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Synthetic Network Monitoring for Application Quality of Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Synthetic Network Monitoring for Application Quality of Experience. Mike Fitzgerald Director, Product Management Avaya. @ MikeFitz38. Collaborations Solutions Focus. Secure Mobile Collaboration. Network Management. VSP 9000. Avaya Desktop Video Display. Dynamic Data Center.

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Presentation Transcript
Synthetic network monitoring for application quality of experience
Synthetic Network Monitoring for Application Quality of Experience

Mike Fitzgerald

Director, Product Management



Collaborations solutions focus
Collaborations Solutions Focus Experience

Secure Mobile Collaboration

  • Network Management

  • VSP 9000

  • Avaya Desktop Video Display

Dynamic Data Center

Intelligent Edge



  • Collaboration Pods

  • VSP 7000

  • WLAN 8100

  • ERS 8000

  • ERS 4000

  • SR 4134

  • ERS 5000

  • VoIP Desk Sets

  • VPN Clients

  • AG 2330

  • Third party clients

  • Customer Care Sets

  • ERS 2500

  • ERS 3500

Avaya networking
Avaya Networking Experience

Best In-Class User Experience

Ease of Support

  • Best in Class Stacking – Improves Voice, Video and Application Performance

  • Identity Engines

    • Policy Based Access Control for BYOD

    • Single Sign On for Avaya Clients

  • Fabric Connect Edge Networking

  • Application QoE: SLA Monitoring - Latency, Jitter and Loss Monitoring Agents in Switches and IP Phones

  • VPFM - Integrated Fault and Performance Monitoring for Voice, Video and Applications

  • High Touch Technical Support for Partners

Ease of Provisioning

Ease of Commerce

  • IP Office Configuration - Single Command to Configure the Switch for IP Office

  • Plug n Play and Auto-Provision of Switch Ports for Avaya IP Phones

  • Policy Based BYOD & Guest Access

  • Collaboration POD – Fully Integrated UC, Networking and Storage Solution

  • Integrated commerce systems for UC/CC and networking

  • Integrated channel marketing programs for UC/CC and networking

  • Lower total cost of ownership for Avaya UC/CC and networking

Network monitoring for qoe
Network Monitoring for QoE Experience

  • Post-session statistics

    • Harvested from end devices

    • Harvested from centralized servers

    • Historical information to predict future issues

  • Network probes

    • Geographically deployed

    • Overlayed on operational networks

  • Intelligent edge devices and endpoints

    • Proactive measurement of network quality

    • Proactive alarming and reporting of quality degradation

    • Embedded throughout network for holistic coverage

    • Integrated with network, rather than attached to network

  • Sla mon architecture agent
    SLA Mon Architecture—Agent Experience

    • Agents embedded in devices (phones, gateways, data products and soon bridges and other media application layer elements)

      • 96x0 (since R3.1 SP4)

      • 96x1 SIP (since R6.0.2 for v1 and R6.2 for v2)

      • 96x1 H323 (since R6.0.2 for v1 and planned for R6.3)

      • G430 and G450 (currently in SV)

      • VSP9K and 56xx (currently in development)

      • Bridges, signaling elements and soft clients projected

    Sla mon architecture server
    SLA Mon Architecture—Server Experience

    • Server controlling the agents that are registered on it

      • Agent will only register with a server if it can authenticate the server

      • The registration process is used to exchange a private key used by the agent to decrypt and authenticate server commands

      • The registration process is launched from the server by sending an agent discovery packet

    • Server interaction with the agents is through encrypted and authenticated UDP based proprietary protocol

    • Server maintains historical data

    • Server interaction with the user is entirely through HTML5

    Intelligent edge real time monitoring
    Intelligent Edge Real-time Monitoring Experience

    IP Office

    SLAMon Agent


    Demarcation Point

    Campus Core

    DC Core

    Wiring Closet

    Wiring Closet

    Real time application monitoring
    Real-time Application Monitoring Experience

    • End-to-end QoE management of the IP network

      • Proactive testing of end-to-end communications paths

    • SLA Mon

      • Perform tests and verifications when and where they matter at all layers in the topology

      • Integrates diagnostics capabilities into end devices and network hardware- no probes

    • Differentiators

      • End to end session media topologies

      • Tracing DiffServ source to destination

      • Analyzing DiffServ (loss, delay, jitter) to compare network performance across multiple DSCP values

