web services communication within the progress grid portal environment n.
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Web Services Communication within the PROGRESS Grid-Portal Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Services Communication within the PROGRESS Grid-Portal Environment

Web Services Communication within the PROGRESS Grid-Portal Environment

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Web Services Communication within the PROGRESS Grid-Portal Environment

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  1. Web Services Communication within the PROGRESSGrid-Portal Environment Michał Kosiedowski PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  2. PROGRESS (1) • Duration: December 2001 – May 2003 (R&D) • Budget: ~4,0 MEuro • Project Partners • SUN Microsystems Poland • PSNC IBCh Poznań • Cyfronet AMM, Kraków • Technical University Łódź • Co-funded by The State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) and SUN Microsystems Poland PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  3. PROGRESS (2) • Cluster of 80 processors • Networked Storage of 1,3 TB • Software: ORACLE, HPC Cluster Tools, Sun ONE, Sun Grid Engine PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  4. PROGRESS - architecture PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  5. PORTAL GRID SERVICE PROVIDER GRID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM HPC RESOURCES 4-tier new grid-portal environment Grid-Portal Environment PORTAL GRID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM HPC RESOURCES 3-tier classical grid-portal environment PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  6. Entity Beans Session Bean Content Provider Webservice PROGRESS GPE PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  7. Grid Service Provider (1) • Job Submission Service • create, modify, delete and submit computing jobs (single task and "workflowed"), copy jobs • manage job tasks, including: setting application parameters, adding references to input and output files, setting task resources requirements • monitoring the execution of jobs • change task status (used by the grid resource broker) PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  8. Grid Service Provider (2) • Application management service • add and remove applications, modify application definitions • manage virtual applications PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  9. Grid Service Provider (3) • Provider management service • add and delete services, modify their descriptors • add and delete instances of services • service descriptors include URL at which the service is available, the service namespace reference (URN) and the service WSDL reference PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  10. Grid Service Provider (4) • Short news service • add, modify, delete and read news • add and delete own instances (informational services are examples of multiple instance services) PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  11. Grid Resource Broker • submit jobs for execution in the grid • retrieve a list of jobs • get the status of a task • suspend, resume and cancel jobs • register for notifications PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  12. Data Management System • directory mgmt.: add, remove and rename directories, retrieve root and current path, change path, list contents • file mgmt.: add, remove and rename files, add, remove and retrieve physical location, add and remove archives, add and remove symbolic links • metadata mgmt.: metadata scheme mgmt., retrieve list of schemes and attributes, assign schemes to files and edit values and attributes, search metadata repository PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  13. Clients Portal Grid broker Migrating desktop DMS: architecture Metadata Repository WS Mirror & Proxy Data Broker SRS Data Storage Data Storage Data Storage GASS FTP Grid FTP (...) PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  14. DMS: internal structure (1) • Metadata repository • create and remove files • add, delete and manage the meta-information connected with files • add and delete meta-schemes PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  15. DMS: internal structure (2) • Data storage • create and delete files (physical data) • reserve container space • enable/disable access to file through available data tranfer protocols (GASS, GridFTP, FTP) • lock and unlock files • retrieve information about the state of the file (BARE, PERMANENT, IN TRANSFER) • retrieve information about container free space PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  16. DMS: internal structure (3) • Mirror & proxy module • serves as a read-only data storage module for external data • manage replicas of external databases PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  17. Web Services Communication saveJob() getApplications() getTemplates() saveTaskOfJob() saveStdOfTask() submitJob() getUserJobs() getJobStatus() HPC Portal Grid Service Provider changeTaskStatus() listUserDirectory() addUserFile() submitJob() Data Management System Grid Resource Broker getUserFileLocation() PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  18. Logon Method invocation Request Token validation Authentication Resource access authorization Authorization scheme GRID SERVICE PROVIDER Portal Identity server RAD based authorization system PROGRESS: ICWS'2003


  20. SC2002 Demo PROGRESS: ICWS'2003

  21. PROGRESS future • R&D finished within the project, test and deployment phase now • PROGRESS HPC Portal is a bioinformatic thematic portal: other thematic scientific portals possible to deploy • The grid service provider may be equipped with means of communication with multiple grids • PROGRESS HPC Portal contents: adding new applications, adding new visualization applets, bioinformatic society building PROGRESS: ICWS'2003