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Gavilan College

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Gavilan College. Habits of Mind 2013-2014. Habits of Mind: Learning Council. Our FIG. FIG meets two Tuesdays of each month Comprised of: Instructors Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences Institutional Researcher Counselors Librarian Professional Development Faculty Liaison,

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Gavilan College

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gavilan college

Gavilan College

Habits of Mind


our fig

FIG meets two Tuesdays of each month

Comprised of:


Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Institutional Researcher



Professional Development Faculty Liaison,

Title V Director

Public Information Officer (PIO)


3 lessons from the jedi masters

3 Lessons from the Jedi Masters

Build relationships, you will

Make it your own, you shall

Allow it to grow organically, you must

hom out of the gates
HoM: Out of the Gates

Survey sent out to campus to identify core skills

and practices of successful students.

Sample Questions:

Do you support a success themes idea?

What do you think should be the appropriate spacing of themes?

What are some themes you’d like to see highlighted? Please list at least 5.

hom themes

Spring 2013: Time Management

Areas of emphasis: tools for time management,

prioritization, taking care of yourself, and planning ahead.

Fall 2013: Communication

Areas of emphasis: active listening, paraphrasing, e-mail

etiquette, small group work communication, etc.

Fall/Spring 2014: Self-Advocacy

Areas of emphasis: awareness of campus

resources, support for talking with instructors/counselors and getting

what you need from such conversations, conflict resolution,

communication with support services, looking at role of student

government, knowing your rights/principles of community, etc.

gavilan college theory of change
Gavilan College:Theory of Change

Supporting, cultivating, and promoting our campus FIGs and the innovative and foundational strategies therein, produces an osmotic effect, which helps create more close-knit and engaged faculty relationships, as well as strengthens the campus learning community.

theory of change led to
Theory of Change Led to…

More Public Events:

  • Advising and Outreach Lemonade Event (Counseling/Ed Plans)
  • Stand-up Comedian in the Student Center
  • Communications Challenge
  • Johari (Inquiry) Windows Event

More Outreach:

  • Student Groups (RAMbassadors, Puente Ambassadors, ASB, Communications Club)
  • Professional Development Faculty Liaison
  • Director of Library
OPEN: Resources you know about and believe are widely known by others.

SECRET: Resources you may know about, but which you think may be unknown to others.

HIDDEN: Resources on campus that you may have heard of, but know very little about.

DREAMS OR NEEDED: Resources on campus that you believe are needed

the process hom meetings
The Process: HoM Meetings

Engaging in collaborative inquiry surrounding students’

knowledge and use of available resources. Dialogue

broadened from student-only to creating more mindful

ways of reaching faculty and staff.

Recognizing and nurturing leadership potential of

members within our HoM group.

Creating a structure/mechanism to make it possible to

surface student voices around self-advocacy in both

the classroom and on campus.

habits of mind
Habits of Mind


event day
Event Day

Dialoguing between faculty, staff, and students at

event tables.

Faculty sharing with one another student feedback

and sharing their own thoughts/experiences.

Creating strong sense of community through

Inquiry and celebration.

Promoting Habits of Mind

sharing results and debriefing
Sharing Results and Debriefing

Exposure to multiple student perspectives: what is

known, not known, and what is desired/needed.

Conversations between Faculty/Staff able to

identify what they know, don’t know, and/or desire.

Sharing information/feedback in multiple groups

(e.g. Learning Council, Division Chair Meeting,

Professional Development Day Committee, Title V

Meeting, etc.)

discussions the need for changes in practice
Discussions: The Need for Changes in Practice

Habits of Mind focus on student services has

resulted in conversations with other groups

(Learning Council, Disability Resources, Dept.

Chairs, etc).

Result: identified need to consolidate resources

in a single place on Gavilan website.


Who do we reach out to?

Who needs to be involved in the




Existing FIGS?

What is already taking place on our


discussions shared ownership
Discussions: Shared Ownership

Math Lab needs to do a better job promoting themselves

How can WE all work to promote the Math Lab?)

where slides can be found
Where Slides can be Found

Slides are posted on Mondays and kept up for the week.

Where slides are posted:


  • On Student Ilearn Page (When They Log In)
  • Gavilan College Facebook Page
  • Gavilan College Distance Ed Facebook Page
  • Student Success Center Page


  • Bookstore
  • MESA
  • Writing Center
  • Library
concurrent campus activities
Concurrent Campus Activities

1) Academic Support Services Flyer (to be attached to syllabi)

2) FIG created to make a Resource Directory (including non-campus resources).