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  1. Micro-Phone Andy Huang

  2. What is Micro-Phone • Small phone • The size of a Bluetooth headset • Fit perfectly on the ear.

  3. Target market: Gold Collar workers Age 18-24 Make low wages but seek luxury Technology advanced lifestyle Competitors Motorola Jabra Nokia Apple Positioning

  4. Market Research • Focus groups – get primary data from people. • Product testing to see if people like it or not • secondary data method: • specialized research companies - cheaper than primary data. And we will get it from T-mobile or ATT

  5. Market Research Results • 40% of the people said that they are using t-mobile. • Many of them would spend more than $50 dollar on a cell phone.

  6. Market Research Results • Most of the people who took the survey is under 18. • Most of them doesn’t used Bluetooth headset.

  7. Packaging • Small and light • Easy to carry • Easy to open • Black sturdy box • Plastic inside

  8. Label • Big letter stand out for the name of the product. • List its technical specifications on the back. • On one side, List what is included in the box and key features.

  9. Pricing • Initial Release: 8GB Version - $150 • Delayed Release: 4GB Versions - $100 • Competitors Prices • Apple Iphone: 8GB Version - $199 4GB Versions - $299 • HTC G1 : $179

  10. Promotion • Personal Selling • we would have telemarketers make cold calls in order to let people know about a product and get them to buy it. • We could also have door to door sales people try to get our product to sell. • Mass Selling • selling or appealing a bunch of people at once • placing banners or commercials and other techniques where everyone can see it • played commercials on major stations such as NBC, ABC, and Fox

  11. Promotion • Public relations • allot some profits for charitable giving. • This would improve our company’s overall image. • Sales Promotion • Sales promotions that we could use include discounts, rebates, or gift cards. • This would be successful if we drop prices just a little bit and it attracts more customers as they perceive it as a good deal.

  12. Promotion • We focus on the most on Mass Selling and Sales Promotion. The two techniques are the cheapest and most efficient because they can be used to appeal to the entire market. • We focus last on Personal Selling, Because it’s Expensive and relatively ineffective nowadays. customers would have probably done a bit of their own research already.

  13. Distribution • We will use multiple channels so we have access to a larger market. • We are going to sell both directly and indirectly • The middlemen we are going to use is through Best Buy and also through T-mobile

  14. Distribution • We chose this method so our products will be available to those browsing through the store for other electronics, as well as those who are shopping for a new phone/plan.

  15. Summary • You should buy our product because it’s the smallest phone in the world. • It have many feature and newest technology. • It will become popular.