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Enrollment Restrictions and Datatel PowerPoint Presentation
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Enrollment Restrictions and Datatel

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Enrollment Restrictions and Datatel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ensuring Student Success through Technology. Enrollment Restrictions and Datatel. What are enrollment restrictions?. Established criteria restricting/advise which students may/should enroll in a particular course. Are developed using practices specified in the California educational code.

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what are enrollment restrictions
What are enrollment restrictions?
  • Established criteria restricting/advise which students may/should enroll in a particular course.
  • Are developed using practices specified in the California educational code
developing enrollment restrictions
Developing Enrollment Restrictions

Department faculty determine need and validity by following local and state guidelines and/or internal research

Proposed restrictions are written into proposed course outline

Course as designed is forwarded through curriculum review

Curriculum Committee reviews and approves

Official Course Outline displays

Instruction Office implements

types of enrollment restrictions at modesto junior college
Types of Enrollment Restrictions at Modesto Junior College




Limitations on Enrollment

prerequisites defined
Prerequisites (Defined)
  • A preliminary requirement that must be met before a certain course can be taken. (Folsom Lake College)
how prerequisites are met
How Prerequisites are Met
  • Courses must be completed “satisfactorily” prior to enrollment as defined by
    • Grade of C or higher
    • Passing or P symbol on transcript
    • Assessment test results which demonstrate competency levels in English, Math, and ESL
    • Other predetermined equivalencies.
corequisite defined
  • Common Definition: A condition of enrollment consisting of a course that a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course. (Ohlone College)
  • Less Common: A course that should be taken in the same semester as another unless it has previously been satisfactorily completed. (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
co requisites at mjc
Co-requisites at MJC

At MJC, there are two types of corequisites:

  • Must be completed during the same term as the course
  • May be completed concurrentlyorprior to enrolling in the course
corequisites buyer beware
Corequisites – Buyer Beware!
  • Some MJC Course outlines are not clear if the intent of the corequisite is to have mandatory concurrent enrollment.
  • CurricUNET now prompts the author to distinguish between the two options
  • It may take up to four years for course outlines to be specific
  • If you spot a problem, please encourage faculty to fix it using CurricUNET.
advisories defined
Advisories (Defined)
  • A condition for enrollment that a student is advised (but not required) to meet before, or in conjunction with, enrollment in a course.
  • Are a flexible alternative to requisites
  • Can stipulate course completions, competencies, levels of experience or ability
  • Appear in publications under the label “Recommended for Success”
limitations on enrollment defined
Limitations on Enrollment Defined
  • Specific parameters (specified on the course outline) limiting who may enroll but which cannot be met through course completion
limitations on enrollment are used
Limitations on Enrollment are used:
  • When enrollment is pre-determined (e.g. Nursing classes that can only enroll eligible students who have been admitted to the Nursing Program)
  • When specific enrollment criteria have been externally imposed by statute, regulation, or contract.
  • When the course will require a public performance in which students must demonstrate certain skills and abilities
  • When the course will require intercollegiate competition for which will the student should possess certain skills and abilities
  • When the course is designated as honors in rigor.
  • When the limitation will protect the health and safety of the student and others
electronic enforcement requires
Electronic Enforcement Requires:
  • Clear unambiguous language on the outline
  • Curriculum approval and corresponding effective dates
  • Identification of all possible sequences
  • Setup by Instruction Office includes
    • “Degree Audit” Syntax
    • Composition of Printed Text using a consistent style
    • Programming of Reports for accurate information
    • Proofing
    • Testing
prerequisite and corequisite enforcement begins spring 2010
Prerequisite and Corequisite Enforcement Begins Spring 2010

Datatel will electronically enforced upon registration:

  • All enforceable Prerequisites
  • All enforceableCorequisites
    • With mandatory concurrent enrollment
    • With concurrent or prior enrollment
enforcing prerequisites
Enforcing Prerequisites
  • Write syntax to include all course and non-course means through which a student may satisfy prerequisite
  • Write plain language describing the prerequisite in CREQ “Print Text” for searchable schedule and printed schedule
enforcing corequisites
Enforcing Corequisites
  • Enter coreq course
  • Select that it is required (no optional coreqs at MJC)
  • If multiple coreq options, indicate YES for OR PROCESSING
  • Indicate YES for Term Match if concurrent enrollment is mandatory
enforcing advisories
Enforcing Advisories
  • Advisories are not enforced
  • Plain language is populated in ACOI
enforcing limitations on enrollment loes
Enforcing Limitations on Enrollment (LOEs)
  • Because of variance, LOEs are not currently enforceable
  • Electronic enforcement is a goal of VPI
  • Currently researching use of “Instructor Consent” field
  • If successful, faculty PIN would be used validate that the LOE as been met
what s been done to prepare
What’s been done to prepare

Instruction has

  • Inactivated unenforced courses.
  • Copied those courses using “course copy”
  • Edited the new copy to include requisites and printed text.
  • Effective date of 01/11/10
what needs to be done
What Needs to be Done
  • Roll active sections (IT)
  • Create new sections to replace those left behind (Divisions)
  • Redesign XML to pull comments from appropriate areas.