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ECE4006 Senior Design Project

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ECE4006 Senior Design Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECE4006 Senior Design Project. Linda Milor and Jay Schlag What Will Be Due. Email about yourself and interests (due Jan. 17) Finalize groups (due Jan. 19) Present project ideas at in class group meeting (Jan. 31 and Feb. 2)

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ece4006 senior design project

ECE4006 Senior Design Project

Linda Milor and Jay Schlag

what will be due
What Will Be Due
  • Email about yourself and interests (due Jan. 17)
  • Finalize groups (due Jan. 19)
  • Present project ideas at in class group meeting (Jan. 31 and Feb. 2)
  • Finalize project at in class short presentation (Feb. 7 and Feb. 9)
  • Spec Sheet (due Feb. 16)
  • First Progress Report including detailed project schedule (due Feb. 23)
  • Progress Reports 2-5 outlining progress (due March 9, March 30, April 13, and April 27)
  • Final Presentation (April 13, April 18, and April 20)
  • Final Report on the Web (due May 2)
  • Demo (due May 4)
project scope
Project Scope
  • Requirements include specification, design, implementation and testing
    • “incorporate engineering standards and realistic constraints that include most of the following considerations: economic, environmental, sustainability, manufacturability, ethical, health and safety, social, and political.”
  • Design project should include
    • Hardware – processor (any type)
    • Software – instruction set
    • Application
example projects
Example Projects
  • Mobile robot
    • - Add sensors and sensor processing to do complex tasks (vision tracking, velocity control and path planning, formation following)
    • - Examples include temperature sensing and reporting on the web and an automated highway that converts a remote controlled car into an autonomous vehicle that can perform lane changes autonomously
  • FPGA-based controllers
    • - Parallel sensor/signal processing and feedback loops
example projects1
Example Projects
  • LEGO parts
    • - Extend a LEGO operating system to add services (a real-time open source OS is available)
    • Build sensors and sensor drivers: encoders, temperature sensors, sonar, etc.
    • Build your own application using a microcontroller, sensors, and motors
  • RF-based projects
    • - Use an RF reader to identify items in a refrigerator and their expiration dates and keep this information in a database that can be remotely assessed over the web
example projects2
Example Projects
  • Automatic display projects
    • - Perform frequency analysis of music and display lights or water pumps according to the frequency spectrum
  • RF-based projects
    • Use an RF reader to identify items in a refrigerator and their expiration dates and keep this information in a database that can be remotely assessed over the web
    • - Use an RF reader to identify people (assume RF tags are on an ID badge) and equipment and use a database to control the lock on a door to determine if a particular person can take that piece of equipment out of the door
example projects3
Example Projects
  • Wireless projects
    • Automatically dispense drinks from a vending machine based on a wireless input, check the availability of funds, and manage the account through the web
    • Read the buzzcard upon entry into the on-campus bus system and bill users accordingly
    • Display restaurant menus on a hand-held device, allow orders to be make through the device, and produce a bill and enable payment though the hand-held device
example projects4
Example Projects
  • Computer game projects
    • Build an electronic chess board
    • Build an interface to enable the use of games from multiple manufacturers on a single display
  • Sensor projects
    • Use IR sensors to determine if someone is in the path of a sprinkler, and if so, turn off the sprinkler
    • Use sensors to display the number and locations of available parking spaces in a parking lot
  • Other ideas
    • PC-based picture frame that received input from the web
things to think about
Things to Think About
  • Application
    • - What are you doing and why is it novel and necessary?
  • Market
    • - Who is the customer?
  • Cost
    • What is the product development cost, including design cost and parts? What is the manufacturing cost?
  • Sales Volume
    • - How many will you sell per year? What is the product lifetime?
  • Support
    • - How will you support the customer?
things to think about1
Things to Think About




  • Inputs and Outputs
    • Number
    • Type (voltage or current?)
    • Level (Do you need a level converter?)
    • Speed
    • Control
things to think about2
Things to Think About




  • Processors
    • Number
    • Type (PIC, FPGA, other microcontroller?)
    • Speed
    • Control
    • Instruction Set
    • Development System
    • Debugging
    • Assembler/Compiler
how to get parts
How to Get Parts
  • Borrow Parts
    • Edgar Jones and James Steinberg, VL C352-C329 have a collection from previous semesters (act quickly)
  • Buy Parts
    • You buy it, you own it
    • GT Funds – Each group gets a budget of $100 per person in the group; GT owns the parts. (Order from Edgar Jones or James Steinberg)
  • Company loan or gift
design process
Design Process
  • Determine application
  • Write specifications
    • How will you measure performance?
  • Hardware block diagram
  • Software block diagram
  • Determine/order parts
  • Test parts of the project; test subsystems
  • Integrate all parts together
group formation
Group Formation
  • Responsibilities
    • Big picture and leadership, technical design, hardware, software, testing, integration, cost analysis, reporting
  • Group Pitfalls
    • “My Way or the Highway”
    • “You do the work, I’ll take the credit.”
    • “I did all of the work”
  • Group Intelligence (more than the sum)
    • Each person contributes equally and all suggestions are considered seriously
due january 17 by email
Due January 17 (by email)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Project Idea
  • Current Group Members

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