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Cold War Review

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Cold War Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cold War Review
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  1. Cold War Review

  2. Baby Boom!,%2BCulture%26svnum%3D10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26rls%3DHPIA,HPIA:2006-05,HPIA:en

  3. Television! Rock and Roll

  4. Highways Levittown! SuburbanLiving!

  5. The Cold War… United States Vs. Soviet Union

  6. Containing Communism At the end of World War II the Soviet Union took control of may Eastern European countries and began to spread communism. The United States didn’t like communism and feared Soviet expansion. Truman: We must CONTAIN communism

  7. Communist Block The United States gave Western Europe $$ to defend themselves from Communism. This was called the Marshall Plan.

  8. Causes of the Cold War • Soviet Union takes control of Eastern European Nations • Communism gains influence • The U.S. fears Soviet expansion

  9. Effects of the Cold War • Arms and Space race between the U.S. and Soviet Union • Increase in military spending • Opposing military alliances • Conflicts in Korea & Vietnam NATO (U.S. Alliance) and the Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union Alliance)

  10. Main Events of the Cold War Truman Doctrine (1947) The U.S. helped other countries resist communism – containment (stop the spread of communism). The Marshall Plan gave countries $$$.

  11. Berlin Airlift (1948) The capital of Germany had been split by the allies & Soviet Union. Stalin blocked all roads out of West Berlin to prevent people from leaving. It cut off food supplies. Truman sent planes in to drop off food.

  12. NATO vs. WARSAW Pact (1949 & 1955) U.S. created allies to stop communism (NATO) and the Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact in defense. Korean Conflict (1950-1953) Communists invade S. Korea. U.S. sends in troops to push them out. Korea remains divided today.

  13. Red Scare (1950-1954) Senator McCarthy began a “witch-hunt” to find communists within the U.S. gov’t. It spread throughout American society. A 1947 comic book published by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society warning of the dangers of a Communist takeover.

  14. Events in Cuba Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961) Pres. Kennedy attempted to overthrow Cuba’s Communist Leader – Fidel Castro Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) Soviet Union set up nuclear missiles in Cuba pointed towards the U.S. The U.S. set up a blockade. The Soviets backed down.

  15. Space RaceCompetition to see who could get into space first and control satellite facilitiesSoviet Union “won” with Sputnik. Vietnam War (1964-1975)The U.S. attempted to stop the spread of communism into Vietnam, led by leader Ho Chi Minh. The U.S. was unsuccessful.

  16. United States in the 1960s After Pres. Kennedy was assassinated, Lyndon Johnson became President. He sent troops into Vietnam in 1964 to contain communism. North Vietnam was communist and lead by Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was democratic and ruled by American influenced leaders (ex. Diem).

  17. American Disadvantages 1.) Unfamiliar terrain (jungle) 2.) Viet Cong used Guerilla Warfare 3.) Vietnamese desperately wanted the U.S. out of their country. They had been fighting for their independence for centuries.

  18. Problems at home Protests Draft Dodging

  19. The M.I.A. Issue At the end of the Vietnam War roughly 2,000 Americans were unaccounted for. Were they buried in unmarked graves? Are they still alive? As of 2009, no M.I.As have been found alive.

  20. End of the Cold War By the 1980s U.S. and Soviet leaders agreed to limit the creation of nuclear missiles. By 1991 the Soviet Union was a weak country. A coup put a new leader in office and created a new country…Russia.