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SimNet Registration and Overview

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SimNet Registration and Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SimNet Registration and Overview. Created for Fresno City College CIT 12 – Computer Literacy Students. What is SimNet?. SimNet is a software program that “simulates” the Microsoft Vista operating system and Microsoft Office 2007. The Lessons train you on how those programs work.

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simnet registration and overview

SimNet Registrationand Overview

Created for Fresno City College

CIT 12 – Computer Literacy


Created by Bonnie Smith

what is simnet
What is SimNet?
  • SimNet is a software program that “simulates” the Microsoft Vista operating system and Microsoft Office 2007.
  • The Lessons train you on how those programs work.
  • The Exams will either be used by your instructor to “test” your skills or as assignments.
  • You can also use the more advanced features to create your own study guides and check your lesson and exam grades.
simnet registration
SimNet Registration
  • When you purchase your textbook through the campus bookstore, the package includes a card with your registration number.
  • You must register for SimNet to use the program.
  • If you do NOT purchase the book through the campus bookstore, you can purchase your SimNet registration online. The cost is $46 and you must have a credit card.
  • The next slide explains the steps to register.
  • The first video shows the typical registration using the card provided with your book in more detail.
  • If the video does not display properly, you may need to download the latest version of flash. Here is the link:
  • If you have any problems during registration and your instructor is not available, use the contact information located at the site to get assistance.
steps to register
Steps to Register
  • You will need:
    • Internet Access
    • FCC Student ID number
    • Email Address
    • Registration Code
  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then open a web browser.
  • In the address area, type in the following: or click on this link:
  • You may want to bookmark this page as you will be logging in frequently to complete your assignments.
  • Click on the “I have a REGISTRATION CODE” button
  • Review the License Agreement and click on the box next to “Check this box if you agree...” then click NEXT.
  • Enter your Registration Code in the box, click on NEXT.
  • Enter your personal information. Make sure you enter your ACTUAL FCC student ID in the space provided and your name as registered at FCC.
  • Next select the class you are registered for, then click on next. Check with your instructor or view your registration information if you are not sure.
  • You should see a confirmation page, click Finish.
help using simnet
Help Using SimNet

You only need to register once.

After registering, simply go to the website and use the login and password you created during registration.

There are three videos available for your use:

The first mentioned in this presentation is how to register.

The second video shows how to use SimNet. How to login to the site, update your personal information, complete lessons and exams, and viewing lesson and exam grades.

The third video shows some of the more advanced features of SimNet. Which allow you to customize your learning experience. Topics include creating your own study guide, register for a different class, search for a specific topic to review.