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VIKINGS. Vikings in Europe. Vikings invade from the North: From about 800-1000 C.E. invasions destroyed the Carolingian Empire The Vikings ( Northsmen /Norsemen) were a Germanic people from Scandinavia, Northern Europe

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    1. VIKINGS

    2. Vikings in Europe • Vikings invade from the North: • From about 800-1000 C.E. invasions destroyed the Carolingian Empire • The Vikings (Northsmen/Norsemen) were a Germanic people from Scandinavia, Northern Europe • The Vikings worshiped warlike gods and took pride in names like Eric the Bloodaxe and ThorfinSkullspliter • Came through Europe pillaging and looting villages all over Europe

    3. Ships of War • Viking ships were the best of the time • Long and narrow; carried about 50 men • Allowed Viking invaders to travel further inland

    4. More than Raiders • Vikings Invade from the North • Vikings are not just invaders • Also farmers, traders, and explorers • Leif Ericson a Viking explorer reached North America in 1000 C.E. nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus • Around 1000 C.E. the climate in Scandinavia grew warmer making farming much easier • New generations of Vikings stayed to farm bringing an end to most Viking raids

    5. Norse Mythology • Odin • Major god, father of the gods • God of war, death, poetry and wisdom • Rules over Asgard with his wife Frigg • Father to the mighty Thor

    6. Asgard and Valhalla • Asgard is the capital city of the Norse gods, similar to Mount Olympus (Greek) • Inside Asgard is the great hall of Valhalla • Valhalla is a majestic hall that serves as a way to celebrate great Viking warriors. Odin selects men who die in battle to live eternally in Valhalla with all others who have died bravely in battle. • Fallen Vikings are brought to Valhalla by Valkyrie's

    7. Thor • God of thunder and lightning, also protector of man-kind • Son of Odin • Wields a giant hammer

    8. Loki • Loki is a shape shifter • Can take on the appearance on many other people and creatures • Trickster god, god of mischief

    9. Ragnorok • Prophecy in Nordic mythology that describes several events that will lead to the destruction of many god including Odin • Natural disasters will result in the earth being submerged in water and will return new and fertile. • Then the world will be repopulated by two humans…