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Land as a Resource

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Land as a Resource

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Land as a Resource

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  1. Land as a Resource State of play 5 March 2015

  2. Land as a Resource:at the crossroad of objectives 1 and 2 of 7th Environmental Action Programme (EAP) Land as a resource

  3. Policy Background • 2011 EU2020 Strategy / Road Map for resource-efficient Europe (RERM) • Milestone: “By 2020, EU policies take into account their direct and indirect impact on land use in the EU and globally, and the rate of land take is on track with an aim to achieve no net land take by 2050; • soil erosion is reduced and the soil organic matter increased, with remedial work on contaminated sites well underway". • 2012 Rio+20 outcome document “The future we want”: • land and soil degradation recognized as a global problem • Milestone on land: "strive to achieve a land degradation neutral world in the context of sustainable development“ • 2013 7th Environment Action Programme for the EU • calls for setting targets on land take and on a number of crucial soil quality aspects (erosion, organic matter and contamination).

  4. Conference on Land as a Resource 19/6/2014 The issues at stake National and regional experiences Exploring possible EU answers

  5. Resource-efficient use of Land / Natural CapitalHow to deal with synergies and trade-offs? Transport Policy Europe 2020 Green Jobs Health & Pollution policies Cohesion & Urban Policy Nature & Biodiversity Energy Water Policy Bio-economy Climate Adaptation CAP Forest Strategy

  6. Macro-economic Linkages Costs of political inaction (or variant: large scale growth, jobs and investments plan) Socio-economic impact of measures Land use Efficiency policies Measures targeting Socio-economic drivers Land Degradation and inefficient use Land cover & use Land management Provision ecosystem services Socio-Economic variables Production Jobs Consumption Investment Private and Public finances External trade Socio-economic drivers – business-as usual scenario (or variant: large scale growth, jobs and investments plan)

  7. Land Use Efficiency & Land Degradation Indicators • Study on identification appropriate indicators & relevance and feasibility of setting targets ( • Net land take indicator: to complement with information on intensity and impacts of artificialization. Land recycling: still lacks common understanding terminology • Land Degradation: indicators on Soil erosion and organic matter: EU-wide datasets, strengthen link with provision ecosystem services + water resources & biodiversity. • Global impacts: beyond Land Footprint: bio-productivity and impact oriented indicators. Still high methodological / data challenges • Land Use Efficiency: Overall economic / energy balance. Multi-functionality: specify minimum provision levels and maximum acceptable trade-offs. • Need to address these topics together!

  8. On-going activities • Preparation of a technical report on indicators, trends and scenarios • Identification of the need to act at EU level • Integration into existing processes (e.g. follow-up SDGs Post 2015) • Decision still to be taken on inclusion of a Communication on Land as a Resource in Commission Work Programme 2016.

  9. Preparation of a ENV-JRC-EEA technical report • Analysis of land degradation and inefficient use processes (Urbanisation and infrastructures, Bio-economy) based on: • Set of indicators covering Land Use Functions • Past trends (based on recent Copernicus Land Cover & Land Use 2012 data) • Modelling scenarios with JRC LUISA platform • Recommendations for improvement knowledge base

  10. Identification of potential actions at EU level Subsidiarity, proportionality tests Existing policy and funding instruments Policy Options Monitoring/Evaluation

  11. Thankyou for your attention!