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Bellringer. SOL Challenge BJOTD: What is white and fluffy and lives on Mars?. The End of the War and Reconstruction. Destruction of WWII. 40 million Europeans died 2/3 were civilians Billions of dollars in property damage London, Warsaw, Berlin, all destroyed

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  • SOL Challenge
  • BJOTD: What is white and fluffy and lives on Mars?
destruction of wwii
Destruction of WWII
  • 40 million Europeans died
  • 2/3were civilians
  • Billions of dollars in property damage
  • London, Warsaw, Berlin, all destroyed
  • Civilians had no homes, food, jobs, cities…..
  • Famine set in
    • Berlin 1945- 4,000 citizens died a day
reconstruction in germany
Reconstruction in Germany
  • In February 1945 the US, Britain and the Soviet Union met in Yalta
  • They agreed to divide Germany and Berlin into zones of occupation, controlled by Allied forces
  • The US and Britain wanted to rebuild the German economy to help stabilize Europe
  • Stalin wanted to keep Germany weak and divided
reconstruction in germany1
Reconstruction in Germany
  • Western Berlin and Western Germany will become democratic thanks to Western Europe and the US’s help
  • The West will also become an economic power in postwar Europe
  • The East, controlled by Stalin will lag behind and will be communist
nuremberg trials
Nuremberg Trials
  • Allies put Nazis on trial
  • In Nuremberg Germany, 22 Nazi leaders were put on trial in the first Nuremberg trials
      • Charged with “crimes against humanity”
      • 12 were sentenced to death
      • 11 were hung and their bodies were burned at Dachau, a concentration camp
to preserve peace the united nations
To Preserve Peace…The United Nations
  • 50 countries
  • Goal- protect the members against aggression
  • Based in New York
  • Each nation could cast their vote on issues
  • Security council
    • 5 permanent members – Britain, China, France, US and the Soviet Union
the universal declaration of human rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Established and adopted by the United Nations
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was issued in 1948 to protect the dignity and rights of all people
  • Provided a code of conduct for the treatment of people under the protection of their government
reconstruction in japan
Reconstruction in Japan
  • 2 million died
  • Atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • The capital, Tokyo, had been destroyed
  • The Allies took away Japan's colonial possessions
reconstruction in japan1
Reconstruction in Japan
  • On August 15, 1945, Emperor Hirohito, made a radio address urging his people to stop fighting and begin reconstruction in Japan
  • Douglas Macarthur took charge of the US occupation
  • MacArthur was determined to fairly control Japan, but he needed to make sure his men were safe
  • He began the process of demilitarization
      • Disbanding the Japanese army
        • Eliminated aggressive abilities
      • He also brought war criminals to trial
        • Hideki Tojo was hung
      • Crated a “safe” Japan
      • Promised Japan the US would keep them safe
macarthur brings democracy
MacArthur brings democracy
  • The US helped the Japanese create a new constitution, that went into effect on May 3, 1947
  • Japan now had a Parliamentary Democracy, like Britain
macarthur revives economy
Macarthur revives Economy
  • Increased land ownership
  • Created labor unions
  • US did not give the Japanese much money, only 2 billion
  • Japan begins to emerge as a dominant economy in Asia