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kakadu national park n.
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Kakadu national park PowerPoint Presentation
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Kakadu national park

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Kakadu national park
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Kakadu national park

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  1. Kakadu national park BY: Cennet kucuk Class:9GA

  2. A bit about Kakadu • Kakadu is a National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia about 170 km southeast of Darwin. • Kakadu National Park is found in the Alligator Rivers in Northern Territory. It covers the area of about 19,792 km. and about 187km from north to south and about 100 Km from east to west. • The Kakadu Uranium Mine, it is one of the most productive uranium mines in the world.

  3. Native flora and fauna • Kakadu has more then 1700 plant species and it is one of the most weed free and cleanest national parks in the world. • Kakadu National Park support a massive array of animals. Some animals in National Park are endangered. Many animals are active only at particular times like in the day or night.

  4. Kakadu Introduced species • In Kakadu there are many Introduced species like.. • Buffalo • Pigs • Horses • Cats • Dogs • Cane toads • Cockatiel

  5. How introduced species have damaged the national park • Some of the animals do some damage to the national park . • Buffalo: There size and weight and hard hooves compact the soil and inhibit plant growth, causing the small plants to be destroyed. • Pigs: They destroy the environment around them by stomping on small rainforest patches, but mostly in the wet season.

  6. How introduced species have damaged the national park • Cats: do a lot of hunting but some ties they can harm the enviorment like birds and other small living thing thats why they are not allowed in. • Dogs: That have become feral and have some impact on the interbreed with the dingo population in the national park. • Cane toads: are poisonous throughout most of their life and that they will have an impact on animals such as snakes, goannas and quolls.

  7. How introduced species have damaged the national park • Horses: They spread the weeds around and damage waterholes by eroding soil and fouling the water. • Crocodile: these monster attacks many of the native animals in Kakadu like birds, pigs and any other these are not allowed anymore and will be removed from the park

  8. possible solutions to assist the Kakadu national park overcome this problem Why is the cane toad a threat to Kakadu? Cane toads have an impressive array of highly toxic chemical defences available to them at almost all stages of their lives. The toxins occur in their skin and organs and can be secreted by large glands at the back of the animal’s head when it is threatened. As a result, toads will poison many predators that attempt to eat themlike the native birds and other wild life that is native to Kakadu.

  9. How can we fix the problem? • We can remove the cane toads from national parks and build a fence to keep the rest out and put them the wild so there in a safe places from cars and any other hard. • Build a environment area where we can keep them away from the native animals.

  10. Map of kakadu (extra) • ,