pennsylvania s transition to the common core state standards n.
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Pennsylvania’s Transition to the Common Core State Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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Pennsylvania’s Transition to the Common Core State Standards

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Pennsylvania’s Transition to the Common Core State Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pennsylvania’s Transition to the Common Core State Standards. February 24, 2012. Keystone Exams. 2012-13 Keystone Exams Algebra I Biology Literature NO Civics and Gov’t; NO field testing

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keystone exams
Keystone Exams
  • 2012-13 Keystone Exams
    • Algebra I
    • Biology
    • Literature
  • NO Civics and Gov’t; NO field testing
  • Governor has proposed removal of 1/3 requirement; student will demonstrate PROFICIENCY on exam to fulfill state requirement (be attuned to State Board Hearings regarding Chapter 4.)
keystone exams1
Keystone Exams
  • Governor has proposed full implementation of PA Graduation Requirement to be delayed until the 2016-17 school year.
  • That means that this year’s 7th grade class must demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra I, Biology, and Literature Keystone upon graduation. (NOTE: Any 7th grader taking Algebra I during 2011-12 would be ‘grandfathered’ due to the Keystone Exam hiatus.)
11 th grade pssa
11th Grade PSSA
  • It is projected that this is the last year for the 11th grade PSSA (2011-12).
  • A transition plan to move toward Keystones for purposes of AYP must be shared with the USDoE. Proposed ideas:
    • Bank 7th and 8th grade scores for the future.
    • Let student retake Keystone with highest score counting toward AYP.
    • Identify a grade level by which all student assessment data will be in place.
  • PDE acknowledged there will be years in which some students will not take an assessment at the High School level.
pssa writing assessment
PSSA Writing Assessment
  • PSSA Writing Assessment in grades 3-8 will be embedded in the REVISED ELA PSSA to be implemented for
    • Grades 3, 4, 5 in 2014
    • Grades 6, 7, 8 in 2015
  • Grade 11 is uncertain at this point as the Composition Keystone Exam is no longer on the table. There is some discussion to revise the Literature Keystone Exam to include writing.
keystone project based assessments
Keystone Project Based Assessments
  • Proposed Regulation changes to move the Keystone Project Based Assessment (PBA) to the Senior year. This would become operational in 2017. Proposed changes would also include the ending of the ‘Graduation Project’ in 2016.
  • Focus Groups –HS Principals—March 1, 2012 at LIU from 9:30-11:30 am.
  • Field Testing this Spring for Algebra I, Biology, Literature (2 modules each). Please contact Lori Stollar if interested.
pa common core mathematics
PA Common Core – Mathematics
  • The Common Core State Standards became PA’s Eligible Content.
  • CCSS Overview would serve well as a district’s Transition Plan.
  • Likely to be 4 Reporting Categories—
    • Numbers and Operations
    • Algebraic Concepts
    • Geometry
    • Data Analysis and Probability
      • Measurement and Data
      • Statistics and Probability
  • Note: Do not overlook the importance of the mathematical practice—application is critical; it’s not about solving equations.

As interpreted by LJStollar, 2/16/12

pa common core english language arts
PA Common Core – English Language Arts
  • Standard Categories:
    • Foundational Skills
    • Informational Text
    • Literature
    • Writing
  • Reporting Categories
    • A: Literature
    • B: Informational
      • A-K and B-K: Key Ideas and Details
      • A-C and B-C: Craft and Structure/Integration
      • A-V and B-V: Vocab Acquisition and Use

Combination of

Reading and Writing, on grades 3-8 PSSA

will be the biggest change!

As interpreted by LJStollar, 2/17/12

text based seminar
Text Based Seminar

Building on the Common Core

By David T. Conley

Educational Leadership, March 2011

text based seminar1
Text-Based Seminar
  • Skim the article and make note of:
    • Key points
    • Things that can’t be stressed enough
    • Questions/Concerns
  • Share out – sticking to the prompts
    • No bird walking
    • No war stories
text based seminar2
Text-Based Seminar

A key point in the article is…Something that can’t be stressed enough is…A question/concern I have is…

ela literacy math shifts

6 Shifts in Mathematics

6 Shifts in ELA/Literacy




Deep Understanding


Dual Intensity

Balancing Informational and Literary Text

Building Knowledge in the Disciplines

Staircase of Complexity

Text-based Answers

Writing from Sources

Academic Vocabulary

ELA/Literacy & Math Shifts
common core shifts examining our practice
Common Core ShiftsExamining Our Practice
  • Review the ‘Shift’ document individually.
  • Individually, record your thoughts on post-it notes (one thought per note.) Consider, what were your aha’s? What are the implications for students? For teachers? How will instructional practice need to change to meet these shifts?
  • Share out round-robin within your group, each adding a thought until you have depleted your post-it notes. Use an affinity process to group ‘alike’ ideas.
common core resources
Common Core Resources

Think – Link – Discuss

old boxes
Old Boxes
  • People are the next step!
  • If people just swap out the old standards and put the new CCSS in the old boxes…
    • into old systems and procedures;
    • into the old relationships;
    • into old instructional materials formats; and
    • into old assessment tools,
  • Then nothing will change.