transition to the common core
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Transition To The Common Core

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Transition To The Common Core. Transforming Teaching & Learning for English Learners San Jose/Silicon Valley 2020 Symposium September 25, 2013. Today’s Agenda. Common Core State Standards Framework Focus on ELs

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transition to the common core

Transition To The Common Core

Transforming Teaching & Learning for English Learners

San Jose/Silicon Valley 2020 Symposium

September 25, 2013

Today’s Agenda
  • Common Core State Standards Framework
  • Focus on ELs
  • Professional Learning Cycle
  • Moving Forward

What are or will be your major challenges in supporting ELs with access to the CCSS?

  • 11th Largest School District in CA
  • 43,000 Students
  • 74Campuses
  • 40 Languages
  • 24% English Learners
Strategic Plan 2010-14

Pillar One:

College and Career Ready Students

common core state standards framework
Common Core State Standards Framework




Teaching & Learning

EL Focus Schools
  • 11 Schools
  • High Concentration of English Learners
  • Leadership
  • Previous Professional Learning
EL Focus Schools

Knowledge and Instructional Strategies

  • Language Demands of Complex Text
  • Shades of Meaning
  • Sentence Acrobatics
EL Focus Schools
  • Site Leaders
  • Teachers and Site Leaders
  • Planning with District Leadership
  • District Training Specialists
expected evidence of student learning
Expected Evidence of Student Learning

Language Standard 7.1.a

Explain the function of phrases and clauses in general and their function in specific sentences.

Language Standard 7.1.c

Place phrases and clauses within a sentence, recognizing and correcting misplaced and dangling modifiers.

text based discussion
Text-Based Discussion
  • Read excerpt, Characterizing the Language of Schooling by Schleppegrell (2004)
  • What are the Implications for Teaching and Learning?
model construction trying on the work
Model Construction/Trying on the Work

Unpacking Sentences

In addition, knowledge about language itself is part of the content of schooling, as children are asked to adopt the word-, sentence-, and rhetorical-level conventions of writing, to define words, and in other ways to focus on language as language.

infrastructure of support
Infrastructure of Support
  • Community of Practice (Teachers/Coaches)
    • Professional Learning
    • Coaching and Feedback
    • Inquiry-Based
  • Utilization of Current Resources
  • Assessment Development
2013-2014 and Beyond
  • ELD Trailblazers
    • Cadre of Teacher Leaders
    • Early Adopters of the ELD Standards
    • Developers of Instructional Framework for ELD
  • Integration within CCSS
    • Professional Learning
    • Curriculum Maps
    • Units of Study
voices from the field
Voices from the Field
  • “[I can take] this work from my ELD classes and begin to do this with my English classes.”
  • “I will continue research on identifying and understanding language features.”
  • “By the end of the year, with ___coaching me, I felt very comfortable planning and teaching the ‘juicy sentence’ lesson.”
  • “I am hoping that we get to work together again next year, although I am not sure if I will be teaching an ELD class, But I now know that the sentences can be used in any class.”
Lessons Learned
  • Changing the district’s instructional culture is hard work, messy, and takes time
  • School and district leadership are essential
  • Infrastructure of support is vital
  • Deep and explicit content knowledge is critical
  • Texts matter
  • Learning is the doing and the doing is the learning