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COLLEGE!. What you’ve been working for your whole life…. Wait…what the heck am I doing with my life?!. Myth: You need to know what you are going to do the rest of your life before you apply for college.  Reality: MOST students change their majors several times! .

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What you’ve been working for your whole life…


Wait…what the heck am I doing with my life?!

Myth: You need to know what you are going to do the rest of your life before you apply for college.

 Reality: MOST students change their majors several times!


Wait…what the heck am I doing with my life?!

Myth: If I change my major so many times, I will end up a 7th year senior!

Reality: I changed mine 6 times and received my bachelor’s degree in 3 years. You can change your mind without losing much (if any) time!


Getting Started…

  • Junior/Senior Portfolio – take Kuder assessment to see what professions might be right for you

  • Start thinking about: subjects you enjoy, friends/family members and their jobs, hobbies you enjoy


THIS Summer…

  • Go out and volunteer

  • Job shadow in areas of your interest, interview people (don’t be embarrassed…most of the time, (as long as you are polite and cooperative) they are happy to talk to you!

  • Once you get an idea of what you might like to do, start looking at schools. (OR, if you just cannot choose---consider community college or state school to get your gen eds out of the way)

  • site for info and statistics


  • Do some college visits this summer or early next year. You may THINK you want to go to Ohio State, but you may change your mind when you actually tour the campus.


  • Volunteer Match

  • Check the newspaper or

  • Hospitals, Humane Society, SICSA

  • Local businesses (internships)

  • Summer Camp!

The application
The Application…


  • Have a plan B,C, and even D. Yes, application fees are around $40-50, but applying to several schools gives you plenty of options. Better to have options!

  • Turn it in early—there is absolutely no reason to wait! (Even if you are waiting on test scores, you can apply and when the test scores get there, they will either keep you in the admitted pile or move you to another pile )

  • Depending on when you sent your application in, you should get acceptance letters anywhere from December to March. (You guys better come back and tell me where you’re going!)

Keyword early
Keyword: EARLY

  • Also, if you plan on applying for a competitive or highly specialized program, pay VERY close attention to the admission requirements and deadlines. Often music and art majors are required to submit videos, portfolios, and/or audition. Schedule early!

  • Keyword: E A R L Y

Fafsa scholarships
FAFSA & Scholarships:

  • Along with your apps, don’t forget FAFSA and scholarships! Most everyone can get some kind of student aid. If FAFSA doesn’t give you much—start looking into personal loans.

  • Visit the college’s financial aid office and sit down with a counselor and discuss your options.

  • NEVER let money hold you back from where you truly want to go—you CAN find a way, if you’re willing.



  • picked a major (or tentative major),

  • picked a college,

  • got admitted,

  • applied for aid and scholarships---now what?!

Admissions packet
Admissions Packet…

  • Read your admissions packet carefully and thoroughly!

  • Living arrangements

  • Orientation

  • Class Scheduling

Admissions packet1
Admissions Packet…

  • Do you need to take placement testing? If so, when and how?

  • Most of the time these things can be done online or by making an appointment.

    • Sometimes you will have the opportunity to take your placement testing at orientation. However, if you have the time and they permit it, I would suggest taking them early. That way you can explore other things during orientation. Again, why wait?

  • Tip for someone who knows: If placement tests are offered online, DO THEM BY YOURSELF! Even if you’re bad at math and you’re afraid to look like a complete idiot by testing into Remedial Math, don’t worry about it! You’ve already been admitted. It will do you no good to have someone help you and then take a class you don’t understand.


Living On Campus…

  • Survey

  • Thoroughly research all the possible options. Do you want to live in a quad, double, suite? What buildings would you like to be close to? Is air conditioning or proximity more important? Do your homework!

  • You will be LIVING there!


Living On Campus…

  • Some places, like Ohio State, offer Living-Learning programs where you can apply for honors housing, housing based on gender, substance free housing (no drinking/smoking/etc), or housing based on majors. It is often quite helpful to live with people with the same major


Living On Campus…

  • Check into the housing departments policies. If you have roommate issues…what steps are taken to resolve them? Can you request a room change? Are there RAs?

  • Check out transportation. Are there campus busses? Are you allowed to ride bikes? Where can you store a bike? Can you register your bike? Are you allowed to bring a car? Where can you park your car? How much for a parking pass? –(can be VERY pricy! $100-600 a year)


Living On Campus…

FOOD—The Freshman 15 is NOT a joke! You will not be fed by your mama anymore! You will be eating cafeteria style food, fast food, and PIZZA. Try you absolute best NOT to fall into this trap. Make healthy choices and visit the Rec center at least once a week. It’s not only a good place to work out, but also a good place to meet people!



  • Orientation will take place the summer before you start.

  • Most of the time you are either grouped alphabetically or by major.

  • At Ohio State, the orientation process is two days. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people, stay a night in the dorms, and see all of the programs, clubs, and activities that the college has to offer.

  • Also, you’ll have a chance to meet with an academic advisor to get your first schedule!


A Note on Scheduling…

  • There are no “periods” or “bells”

  • You can take classes starting at 7:30 am all the way to 9pm

  • You are in complete control of your schedule

    • Think about homework time

    • Sleep time

    • Work time

    • And of course…social time 



  • At some point, go to your major’s website and download the course requirements.

  • You will be required to fill out a plan with your academic advisor, but I will warn you now---chances are you may have an advisor that isn’t totally knowledgeable OR if they are, they are in no way interested in making sure you are on track with your plan. That’s your job.



  • KEEP TRACK of the classes you take and the prerequisites for the classes you need to take.

  • Often certain classes are only offered certain times of the year. This is not hard as long as you pay attention! Also, it doesn’t hurt to check in with your advisor once a quarter/semester.



  • As of 2012, all of the major universities in Ohio are switching from quarters to semesters. What does this mean? According to university officials, the switch will allow students to transfer schools easier and it will give students an earlier start on the job market as universities on semesters get out of school a whole month before those on quarters do



Ohio State Arts & Sciences Gen Eds

  • General Education classes—depending on where you go, you are going to have a certain set of Gen Eds to take.

  • These will include:

    • written communication course,

    • science courses,

    • history courses,

    • economics/statistics

    • math,

    • computer science,

    • political science,

    • social science (psychology, anthropology, sociology),

    • literature,

    • visual and performing arts,

    • and often a foreign language.


Other Scheduling Advice…

  • Pay attention to courses that you can count as 2 categories! –this will save you time and money!

  • TAK E SUMMER COURES!! They are easy and will help you finish faster!

    • Columbus State and Sinclair offer an awesome selection of online courses—you could take some of your Gen Eds like literature, psychology, history, poly sci online! (Plus these schools are HALF the cost of Ohio State!)

In review
In Review…

  • Start thinking/looking NOW

  • Apply EARLY (this fall!)

  • Apply for Scholarships/FAFSA…look into all financial options

  • Check into Housing/Campus Life

  • Schedule Wisely

  • ENJOY!!! Be smart, don’t party too much…but have fun! 


"80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn't read.”