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Public Outreach Training

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Public Outreach Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Outreach Training. May 7, 2014 1.0. Public Outreach – Providing educational info examples. Staffing information tables (e.g. fairs, festivals, Farmers’ Mkts, etc.) Giving talks to groups (e.g. Speakers Bureau) Staffing Extension Ofc Helpdesk Giving advice to neighbors

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public outreach providing educational info examples
Public Outreach –Providing educational info examples
  • Staffing information tables (e.g. fairs, festivals, Farmers’ Mkts, etc.)
  • Giving talks to groups (e.g. Speakers Bureau)
  • Staffing Extension Ofc Helpdesk
  • Giving advice to neighbors
  • Volunteering in public places like schools, museums, hospital greenhouses, community gardens, etc.

All associated time, including prep and travel, is Volunteer time.

questions and answers
Questions…. and Answers
  • You will be answering a lot of questions and providing a lot of information
    • General information about Cooperative Extension
    • Horticulture information
general information questions
General Information Questions
  • Where are the Extension offices? When are they open?
  • What’s required for a soil sample?

See handout: Services Offered by Extension

  • Our website – See handout
    • U of A bulletins
    • Yavapai County bulletins
    • Backyard Gardener
    • Native and Naturalized Plant Database

To access bulletins

Click on Gardening


How to access Master Gardener Resources Website Page

Click on red arrow under Gardening


Speakers Bureau page

To access Speakers Bureau documents


Volunteer Documents page

To access MG documents


Hours Reporting form & instructions

  • MGA Calendar
  • Program documents (e.g. Policy, Org Chart)
  • Association documents (e.g. Bylaws, committees, reimbursement form, etc.)
  • Project documents (e.g. application forms)
  • Executive Board procedures
resources contd
Resources contd.
  • Other Extension websites (CA, UT, NM, WA CO, NV preferred)
  • Books and bulletins in the Extension office
  • Master Gardener Handbook
  • Information binder and books in Travel Totes
  • Microscope in Ext ofc to view plant/insect samples
  • Other Master Gardeners
  • Speakers Bureau workshops
resources contd1
Resources contd.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Handout)
  • Insect, Wildlife, and Disease Management (Handout)

Always provide science-based Information

difficult questions
Difficult Questions

Ask client to contact the Master Gardener Helpdesk (Ext Ofc) -

  • Pasture / rangeland questions
  • Questions from municipalities, businesses, ranchers, livestock areas – e.g. herbicides
  • Microscope often required to determine cause of plant damage
  • Anything you can’t answer or are not sure of

The duty MG will refer to Jeff or direct the caller to e-mail Jeff if appropriate.

site visits and client follow up
Site Visits and Client Follow-up
  • Site visit policy - we do not make site visits

However, a couple MGs may make visits if they feel safe

  • Research and client follow-up
    • Caution on using personal phone or e-mail
    • Use U of A E-mail
    • Extension office phone and e-mail is available
outreach preparation
Outreach - Preparation
  • Reserve Extension Office supplies in advance
  • Handle the supplies as if they were your own
  • Make sure printed copies / presentations are branded
  • Have another MG review / proof new materials
  • Avoid comments or personal views that could be interpreted as being of a religious or political bias
  • Do homework before the event – know something about the forum (e.g. festival) or the group you are speaking to
  • Let the coordinator know your preference for tasks and your area of expertise
  • Follow through on your commitment to a specific date/time – your team members are counting on you; notify coordinator ASAP if you can’t meet commitment
  • Be prepared (may stand for long periods, wear hat, sunscreen, bring water, etc.)
  • Wear MG name tag (required) on your right side
information table set up
Information Table Set-up
  • Create a theme for the table for that day
  • Use plastic stands to: advertise our programs, ask a challenging question to draw people in (make sure the MGs present know the answer)
  • Hang the Master Gardener banner
  • Provide give-aways - e.g. business card, something specific to the theme, seed packet, etc. (optional)
  • Make the table inviting and interesting; display reference materials & props in an attractive way
  • Use props people can touch, smell, etc. - live insects, galls; interesting plant; composted soil; worm compost w/ worms; bug boxes; tree problem samples
display stand example
Display Stand Example
  • Do you know what this is? Do you have it in your yard?
engage the public
Engage the Public
  • Smile & be enthusiastic
  • Listen attentively
  • Use receptive body language
  • If giving a talk, make it interactive
  • Use direct eye contact – stand up to be at eye level
  • Start the conversation with a question (open-ended questions are best) – and be interested in the answer
  • You don’t need to have all the answers, but offer to find out or refer them to a good resource; don’t fake it
  • Maintain a sense of humor and have fun
  • Chewing gum
  • Eating at an information table
  • Talking on a cell phone or texting
  • Engaging in conversation while ignoring visitors/clients
  • Knitting, reading a novel, etc.
  • Being late for your talk or shift or leaving early
  • Leaving the table unattended
supply check out
Supply Check-out
  • Reserve supplies in advance
    • Camp Verde – Lisa Gerber
    • Prescott – Kathy MacCauley
  • Types of supplies available: canopies/weights, Travel Totes (reference materials, plastic stands, tally sheets, etc.), LCD/laptop, easel stand, sandwich boards, tables/chairs, bug boxes, tree damage samples
policy on handouts
Policy on Handouts
  • Talks to groups - preference is to have them make enough copies for their attendees
  • MG information tables – many bulletins are in plastic sleeves in reference binders in Travel Totes; show the bulletin and tell client how to access on our website
results tracking
Results Tracking
  • After a talk, report to Speakers’ Bureau Chair
    • Location of talk, subject, number of attendees, sign-in sheet (optional)
  • Information tables
    • Tally number of interactions – leave tally sheets in Travel Tote or give to Volunteer Coordinator
  • Feedback Form (on website)
  • Report your hours
    • Prep/research time, travel time, and time at event is Volunteer time