Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming
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Greenhouse farming is not a child-like thing to do. It requires experience in farming as well as involvement with latest technologies. Farmers should not hurry in doing greenhouse farming without knowing the basics of greenhouse farming. They should take proper training regarding this kind of farming. They should make sure that they don\'t use any kind of harmful fertilizer for more growth of plants. Proper equipments must be installed in greenhouse for cooling & heating purpose as per season. Farmers must know how to operate them atleast. Read this presentation regarding do\'s & dont\'s in greenhouse farming.\n

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Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming


● Recently, greenhouse farming becomes a new hit. What is it, exactly? It’s

a method to grow plants in a greenhouse.

● It won’t be affected by climate or season. The greenhouse gathers lights

and alters it to sufficient heat for the plants.

● Even during winter, the plants can grow well. Apart from gathering light, it

also manages the heat by storing and releasing it properly.

● Overall, it helps a good environment and moderates temperature for any

types of plants. Thanks to greenhouse cultivation. Farmers even can grow

plants during a harsh season.

Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming

What to do ?

● The most crucial aspect is the site selection. Ideally, a greenhouse should be

situated near to the garden or house. This way, farmers can reach it easily.

● It helps them maintain the greenhouse properly. Also, it must be close to

water and electricity source. Both of these things are important to the


● Apart from the distance, the sun exposure also matters. Farmers must find a

good location where the greenhouse may receive more direct sunlight daily.

● If they live in a region with no enough sun, they can install some lights

within the greenhouse.

Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming

What to do ?

● The key to success is the environmental control. The core aspect is the

heating. During the winter, the greenhouse requires insulation.

● It helps keep the plants warm. On the other hand, the greenhouse doesn’t

need insulation. The simplest solution to perform an efficient maintenance

is a heating system.

● It can be either an oil or gas heater. Just look for references from

greenhouse manufacturers in india.

● Make sure that it’s a heater that is designed mainly for a greenhouse.

Improper choice of the heater doesn’t give satisfying results.

Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming

What not to do ?

● Most of the beginners ignore the importance of training. They are

overconfident with their farming skills.

● They think that greenhouse farming is the same as outdoor farming. They

are definitely wrong. In the end, it only gives disappointments.

● Due to this reason, they must study the greenhouse training modules. There

are many ways to learn, after all. It can be either from books, videos,

tutors, etc.

● With proper training, they can avoid mistakes. They can even join a course

regarding greenhouse farming.

Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming

What not to do ?

● The next mistake is the impatience. It doesn’t happen overnight. Just

because everyone can become a greenhouse farmer, doesn’t mean there

aren’t challenges.

● There are many things to be done. Some farmers look for quick money

from greenhouse farming.

● They decide to double and hasten the growth process of the plants.

However, this only ruins the quality of the crops.

● In the end, they achieve nothing but failures. Some of them even use too

many chemicals and customized greenhouse solutions. This definitely

ruins the soil. The plants can’t grow well.

Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming


● Greenhouse farming is a new trend among farmers. Even though it’s a

tempting activity, farmers should pay attention to important things prior to

entering this field.

● Some mistakes only lead to failures. Both preparation and knowledge are

important. Ignorance makes farmers dull.

● It’s better to spend some time for learning instead of rushing into the

greenhouse agriculture projects.

● This way, they will have better information on how to do greenhouse

cultivation. As the result, they can grow healthy and abundant crops

regardless of the season.

Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming

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Do s and dont s in greenhouse farming

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