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Unpacking Curriculum Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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Unpacking Curriculum Standards

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Unpacking Curriculum Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unpacking Curriculum Standards
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  1. Unpacking Curriculum Standards Looking at What to Teach, When to Teach It, and Why Presented by Kathy Gates, Secondary Learning Coach, USD #497

  2. Objectives • To demonstrate how to break down curriculum standards in order to identify classroom uses • To apply these “unpacked” standards in some real-life situations

  3. Norms??

  4. The Core Ideals of PLC’s Shared Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals Collective Inquiry Collaborative Culture Commitment to Continuous Improvement Results/Action Oriented Shared Leadership

  5. Partner Activity • Introduce yourself, including your position • Why did you choose this session? • What do you hope to learn • How do you make a decision about what to teach and how to teach it? Share…with the large group!!

  6. Instructional Planning Process – Traditional Style • Select a topic • Design instructional activities • Design and give an assessment • Give grade • Move on • Lather, rinse, repeat

  7. Standards-based Instructional Planning • Select standards • Design assessment for students to demonstrate meeting the standard • Plan appropriate teaching opportunities • Use data from assessments to give feedback, to reteach, or to move on to the next concept

  8. Unpacking Standards—It’s All About the Nouns and Verbs! What do students need to know? How will they demonstrate that knowledge?

  9. Knowledge Vocabulary Definitions Concepts Laws, Formulas Key facts Critical Details Sequence & timelines Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe, Understanding by Design, 2004. Skills Decoding, computation Communication skills – listening, speaking, writing Thinking skills – compare, infer, analyze Research – inquiry, investigate Study Skills – notetaking Group Skills What do students need to be able to KNOW and DO?

  10. Unpacking Standards The student… ▲ identifies and determines the meaning of figurative language, ▲similes, ▲metaphors, ▲analogies, ▲hyperbole, ▲onomatopoeia, ▲personification, and idioms.

  11. Unpacking Standards

  12. What does research tell us about standards-based classrooms? What Works in Classroom Instructionby Robert J. Marzano, et. al.

  13. Unpacking Standards • Find a partner?? • Select a content standard • Circle verbs • Underline nouns • Create a graphic organizer

  14. Blue Sticky Notes • What action/ideas/strategies will you be taking back to implement and reflect on during the next session? • Follow-up questions or key points to guide our next session

  15. Unpacking Curriculum Standards Can Help You to be a More Effective Teacher!!