • Action Goal • Selected Solutions • Calendar Plan Note: You may add additional slides if necessary per section. Action Research Proposal

  12. Action Goal Action Goal • Provide the goal for the intervention that you are purposing and include a brief overview of the intervention plan that you have selected. • Example: • The goal of the intervention is to increase effectiveness of regular classroom teachers in implementing accommodations and modifications for special education students. A three-prong intervention will be implemented to meet the goal, which includes teacher IEP training, teacher/paraprofessional training, and weekly collaboration time supported by the administration. Action Research Proposal

  13. Selected Solutions Selected Solutions • This is a detailed description of the plan you will implement in order to address or alleviate the problem in your current setting. This section is analogous to a recipe. • It should be specific and detailed so that another researcher can read this section and duplicate the method with few questions. • For example, do not say “Teachers or trainers will take courses on methods to modify instruction for diverse learners.” • Rather, give the reader specific information and guidelines on how you will accomplish the goal of this plan, with step-by-step instructions to easily replicate the process. • Include copies of specific material needed in an appendix. Remember, you cannot be too specific in this section. Action Research Proposal

  14. Calendar Plan Calendar Plan Include a week-by-week, operational calendar plan, such as appears in Figures 6.3 and 6.4 in Chapter 6. Include specific directions on how you will implement each component of your action research study. You will use the calendar and specific directions for the implementation phase. Remember to give the reader the following information: when the study will begin who will be involved at what points specific aspects of your plan should occur the duration of each component of your plan how often and when you will evaluate results. Present the plan as Week One, Week Two, etc. Action Research Proposal

  15. Please read before proceeding with this section!! Section 4: Outcomes and Evaluation Complete the following for Week Seven: • Expected Outcomes • Measurement of Outcomes • Analysis of Results • References Note: You may add additional slides if necessary. Action Research Proposal

  16. Expected Outcomes Expected Outcomes • Present specific outcomes that include the change expected at the end of the implementation phase. • The outcomes should be stated in observable, measurable terms. • The outcomes should relate specifically to the documentation you provide. • Each goal may have several outcomes; therefore, number each outcome and present in list form. Action Research Proposal

  17. Measurement of Outcomes Measurement of Outcomes • Describe how you plan to measure each projected outcome. Be specific about particular instruments and methods you will use. This information is intended to aid another researcher interested in replicating your study. • Note: Where possible, include copies of tests, questionnaires, or other instruments as an appendix. Action Research Proposal

  18. Analysis of Results Analysis of Results • Describe the following: • How you plan to analyze your results • How you will determine if your solution strategy was effective • How you will present your findings and to whom you will present them • You should answer questions like, “How will I know if the implemented plan has impacted the problem? How will I present results to the reader?” (Sapp, 1994, p. 23). Action Research Proposal

  19. References • List your resources (e.g., Web sites, articles, books, etc.) used to complete your instructional plan. • Your resources should follow APA requirements. • A minimum of two references are required to complete this proposal plan. Action Research Proposal

  20. Action Research Proposal Template End You have completed the four sections of the action research proposal assignment. Remember to remove the direction slides from this template for your final project submission. Personalize your PowerPoint so it will engage your audience of stakeholders in your Action Research Proposal.