Motivation the fuel for success
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Motivation : The Fuel for Success. John P. Sullivan, Psy.D. Sport Psychologist Clinical & Sport Consulting Services. Clinical & Sports Consulting Services. Ideal Performance State. Intense focus Present orientation – in the moment Confidence in your abilities Calmness/relaxation

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Motivation the fuel for success

Motivation:The Fuel for Success

John P. Sullivan, Psy.D.

Sport Psychologist

Clinical & Sport Consulting Services

Clinical & Sports Consulting Services

Ideal performance state
Ideal Performance State

  • Intense focus

  • Present orientation – in the moment

  • Confidence in your abilities

  • Calmness/relaxation

  • Energetic

  • Enjoyment/fun/joy

  • Alert/self-aware

  • Compiled from Ravissa, Miner, Loehr


  • Why are some motivated while others are not?

  • Motivation requires energy focused in two dimensions

    -Direction is choosing particular goals over others

    - Intensity is the fuel necessary to achieve the goal

Motivation basics
Motivation Basics

  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

  • Direct and Indirect Motivation

  • Sense of Control

  • Personal Needs

  • Can’t be seen but is FELT!!

Smart goal setting
SMART Goal Setting

  • Specific – Make goals specific

  • Measurable – Can you measure your progress?

  • Adjustable – Can you modify your goal based on progress?

  • Realistic – Make sure the goal is a ‘stretch’

  • Time oriented – Determine dates by which you’d like to achieve goals

Goal setting ladder
Goal Setting Ladder

  • Set short-term, medium range, and long-term goals

  • Conduct a ‘roadblock analysis’ of potential barriers to goal achievement

  • Mark your progress

Additional goal setting tips
Additional Goal Setting Tips

  • Goals should be positive

  • Goals should be precise – Set dates by which you want to achieve specific goals

  • Goals should be manageable – Don’t get overwhelmed by setting too many goals at once

  • Write down your goals – It makes them more real

Final words on goal setting
Final Words on Goal Setting

Take the time to enjoy the success of goals achieved.

Be relentlessly positive

  • Provide Positive Feedback

  • Maintain Responsibility for Success

  • Acknowledge Growth Points

  • Find Fun in What You Do!

  • Visualize Success

  • Emphasize Performance Over Outcomes

Motivating communication
Motivating Communication motivation

  • Be positive

  • Sandwich any criticism between positive feedback/ positive instruction

Keys to communicating effectively
Keys to Communicating Effectively motivation

  • Listen effectively

    • Don’t interrupt

    • Maintain good eye-contact

    • Paraphrase the message to encourage your athlete

Keys to communicating effectively1
Keys to Communicating Effectively motivation

  • Express yourself correctly

    - Tone and body language communicate more than the words we use

    - Remember to be positive

    - Keep in mind: ‘Would you rather be right or effective?’

Patterns of motivation
Patterns of Motivation motivation

  • The Learned Helpless Athlete

  • The Fear of Failure Athlete

  • The Fear of Success Athlete

  • The Perfectionist Athlete

  • The Under-Achieving Athlete

Learned helpless athlete
Learned Helpless Athlete motivation

  • Redefine success

    • Focus on performance

  • Chart improvement

  • Focus on short-term goals

  • Be positive

  • Arrange opportunities to succeed

Fear of failure athlete
Fear of Failure Athlete motivation

  • Provide consistent approval for both winning and losing

  • Encourage learning from losses

  • Help emphasize the process over outcome

Fear of success athletes
Fear of Success Athletes motivation

  • Provide a focus on goals

  • Provide preparation for being #1

  • Help them to visualize success

  • Encourage and support both winning and losing

The perfectionist athlete
The Perfectionist Athlete motivation

  • Emphasize a strong association between strong workouts and recovery

  • Reinforce enjoyment

  • Create an environment of process over outcome

  • Encourage balance in their lives

The under achieving athlete
The Under-Achieving Athlete motivation

  • Establish a verbal commitment/contract

  • Educate about the effort- success ratio

    • (Success = Ability + Preparation + Effort +Will)

  • Stress self-improvement

Motivation the fuel for success

John P. Sullivan, Psy.D. motivation

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