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Why the Sky is Blue

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Why the Sky is Blue. By:Asina. Once upon a time there was 7 different color gods. There was a Red god, a Orange god, a Y ellow god, a Green god, a Blue god, a Indigo god, and Violet god. .

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Once upon a time there was 7 different color gods. There was a Red god, a Orangegod, a Yellow god, a Green god, a Blue god, a Indigo god, and Violetgod.


The 7 gods were having their weekly meeting. The Orange god said “ We should decorate the sky with something!” “Yes Orange, that would wonderful!” said Yellow. All the gods agreed.


“We should paint the sky green, in honour of me of course.” said Green.

All the other gods were shocked.

“You? Oh please, green is such a dull color unlike Violet.”

“Everyone loves orange! I mean who doesn't love orange, I know all the villagers do.” said Orange.


“No! All the villagers love red. It’s so bright and out there.” said Red.

“Sure, but in case you haven’t noticed out there is so old.

For the rest of the week all the gods were fighting about what color the sky should be.


At the next meeting. Blue came up with an idea.

“We should have a competition for which color the sky should be.”

That’s a wonderful idea said the other gods.

So by next week the sky would have a color.


For the next week all the gods were hanging posters and talking to people about why their color was the best.

The town was filled with posters, signs, and banners.


Red thought of an idea to win the competition, “I will destroy everyone’s posters to make them look bad.”

But, also the other gods were thinking of ways to win too.


In the middle of night that day, Red made a plan. He ran off to where all the posters were. Red spray painted everyone’s posters.

That same night, all the other gods did the same thing and spray painted everyone else’s posters.


At the next meeting, all of the villagers had voted for which color the sky should be.

The mayor of the city said “I know you have all been waiting patiently and now we will find out the answer. The sky we be ................ BLUE!


Blue was so happy. So were all the villagers. But not the other gods.

The other gods thought that they disserved it more than Blue.


So Blue thought of an idea.

“Because all of you wanted the sky to be your color, I have an idea. At sunrise, the sky will be yellow. At sunset the sky will be orange, violet, and red. At midnight the sky will be indigo. When their is a aurora borealis the sky will be green.”


All the gods were pleased with Blues’ idea.

They all became friends and lived happily every after.