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Kid’s Safety Tips for your Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Kid’s Safety Tips for your Home

Kid’s Safety Tips for your Home

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Kid’s Safety Tips for your Home

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  2. Kid’sSafetyTipsforyourHome December6,2016Real EstateKid’s Safety Tipsforyour HomeSrishtiChandola Bringing your baby home is the most wonderful feeling. But, with this happiness, one needs to be extra careful about the things inside the house. From that heavy flower vase to the power plugs, parents need to be alert about things in the house and set things right before the little bundle of joy starts toddling around thehouse. Millions of kids get hospitalized due to accidents around the house. Of course, you don’t want to be on that list and thus it is important that you take proper measures and baby proof your home. This would help you in making your home safe and secure for your toddler. Here are some easy steps that you need to take to make your home safe for your baby. Is your furniture safe for yourbaby? There are many products available in the market for toddlers and otherwise that would not hurt your baby and be safe for them. Be double-sure about any furniture that you bring in the house. Those drop-side cribs are a bad idea so are the baby bumpers as those are suffocating to those high chairs that tip over. Be very sure and careful when you buy all those so called comfortable chairs for your child as they might become the reason for the toddlers to get hurt. Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDFAPI

  3. How to discovertrouble The prime thing to do is to think like a baby when you are baby-proofing your home. All parents should try and crawl like a baby to look at things from the toddler’s perspective. This might sound a bit weird but this will definitely give you a better and clear idea about what might be harmful or dangerous to your curioustoddler. Keep anything which is pointy, potentially dangerous or slippery away from the sight of the toddler or cover it up for them to reach. This might not look pretty for a house but is definitely a must if you don’t want to hurt yourtoddler. Also, wall paints do play a vital role in the growth of your child. Many of the paint no matter what color they are have VOCs i.e. Volatile Organic Compounds which may affect the child. It basically is microscopic particles that drifts out paints, rugs, wood stains, furniture and vanishes. These can cause many health effects thus it is important that one buy products that have low or no VOCs. There are numerous alternatives such as the milk-based paints or natural products which have low growth of mold and are environmentfriendly. For the curious toddlers, make sure that you lock everything down. From drawers to cabinets everything should not be easily opened by the toddler. Even for the doors, make sure that the toddler doesn’t reach the lock so that you can lock the rooms when not needed. Try and use locks that are placed on the top of the door instead of the bottom so that the toddler cannot reachthem. Check around for loose wires and cords. Electrical cords and curtain pulls can be a problem and should be out of the reach of the kid. Make sure that the electrical outlets arecovered Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDFAPI

  4. properly so that your child does not get the shock of hislife. Even after doing all this, you still will face a big obstacle and that is anything that is lying down as that would automatically go into the toddler’s mouth. Thus, you have to be extra careful and check constantly whether the floor is clean or not. The smallest thing can be a chocking object for the child. To avoid this try and stick to a regular detailed cleaning schedule. Check the floor pretty often to see anything that might have dropped and keep an eye for stuff that might have slide under thefurniture. All this might sound like pain but doing all this is much better than seeing your toddler in pain and getting hurt. Though, even after all this you don’t have to get crazy about everything. A bit of bruises here and there is something that is normal. That would definitely happen no matter how many precautions you take. Another caution would be that you should never underestimate a toddler. They have the ability to get into stuff they should not and that is what you need to make sure theydon’t These are some of the precautions that you should be aware of. These can obviously add or subtract depending on the naughtiness of yourtoddler. ← Highest Housing Demand by 2020 inDelhi-NCR Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDFAPI

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