miss lazar is bizarre n.
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Miss Lazar is Bizarre

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Miss Lazar is Bizarre. By: Dan Gutman Pictures by: Jim Paillot. Why I Read It.

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miss lazar is bizarre

Miss Lazar is Bizarre

By: Dan Gutman

Pictures by: Jim Paillot

why i read it
Why I Read It
  • I read Miss lazar is Bizarre think it’s funny when A.J say that Andrea Young is so annoying and A.J. says that he doesn't like school so when they are doing math he asks his teacher if he could go to the bathroom when he doesn’t even want to use the restroom so he flushes the toilet so he could pretend he really used the restroom.
why i enjoyed it
Why I enjoyed it

I enjoy this book because when A.J. flushed the toilet instead of flushing the water came up and then A.J screamed help!!!!!! Because the water was dripping from the toilet so then A.J’s teacher came and so did the kids and the principle came and saw what was happening then the principle called miss lazar and said that the water was dripping from the toilet and she came with her scooter and then she went straight to the bathroom and she saw what was stuck in the toilet and it was crayons

why others should read this book
Why others should read this book?

I think others should read this book because miss Lazar is funny in this story she brings her scooter for no reason and also miss lazar likes stinky stuff and she has a secret room where nobody knows where it is but A.J and his friend Ryan and Michael know where it is and Andrea says that Mr. klutz the principle is lucky to be bald because the plunger really sucks on his head because he is bald.