System analysis and design
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System Analysis and Design. Final Assignment. Design Requirements.

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System analysis and design

System Analysis and Design

Final Assignment

Design requirements
Design Requirements

  • The management of a national sport competition organizer wants to update their registration process to reduce heavy manual and paper works with a computerized system to increase the registration efficiency and data accuracy. The new system will use an on-line web-enabled applicationrunning on the Windows systems with a very simple user interface for thesport leagues of each province to register the competition matches without much training required. Each province league can use the system during the open registration period and the registration will be closed for a month before the competition matches start.

  • With this new registration system, each province league can register the competition match group by entering the province league information such as province league name, address and other information during the open registration period. In addition, the league needs to specify which match group it choose to be registered for by selecting the categories and the levels.Each match group is designated with a match level under thematch category and there are different match categories (see next page). This system is only used for registration purpose and individual matches in a match group will be managed by other system outside of this design.

  • The registration fee is collected when using the authorized credit cards. A league ID will be given after a successful registration. Adding or deleting any match group will be granted and the registration fee will be refunded during this period. After this period, the league can only cancel the entire (all match groups) and will only receive half refund of the original registration fee. Once the competition starts, there will be no refund. Assume that the credit card company interfaces with the bank system used by the competition organizer. Therefore, fund will be transferred from the credit card company to the bank system when a fee is paid. When registration is canceled, your bank will refund to the credit card company if appropriate. In your design, identify your system interfaces with both systems of the credit card company and the bank used by the conference organizer.

  • Each province league should be able to print the registration record of the attending match group at any time after registration.

  • The registration administration of the sport competition organizer has ability to look up and print out the following information:

    • What match categories and the levels a province league has registered for

    • Which province leagues have registered for a given match group, provided with category and level

    • Who is the referee of a match group

    • What match groups a referee has been assigned to

Information for the competition
Information for the Competition

Province League:

  • League Name (text)

  • League ID (number)

  • League Address (text)

  • League Member Names (text)

    Match Category:

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Volleyball

    Match Group:

  • MatchGroup Number

  • MatchLevel (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

  • Match Category


  • Referee Name (text)

  • Assigned Match Group (number)

  • Referee Address (text)

  • Organization (text)

Student presentations
Student Presentations

  • Form student teams

  • Each team will present:

    • Your team design approach

    • Your design objectives and principles

    • Your requirements captured

      • Use case models

    • Your system designs

      • User interfaces

      • Class diagram (structure model)

      • Sequence diagram (dynamic model)

      • Persistence data

      • Application deployment diagram

  • Submit your team report before 6/30 8am.

  • 5 points will be deducted for each hour late