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WP4 Outreach, Training and Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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WP4 Outreach, Training and Communication

WP4 Outreach, Training and Communication

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WP4 Outreach, Training and Communication

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  1. WP4 Outreach, Training and Communication • MyOCEAN Annual Review • Cork, Ireland • 16-17 April 2013

  2. Goals of WP4 • Improve user uptake and feedback • Mobilise and involve new users • Provide users with tools for easy post processing and sharing best practices – through Users Training workshops and through tutorials and videos on-line • “Spread the word” about MyOcean products • Through these activities, WP4 will focus on strengthening the user uptake especially in the private sector, educational institutes, and those external to the project (including non-EU countries) • To share & inform

  3. Structure of WP4 • WP 4.1 Coordination Leader SMHI • WP 4.3 TrainingLeader OC-UCY • WP 4.4 CommunicationLeader Mercator • WP 4.2 OutreachLeader SMHI • Communication coordinationMercator • Policies, Climate & Environment, GOOS AfricaMercator/Exec, CMCC/INGV, UKMO • Workshop 1 – Arctic + GlobalCLS, CMCC/INGV, OC-UCY, NERSC, Mercator • Workshop 2 – NWS + Baltic + IBIROOSUKMO; OC-UCY, IMR, IFREMER, DMI • Annual action plansMercator, UKMO, CLS • Coordination of outreach materialMercator, SMHI • Workshop 3 – Med + Black SeaMHI-NASU, CMCC/INGV, OC-UCY, CNR, HCMR, • Arctic Council and Regional AlliancesSMHI, DMI, HCMR, IFREMER, NERSC, OC-UCY, INGV, MHI-NASU, IMR • Communication supportHCMR, UKMO, Mercator, CLS • Training materialOC-UCY, Mercator, UKMO, CLS, CNR, CMCC/INGV, NERSC, IFREMER, MHI-NASU

  4. WP4.2 Outreach • Targets • Regional conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM, Black Sea, Arctic Council, etc) • International organisations (GOOS-Africa, JCOMM, EMSA, EEA, ICES, etc) • Objectives: • Consolidate outreach activities by targeting key users such as EEA, EMSA, regional conventions and Regional Alliances. Addressthe Maritime Policy issues, Climate Change and Environment inocean areas.

  5. WP4.2 Outreach • Targets • Regional conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM, Black Sea, Arctic Council, etc) • International organisations (GOOS-Africa, JCOMM, EMSA, EEA, ICES, etc) • Objectives: • Organise events to demonstrate the use of MyOcean products – no budget for events • Extend outreach activities to new groups – specifically for Climate Change initiatives • Find events to reach the private market • Coordinate outreach/dissemination material together with 4.4

  6. WP4.2 Achievements

  7. WP4.2 Achievements

  8. WP4.2 Planned activities

  9. WP4.2 Planned activities

  10. WP4.3: Training Purpose Training of users on the exploitation of MyOcean products. Organize 3 thematic workshops per area of benefit. • The workshopsshould be organized according to regions and focus on relevant thematic applications in the particular region. • The training will target to users requirements and to train them how to use the MyOcean products for the development and or improvement of their downscaled/downstream services. The main objectives of the workshops are to: • provide and discuss information on the reliability, quality and impact of the MyOcean products • provide information and guidance on, and give users practice in how to seek and download the MyOcean products, the tools for generic visualization and processing, and the options for routine access to data • provide information on, share experience in the use of, and give access to toolboxes for using MyOcean data (e.g. methods for downscaling MyOcean products, post- processing of sea-level data, lateral boundary conditions)

  11. Training Workshops • 3 Training Workshops: • Workshop 1: NWS + Baltic + Ibiroos • Part of Task 4.3.1 • Partners UKMO, Ifremer, IMR, BSH, Puertos del Estado, SMHI • Workshop 2: Arctic + Global • Part of Task 4.3.2 • Partners CLS, NERSC, Mercator and CMCC • Workshop 3: Mediterranean + Black Sea • Part of Task 4.3.3 • Partners INGV, CNR, MHI and OC-UCY

  12. Questionnaire for Training Workshops Formed after discussion with the partners Aimed to identify the topics to be covered during the training workshops Survey undertaken from July 17th – August 24th 2012 Survey released: twice by Service Desk’s ,E-mailing to all users and by the hyperlink on the MyOcean User Newsletter

  13. Questionnaire for Training Workshops • Questions included • Organization / affiliation • Type of user • Personal interest • Research & education (non-commercial) • Commercial Service • Public Service • Other • Intention to attend a MyOcean2 training workshop • Topics of interest • Search & access products • Visualize products • Download products • Other

  14. Questionnaire for Training Workshops Questions included • Data processing of interest • Downscaling • Data extractions/scripts • Time series/statistics • Other • Product information of interest • NetCDF data formats, conventions and software • Data and product quality information • MyOceanorganisation overview • Other • Time willing to devote to training workshop • Less than 1 day • 1 day • 1-2 days • More than 2 days

  15. Overview of the Survey Results 107 Answers; Good response in particular during summer time. 90% interested by the training sessions Average user profile: European Union (2/3) or Overseas (1/4) linked to Research/Education/Public Service (90%) Clear training interests (occurrence >70%) for following topics and technical aspects: • Search/access products • Visualisation • Downloading • Data Extractions & scripts • Time series & Statistics 3/4 of users consider a training duration around 1, 5 or 2 days. They ask for intensive sessions. Low response rate from the Commercial sector • 8 responses not including Public services also having commercial activities.

  16. 1st MyOcean Training Held during the MyOcean - EEA Users Workshop EEA premises, Copenhagen Afternoon of the 8 April 2013 31 registered trainees- 18 participated 5 lectures 5 conveners

  17. 1stMyOcean Training • Agenda /topics of the Training session: • Training session introduction (Dan Hayes) • MyOcean- How does it work ? Everything you need to know about the user's corner (CédricGiordan ) • How to write and use a script to download a product every day ? On live demonstration (Marc Tressol) • How to create plots through Ferret and cdo (Daniel Hayes) • How to create plots through UVT (Rita Lecci) • Presentation of the next upgrade of the MyOCean service due 23 April (GaëtanVinay)

  18. 2nd Training Workshop Planned during the the JERICO Summer School - 8-13 July 2013 -University of Malta More information can be found at: • Still pending to arrange: -a training with EUMETSAT and or INGV-CMCC on d/a -a training in Odessa end this year and - a training in UK in 2014

  19. General problems for WP4 • WP leader has very few person months, as do several partners • Limited travel funds mean that WP4 members cannot travel to international meetings to publish MyOcean • How can we communicate better with other WPs? • Publicity material is available on Alfresco but does not look professional when printed on standard office printers. Mercator may send material for special events

  20. Future focus for WP4 • Focus on training courses • Made available on the Myocean website the tutorial for training. • Find good users cases to present on the website • Improve communication with WP2, WP3 and start dialogue with WP17 • Encourage all partners to publish MyOcean at any meetings attended (a short, general MyOcean presentation is available in Alfresco) • Use remaining resources to target GOOS Africa, Black Sea and regional conventions

  21. Thank you

  22. WP4 links to other WPs • WP1 – coordinate communication and marketing • WP2– user feedback and information (on web portal, plus incorporated in the training material) • WP3 (User uptake at National & Regional level) – work together to target appropriate users for training workshops , organise back-to-back events • WP17 (Product Quality) – feedback from users • All WPs – help WP4 with training and outreach as specified in the DoW; present/promote MyOcean at meetings and distribute publicity material