      • Real-time packet capture of exchanged DHCP, LLDP and (soon) media signaling packets

    End-to-End Management

    End to End Latency/


    Unified Management

    Enterprise LAN

    Enterprise WAN

    Proactive qoe monitoring overall network performance
    Proactive QoE Monitoring ExperienceOverall Network Performance

    • Shows network locations on world map

    • Displays individual site performance as well as the relational performance among sites

    • Tests the connections for jitter, delay and loss for audio, data and video

    • Proactively find service-impacting conditions that can be resolved to improve the network performance

    Getting to the root of the problem pinpoint why you re having network issues
    Getting to the Root of the Problem ExperiencePinpoint WHY You’re Having Network Issues

    • Quality of Experience Matrix displays end points and connection details

    • Green cells indicate that traffic is going from the source to destination correctly

    • Red cells indicate all traffic going into the site is incorrect

    • Provides performance factors including delay, jitter, packet loss, remarking, etc.

    • Displays audio, video, and data queues and associations

    Performance map
    Performance Map Experience

    Enabling issue resolution solve and prevent chronic issues
    Enabling Issue Resolution ExperienceSolve and Prevent Chronic Issues

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring provides network quality statistics

    • SLA Mon tracks all of the packets and identifies where the problem occurs with packet transformation

    • Runs end-to-end tests and measures results

    • Traces through network identify performance factors such as remarking

    • Session maps performs end-to-end call trace showing end points and gateways


    Dscp tracing
    DSCP Tracing Experience

    • Unique ability to trace the IP header DSCP values from source to destination

    • Pin points devices that change the DSCP marking and how

    • Describes the relationship between the DSCP trace and the end-to-end performance obtained for packets of different markings

    • Server keeps long term historical data about paths, DSCP traces and performance

    End to end performance summary
    End-to-End Performance Summary Experience

    • Simple Real Time Matrix representing end-to-end summary for all aspects of performance

    End device file system browsing
    End Device File System Browsing Experience

    • Simple HTML5 interface to navigate the device file system

    • Extract files on the fly

    • V2 agent capability

    Device remote control
    Device Remote Control Experience

    • Remote control of device

    • Access to craft and other menus

    • Inject keyboard and touch screen events

    • Capture events injected by user

    • V2 Agent capability

    Packet capture
    Packet Capture Experience

    • Perform packet capture on the fly (no hub and no port mirroring necessary)

    • Extract boot time DHCP and LLDP packets

    • Control capture to include or exclude media payloads

    • V2 Agent capability

    Sla mon ease of support use cases
    SLA Mon: Ease of Support Use Cases Experience

    Scenario: Apex Company’s most strategic customer is hosting an event where there will be a significant increase in voice and video traffic. With Avaya SLAMon…

    • Real-time traffic is simulated to proactively measure performance

    • Potential issues and their root cause is easily identified

    Changes are implemented prior to the event

    Proactive performance monitoring addresses issues before they arise

    Ois giving you the information you need
    OIS: Giving You the Information You Need Experience

    Instant network oversight

    • Single glance view

    • Unified, real time dashboard

    • Zoomable map with customized information


    Easy to access information

    • Web-based solution

    • User sites and information

    • Easy to navigate site pages

    • Network alarms

    • Drill down reporting/capability

    Ois reducing downtime
    OIS: Reducing Downtime Experience

    Stop issues before they start

    • Incident status

    • Trending summaries and historical reporting

    • Closed incident detail


    Full visibility into issue


    • Incident detail

    • Time to resolution

    • Filter by incident type

    • Incidents by initiated


    Ois product lifecycle control
    OIS: Product Lifecycle Control Experience

    Full insight into product status

    • Site product inventory

    • Critical patches available

    • Firmware/software version

    • End of Sale status

    • Extended Support status

    Life Cycle

    Keep your systems up to date

    • Firmware/software installed

    Quickly find what you’re looking for:

    • Sorted by solution element

    • Sorted by site location

    • Filter within location


    Sla mon evolution for networking
    SLA Mon Evolution for Networking Experience

    • SLA Mon OIS Advanced

    • SLA Mon Agents phase 1

      • ERS 3500 (R5.0.2)

      • ERS 4000 (R5.6.2)

      • VSP 9000 (R3.3.3)

      • ERS 8000 (R7.2.1)

    • SLA Mon Agents phase 2

      • ERS support via OIS Advanced and Server

    • VPFM and Tools integration

    @ ExperienceMikeFitz38