arab springs and transitions a new perspective on the euro med partnership n.
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Arab Springs and Transitions : a new perspective on the euro-med partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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Arab Springs and Transitions : a new perspective on the euro-med partnership

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Arab Springs and Transitions : a new perspective on the euro-med partnership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arab Springs and Transitions : a new perspective on the euro-med partnership. The issue of security: in food , labour and energy Prof Maurizio Caserta Department of Economics and Management University of Catania.

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Arab Springs and Transitions : a new perspective on the euro-med partnership

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arab springs and transitions a new perspective on the euro med partnership

Arab Springs and Transitions: a newperspective on the euro-med partnership

The issueof security: in food, labour and energy

Prof Maurizio Caserta

DepartmentofEconomics and Management

Universityof Catania


Whatscenariosfor the Euro-Mediterranean in 2030 in the wakeof the Arabspring?

RymAyadi and Carlo Sessa, MEDPRO Policy Paper No. 2 / October 2011 (Updated 25 February 2013)

  • The ArabSpringis a realopportunityforEurope

Christian Koch, Europe’s world, summer 2011

  • Web sites:

World healthorganization

International Energy agency

International labourorganizations

focus on food energy and labour

The issueof security: accesstofundamentalresources

  • European vision: ensureaccesstoeveybody
  • Euromedperspective:integration
  • Fundamentalresources:
    • Peace
    • Freedom
    • Democracy
    • Health
    • Education
    • Wealth
    • Income
    • Employment
Focus on food, energy and labour
security as right to access

Security as a legal issue

Accepted wisdom has it that individuals - wherever they live or however they are – are entitled to a decent life: this means that they should have access to fundamental resources.

It is therefore up to modern institutions to secure all the necessary conditions for achieving such a result: a decent life for everybody whether they are close or distant

Thus security in the provision of fundamental resources is coessential with the notion of basic human rights: legal systems should be devised in such a way as to make such a provision a reality to as many individuals as possible

From shelter, sanitation and food to education, employment and freedom

Security as right toaccess
security as reliable and stable access

Security as an economic issue

Security is costly: if access to resources were free, no economic problem existed. Thus the issue of security is coessential with the fundamental economic question: how to provide goods and services to everybody

To the fundamental economic question, the issue of security adds the quest to reliability and stability in the provision of those goods and services

A further economic question therefore arises as to the necessary resources to secure reliability and stability: such attributes call for specific resources which may not always be available

Institutions therefore need to be designed in such a way as to make those specific resources readily available

Security as reliable and stable access
european policies

Euro-mediterranean partnership

The Union for the Mediterranean promotes economic integration and democratic reform across 16 neighbours to the EU’s south in North Africa and the Middle East

Projects address areas such as economy, environment, energy, health, migration and culture

The Union for the Mediterranean has a number of key initiatives on its agenda which are somehow related to security in the provision of fundamental goods and services

  • the de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, including coastal and protected marine areas;
  • the establishment of maritime and land highways that connect ports and improve rail connections so as to facilitate movement of people and goods;
  • a joint civil protection programme on prevention, preparation and response to natural and man-made disasters;
  • a Mediterranean solar energy plan that explores opportunities for developing alternative energy sources in the region;
European policies

Food security

Whenall people at alltimeshaveaccesstosufficient, safe, nutritiousfoodtomaintain a healthy and active life”.(The World Food Summit of1996)

Commonly, the conceptoffood security isdefinedasincludingbothphysical and economicaccesstofoodthatmeets people'sdietaryneedsaswellastheirfoodpreferences.

Foodsecurity isbuilt on threepillars:

  • Foodavailability: sufficientquantitiesoffoodavailable on a consistentbasis.
  • Foodaccess: havingsufficientresourcestoobtain appropriate foodsfor a nutritiousdiet.
  • Food use: appropriate use based on knowledge of basic nutrition and care, as well as adequate water and sanitation

Social and labour security

Social security systems provide for basic income in cases of unemployment, illness and injury, old age and retirement, invalidity, family responsibilities such as pregnancy and childcare, and loss of the family breadwinner

Labour security implies safety and health at work: implementation of procedures for preventing accidents at work, industrial diseases, and general and sexual harassment


Energy security

Itrefersto the uninterruptedavailabilityofenergysources at anaffordableprice

Energy security hastwofundamentalaspects:

  • long-termenergy security ismainlylinkedtotimelyinvestmentstosupplyenergy in linewitheconomicdevelopments and environmentalneeds
  • short-termenergy security focuses on the abilityof the energy system toreactpromptlytosuddenchanges in the supply-demandbalance

Policy options

Market integration and trade



Financial and investmentcooperation

Grants and aid


Cultural and politicalcooperation