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Agenda October 25. Good Things Collect Hitchhiker Postcards Warm up Finish Cornell Notes reading and answering questions about “Rain Rain go Away” page 554 Discuss questions & turn in Homework: Spaceship worksheet. Warm Up: what is happening in this video?.

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Agenda october 25
Agenda October 25

  • Good Things

  • Collect Hitchhiker Postcards

  • Warm up

  • Finish Cornell Notes

  • reading and answering questions about “Rain Rain go Away” page 554

  • Discuss questions & turn in

  • Homework: Spaceship worksheet

Warm up what is happening in this video
Warm Up: what is happening in this video?


  • Explain in your own words what is happening.

Warm up
Warm up

  • Review the Cornell notes you took yesterday.

  • On the left side, in the margin, write one quiz question for each section of notes. Your question should be answered by the notes you wrote.

  • Prepare to share.

Active reading questions copy and answer in complete sentences
Active Reading Questions: Copy and answer in complete sentences

  • Why is Mrs. Wright so interested in becoming friends with the Sakkaro’s?

  • Why are the Sakkaro’s so concerned about the weather?

  • What is the truth about the Sakkaro’s?

  • What clues are provided as to their true nature?

  • What is the TONE of this story? What is the MOOD?

    For all questions, use examples from the story to support your answer.

  • Spaceship worksheet: What conclusions do you reach about the Sakkaro’s motivations and character traits? Find four examples with page numbers from the story to support your conclusion. Include four facts or ideas you had about aliens or science fiction before you began reading.

  • Author’s Style: find examples from the story of the author’s style of writing, tone, imagery, and sentence structure. Include the page number.

Science fiction essay 50 points due friday
Science Fiction Essay: 50 POINTS Due FRIDAY

  • Now that we have read Sci-fi, you are going to write Sci-fi. Select one of the following topics, and write a story. Your story must be at least one page long, and include one illustration. Create characters, include dialogue, and follow the elements of plot.

    • Forever Young: Imagine that you were cryogenically frozen for a hundred years. What would life look like when you woke up? Would the year 2111 look relatively the same as today, or drastically different? Try to imagine how technology in particular might look and work in one hundred year's time. It's not as easy as it sounds!

    • Disaster-tastic: You've seen at least one of the slew of natural disaster movies like Deep Impact or The Day After Tomorrow. Whether it's floods, fire, climate change, or earthquakes, what would the world look like if a natural disaster of staggering scope struck? Try to imagine the circumstances (meteor hurtling toward earth, rising sea levels) and the reaction of the human population. Would we be driven underground? Would we invent new mechanisms for keeping our civilizations intact?

    • Designer Babies:Scientists have cracked the code of the human genome. What might happen if parents could genetically engineer their children, or clone themselves? Think about all the arguments for and against these ideas. Extra credit: What makes us human?

Essential questions
Essential questions

  • What techniques does a writer use to establish the mood and tone of a story?

  • How do we as readers become immersed in a horror or science fiction story?

1 definition of science fiction
1. Definition of Science Fiction

  • A form of fiction where writers explore unexpected, unrealized possibilities.

  • Sci-fi writers create a world that is part fantasy and part science.

Sci fi cont
Sci-fi, cont.

  • Sci-fi usually contains elements of futuristic technology or interaction with beings from other worlds.

  • Sci-fi also uses scientific data and theories that are hypothesized or proven.

Literary elements to know review
Literary Elements to Know: Review

  • Foreshadowing: clues provided about the ending of the story.

  • Drawing a Conclusion (Deduction): using prior knowledge or experience, combined with evidence from the text, to make a decision about the story.

  • Mood & Tone: the emotional experience of the reader; the emotional expression of the writer.

Isaac asimov
Isaac Asimov

  • 1920-1992

  • Immigrated from Russia to the United States as a child.

  • Published his first science fiction story at age 18.

  • Wrote “I, Robot”, which became a movie starring Will Smith

Vocabulary words to know
Vocabulary Words to Know

  • Copy the word and the definition.

  • Create a “reminder” clue for yourself: looks like, sounds like, reminds me of.


  • “I asked for a drink of water, and she held the glass underneath the tap and poured slowly so that not one drop would fall into the sink. It wasn’t affectation.”

  • Definition: unnatural behavior intended to be impressive to others; putting on a show.


  • “Charlotte was considered a gifted speaker and artist.”

  • Definition: Having a natural talent or intelligence.


  • “After driving through the country for hours, Tommy was happy to see some semblance of civilization.”

  • Definition: an outward appearance.


  • “The baby cried until her mom could console her.”

  • Definition: comfort


  • “The rain continued interminably for two weeks!”

  • Definition: Without end

Rain rain go away1
Rain, Rain Go Away

  • The Characters:

    • Lillian Wright

    • George Wright

    • Tommie Wright

    • Mr. Sakkaro

    • Mrs. Sakkaro

    • Sakkaro’s Boy


  • In this story, the Wright’s invite their unusual new neighbors to a day at an amusement park.

  • The neighbors are very concerned about the weather.

  • The neighbors have a secret…