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Baseball. Grant Kauvar. What is Baseball?. Baseball is a sport in which a ball and bat is used. There are two teams in a game consisting of nine players each. The goal is to hit a score runs on offense and to get outs on defense.

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Grant Kauvar

What is baseball
What is Baseball?

  • Baseball is a sport in which a ball and bat is used.

  • There are two teams in a game consisting of nine players each.

  • The goal is to hit a score runs on offense and to get outs on defense.

  • A game has nine innings and there are three outs per half inning.

Baseball eras
Baseball Eras

  • 1900-1910:The Dead Ball Era

  • Dead, soft ball. And A lot of small ball was used

  • 1920-1945:Baseball’s Rebirth

  • The ball became more active, and the number of balls used per game increases.

  • 1946-1960:The Golden Years

  • African/Americans bagan playing in the Majors and the game became more aggressive.

  • 1961-1979:Baseball’s Boom

  • More teams were created and pitchers started making new pitches.

  • 1980-present:Unkown Era

  • Records have been shattered because of steroids and 4 teams have been added.

The color barrier
The Color Barrier

  • In 1947 Jackie Robinson became the first colored man to play in the MLB. He received many threats, yet he won Rookie of the Year. He is Now in the Hall of Fame.

  • In 1959 the Boston Red Sox were the last of the original teams to integrate.

  • Cito Gaston was the first colored manager to win a World Series.

The curse of the billy goat
The Curse of The Billy Goat

  • Chicago Cubs curse.

  • They last won a World Series in 1907.

  • The real “curse” started in 1945 when a man brought his Billy Goat to the game and when he was asked to remove it he placed a curse on the Cubs.

  • In game seven of the 2003 NLCS a foul ball was hit into the stands and the right fielder has said he would’ve caught it, but Steve Bartman robbed him and is now hated in Chicago, because they lost the game because of him for the most part.

The curse of the bambino
The Curse of the Bambino

  • This curse started in 1919 when the Red Sox traded Babe “Bambino” Ruth to arch rival Yankees.

  • The last year he was with the Red Sox they won the World Series.

  • They wouldn’t win another one until 2004, 86 years.

  • In 1986 when Boston had a chance on what should’ve been the last out of game six a ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs and they proceeded to lose the series.

Colorado rockies 2007
Colorado Rockies 2007

  • The Rockies finished the 2007 season miraculously with a 13-1 record to force a one game playoff with the Padres.

  • They proceeded to win that game in13 innings with the play known as “The Slide”.

  • They swept through the first two rounds of the Playoffs and made it to The World Series.

  • Unfortunately they got swept there, but still a 21-1 record to end the year is amazing.

My poem
My Poem

  • My Poem is called “Analysis of Baseball.”

  • The way it is written is really choppy, which I like because it reminds me of baseball and how it can be a choppy game.

  • Like seen in the last three slides, teams can have huge droughts or they can go on brilliant end of season runs and they’re unpredictable just like the game of baseball.

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