the roaring 1920 s n.
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The Roaring 1920’s

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The Roaring 1920’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Roaring 1920’s. World War I Statistics. If you were alive and living in the U.S. after WWI, what would your thoughts be on getting involved in world affairs?. What’s Your Position. Issue 1: Joining the League of Nations Issue 2: Should we disarmer Issue 3: Supporting the tariff

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The Roaring 1920’s

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world war i statistics
World War I Statistics
  • If you were alive and living in the U.S. after WWI, what would your thoughts be on getting involved in world affairs?
what s your position
What’s Your Position
  • Issue 1: Joining the League of Nations
  • Issue 2: Should we disarmer
  • Issue 3: Supporting the tariff
  • Discussion ?s
    • Do you think Isolationism was a good policy?
    • Are we Isolationists today?
warm up
  • What technology has really impacted your life today?
  • What technology would be very helpful to your age group for an invention?
1920 s economic boom
1920’s Economic Boom
  • End of rationing
  • New technology discovered during WWI made production easier and cheaper
    • Workers made more products for less $
    • Workers got paid more
  • Increased Consumerism
  • Tariff protected American products and businesses by discouraging foreign imports
1920 s technology assignment
1920’s Technology Assignment
  • Find 6 1920’s inventions
  • Tell how each revolutionized American’s culture and/or economy
  • Computer lab
warm up1
  • How does disease spread through out the world? (Epidemic)
  • How could an epidemic affect the United States?
  • How can the United States protect itself from an epidemic?

With prices low, money available, and sprits high….it seemed like prosperity would never end!

  • Assignment: Find 6 inventions of the 1920’s
    • Tell how they revolutionized America’s culture and economy
flu epidemic
Flu Epidemic
  • Fall of 1918
  • ¼ of all Americans were infected
  • Devastated US economyshut down mines, telephone services, factories, offices
  • People wanted to avoid each other
flu epidemic clip
Flu Epidemic clip
  • Should we be worried about disease spreading around the world today?
flu epidemic1
Flu Epidemic
  • Cities ran short on coffins, corpses of dead people lay unburied as long as a week!
  • People died within days
  • 500,000 Americans dead, 30 million killed World Wide!
  • Disappeared suddenly in 1919
  • War is over, 1920s about to begin!
politics of the 1920s
Politics of the 1920s
  • L.O.
  • Americans view on Immigrants
  • Economy at start of 1920s
  • Fear of Communism
warm up2
  • 1. describe racism
  • 2. describe discrimination
  • 3. What factors create racism/discrimination
  • 4. How can you stop racism/discrimination
  • 5. What are some historical/current examples of racism/discrimination
americans struggle with postwar issues
Americans struggle with postwar Issues
  • Return to Isolationism
  • Economy was weakreturning soldiers lost their old jobs/or took them away from women and minorities
  • Cost of living doubled (until boo
americans struggle with postwar issues1
Americans struggle with postwar Issues
  • Americans respond with
  • Nativismprejudice against foreign-born people
  • IsolationismUS pulled away from involvement in World Affairs
fear of communism
Fear of Communism
  • What is communism? What is Democracy?
  • What are the strengths of communism?
  • What are the weakness of Communism?
  • What are the strengths of Democracy?
  • What are the weakness of Democracy?
warm up3
  • What are three ideas of communism?
  • What are three ideas of Capitalism?
what is communism
What is Communism?
  • CommunismEconomic and political system based on a single-party government ruled by a dictatorship
  • End to private property, government owns factories, railroads, business
  • Equalize power and wealth
red scare
Red Scare
  • Communists called Reds (Red flag)
  • 70,000 Americans joined IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)
  • Mailed several dozen bombs to government/business leaders
  • Gov. thought Communists were taking over!
  • Spoof on communism
  • Write down some things that the clip makes fun of about Communism
red scare2
Red Scare
  • Palmer RaidsAssistant J. Edgar Hoover and Palmer hunted down communists, socialists, and anarchists (oppose any form of government)
  • Violated people’s civil rights (invading homes, offices, jailing without legal counsel)
  • Never turned up any evidence against these groups!
sacco and vanzetti
Sacco and Vanzetti
  • Italian immigrants and anarchists
  • Found Guilty/sentenced to death for robbery/murder (Witnesses said they looked like Italians)!
  • What do you know about the Klan?
  • What would you like to know about the Klan?
  • Why is hate speech allowed in the United States?
  • What criteria should be used to punish those who use hate speech?
limiting immigration kkk
Limiting Immigration/KKK
  • Immigrants came from Southern/Eastern Europe/Work for lower wages
  • Nativistsfueled fire by declaring all immigrants were communists, anarchists, socialists
  • Devoted to 100% Americanism
  • 1924 4.5 million members
  • “White, male persons, native-born protestant Christians”
  • Believed “anti-Catholic/minorities/unions/saloons/foreigners)
  • Klan in 1920s clip