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October Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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October Agenda

October Agenda

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October Agenda

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  1. October Agenda Journals, terms, exit surveys and daily agenda

  2. Agenda 10/1/12 • Say/Mean/Matter chart due • Socratic Seminar Participant Rubric • Socratic Seminar on The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver • Ask a question • Answer a question • Refer/Quote from the text • May use charts/books/annotations

  3. Agenda 10/3/12 • Poisonwood Essay Prompt: No more than 60 min. You may use but not share: • Say/Mean/Matter chart • Books • Notes • Poisonwood Multiple Choice • Work in number order • Bubble in answers on answer sheets • Turn in Say/Mean/Matter • HW: 3rd poetry response due Friday, Oct. 5 • Have Oedipus Rex read by Tues. Oct. 9th

  4. Writing Prompt: 60 min. • Read the passage from Orleanna’s section that opens the novel which begins “In the year of our Lord 1960” and ends “and the things we took away” carefully. Then, in a well-organized essay, discuss how the author uses diction, imagery, and selection of detail to develop the character of Orleanna Price and to reveal Orleanna’s attitude toward the events she discusses.

  5. Agenda 10/5/12 Poetry Response #3 Due Read “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates on page 467 of your textbook. Answer the questions that follow #1-9 Be prepared to discuss next class

  6. Agenda 10/9/12 • Journal prompt • Discuss Joyce Carol Oates story • Using questions/student led discussion • Story of an Hour Multiple Choice • In groups discuss the correct answers and write a justification for each. • *Oedipus Rex for Mon. Oct. 15th • *Poetry Response #4 due Thurs. Oct. 11th • *HW #2 for HTRLLP due Mon. Oct. 15th

  7. Journal • Look at the opening passage of Oates short story: • Her name was Connie. She was fifteen and she had a quick nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance in mirrors, or checking other people’s faces to make sure her own was all right. • In your journal, discuss the how Oates establishes the character of Connie in these first few sentences. Remember look beyond the literal.

  8. Answers to “Story of an Hour” Multiple Choice Questions 1. a 2.c 3.d 4.b 5.d 6.d 7.c 8.c 9. a 10. b

  9. Exit Prompt Oates dedicates the story to Bob Dylan and says she was inspired by his song “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” Listen to the song, paying special attention to the lyrics. Why do you think Oates found this song compelling?

  10. Agenda 10/11/12 • Poisonwood Bible Essay prompts • In groups write a 26 word thesis for each of the 3 prompts not used • Avoid the 3 prong thesis • Desk-side writing conferences • Individually discuss your first draft of your Poisonwood essay • Poetry Response #4 Due • For Monday, Oedipus Rex needs to be read and #2 assignment for HTRLLP

  11. Agenda 10/15/12 • Entrance Journal-Oedipus Rex (turn in) • Hero archetype: Discussion • Psychoanalytic Theory-Freud • Oedipus Rex and Electra complex • Cat in the Hat • Id/Superego/Ego • Exit journal-Oedipus Rex (turn in) • Wuthering Heights: Chpts. 1-10 read for Tuesday, Oct. 23rd

  12. Entrance Journal What is the tone of the final pages of the play? Answer the question in a concise paragraph only, providing a strong thesis statement as well as textual support.

  13. Agenda 10/19/12 • Oedipus Rex Exit Survey • AP practice session • Poetry Analysis/Prompt • In groups, answer guided questions • Discussion • 26 word prompts: Poisonwood • HW: Read Wuthering Heights/Poetry Response #5 Due Tues. Oct. 23rd

  14. Exit Journal Why did Sophocles use the rhetorical device of the question repeatedly? Answer the question in a concise paragraph only, providing a strong thesis statement as well as textual support.

  15. AP Practice Session When: Sat. Nov. 3rd 8-12:30 Where: Woodbridge HS What :Field Trip Form/Sign-Up Sheet Why: Improve Score and Extra Credit!

  16. Agenda 10/23/12 Journal Emily Dickinson poem discussion cont. Dialectical Journal-Wuthering Heights Archetypes, tone words

  17. How does the author use diction and specific details to characterize the following: “She was slender, and apparently scarcely past girlhood: an admirable form, and the most exquisite little face that I have ever had the pleasure of beholding; small features, very fair; flaxen ringlets, or rather golden, hanging loose on her delicate neck; and eyes, been irresistible: fortunately for my susceptible heart, scorn, and a kind of desperation, singularly unnatural to be detected here.”