the age of napoleon n.
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The Age of Napoleon

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The Age of Napoleon. Chapter 18 Section 4. Napoleon Rises to Power. Born in Corsica Age 9 sent to France to be trained for military career. Favored the Jacobins and republican rule

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the age of napoleon

The Age of Napoleon

Chapter 18 Section 4

napoleon rises to power
Napoleon Rises to Power
  • Born in Corsica
  • Age 9 sent to France to be trained for military career.
  • Favored the Jacobins and republican rule
  • “Since one must take sides , one might as well choose the side that is victorous, the side which devastates, loots, and burns. Considering the alternative, it is better to eat than be eaten.”

Napoleon skills and victories allowed him to quickly rise in the French army.

  • He won many major victories
  • Drove British army out of Toulon
  • Captured most of northern Italy- Forcing the Hapsburg emperor to make peace
  • Went to Egypt to stop British Trade- was a major failure, but hide them by establishing a network of spies and censoring the press
  • 1799 helped overthrow the Directory, set up three man governing board= Consulate
  • Took title of First Consul – 1802 was named consul for life
napoleon crowns himself emperor
Napoleon Crowns Himself Emperor
  • Invited the pope to the coronation
  • Took the crown from the pope’s hands and placed it on his own head.
  • This showed that owned his throne to non one but himself
napoleon reforms france
Napoleon Reforms France
  • Strengthen central government
  • Replaced the slogan of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity with Order, Security, and Efficiency
  • Controlled prices, encouraged new industry, built roads and canals, set up public schools
  • Made peace with the church= Concordat of 1801
  • Recognized peasants rights for land
  • Opened jobs to all, based on talent
  • Created Napoleonic Code= equality of all citizens, religious toleration and abolition of feudalism
napoleon builds an empire
Napoleon Builds an Empire
  • Created a vast French empire
  • Annexed the Netherlands, Belgium, parts of Italy and Germany
  • Boosted the spirit of nationalism
  • Britain alone remained outside of Napoleon’s European empire
  • Waged economic ware through the Continental System= closed European ports to British goods- failed to bring Britain his control
napoleon s empire faces challenges
Napoleon’s Empire Faces Challenges
  • Spain waged Guerrilla warfare against Napoleon’s armies
  • Defeated Austria
  • Russia withdrew its support from the Continental System- Napoleon assembled an army with soldiers from 20 nations= Grand Army
  • Napoleon invaded Russia, Russians retreated burning crops and villages as they went= Scorched-earth policy
  • Russian winter stops the Grand army- only 20,000 of the 600,000 survived
napoleon falls from power
Napoleon Falls From Power
  • The defeat of the Grand Army brought a new alliance of Russia, Britain, Austria, and Prussia and they defeated him at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig.
  • Napoleon is abdicated- stepped down from power
  • Exiled to Elba, island in the Mediterranean
  • Louis XVIII became king of France
  • Napoleon escaped exile and returned to France to take control again
  • Napoleon is crushed at the Battle of Waterloo and once again is exiled on St. Helena- he never returned, was poisoned
congress of vienna
Congress of Vienna
  • European Leaders met to create a balance of power
  • Surrounded France with strong countries to contain France
  • Created the country of the Netherlands to the north, Prussia to the East and Austria in Northern Italy
  • Created the Concert of Europe- countries met to discuss problems affecting the peace of Europe