hunting restrictions n.
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Hunting restrictions PowerPoint Presentation
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Hunting restrictions

Hunting restrictions

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Hunting restrictions

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  1. Hunting restrictions By: Dylan Wittig and Santana Miller.

  2. Introduction Quiz Which one of these deer is a white tailed deer? In this presentation you will learn about how to tell apart game and what a license is and other facts.

  3. Rules and regulations If you want to hunt you need to be 12 years old and have successfully completed a firearms\ safety course. All hunters between 12-17 must be in arms length of an adult, To legally hunt you need a license and tags. Some big game tags such as moose, elk, mule deer bucks and antelope need tags from a draw. In order to get a tag like that you need to fill out an application. Other animals like mule deer and whitetail deer and bears you can just buy tags at a hunting store. These are some licenses.

  4. Rules are broken The only rules that matter are all was broken are with hunting and still they are broken by people that are vary devoted to there country every day. hunting pictures

  5. Commonly hunted animals These are some of the most commonly hunted animals in North America.Deer are the most commonly hunted animal. Moose Elk Black bear De e r Grizzly bear caribou Mountain goat

  6. White taileddeer This bar that has a black line is how you can tell a white tailed deer from a mule deer. White tailed deer have a white tail that they flag up when there is danger.

  7. Mule deer Mule deer have antlers that go up like forks. They have a white but with a black tipped tail. Most mule deer have a grayish color to there skin.

  8. The affect the young cubs!! The hunters should not be able to hunt mother bears if they have cubs

  9. Bad side to hunting restrictions due to hunting restrictions the population of the black bear the Ontario people have had a lot of bad In counters with the black bear.

  10. The good side of hunting The good side is for protection but then it turns in to hunting game of life

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  13. Thank you!! We would like to thank…. Mr. MacIntire thank you