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Facilitating Negotiated Interaction

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Facilitating Negotiated Interaction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facilitating Negotiated Interaction. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Lauren, Sarah, Erich, and Alison Source: Kumaravadivelu , B. “Facilitating Negotiated Interaction.” Beyond methods: macrostrategies for language teaching. 2003. Interaction.

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facilitating negotiated interaction

Facilitating Negotiated Interaction

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Lauren, Sarah, Erich, and Alison

Source: Kumaravadivelu, B. “Facilitating Negotiated Interaction.” Beyond methods: macrostrategies for language teaching. 2003.

  • Conversation and meaningful interaction are considered necessary for language acquisition
  • Interaction = more input
  • Three macrofunctions of language:
    • Textual
    • Interpersonal
    • Ideational
  • Think of your study abroad experience when you were the one who needed help understanding and speaking….what did people do to help you? What did you find most helpful? What did not help?
textual interaction
Textual Interaction
  • Interaction as a Textual Activity: use of linguistic and metalinguistic features of language necessary for understanding input
  • Foreigner talk vs. Teacher talk
comprehensible input
Comprehensible Input
  • Krashen’s “i + 1” theory
  • Increase comprehensibility by…
    • Using repetitons
    • Use simple conversations…teacher talk
    • Use situational role play to create dialogue
    • Can you think of anything else?
  • “Do you agree with Krashen that teachers can give the best possible language lesson just by talking?” Why or why not? (Kumaravadivelu)
limitations of interaction as a textual activity
Limitations of Interaction as a Textual Activity
  • What limitations can you think of?
    • Very little exchange of information…not really interactional
    • Little active participation from the learner
interaction as an interpersonal activity
Interaction as an Interpersonal Activity
  • The use of language to promote communication between participants
  • Involves sociolinguistic features required to establish roles, relationships and responsibilities
  • No longer just about the language
long s interaction hypothesis
Long’s Interaction Hypothesis
  • Oral interaction necessary to negotiate communication problems promotes L2 comprehension and production
  • What ways can you think of to negotiate meaning?
    • Clarification requests
    • Repetition
    • Comprehension checks
episode 5 1
Episode 5.1
  • NS: Well what do you think about, um, mothers, um, have their baby and they-
  • NNS: uh-huh
  • NS: - leave them in garbage cans.
  • NNS: huh? What do you s-
  • NS: They have…they have their baby?NNS: my mom?
  • NS: No, no. (laughs). Not your (laughs) m– mothers.
  • NNS: uh-huh– mothers—uh-huh.
  • NS: They have their baby?
  • NNS: Uh-huh.
  • NS: And then—they leave it in garbage cans.
  • NNS: Garbage?
  • NS: Garbage cans. Like big garbage cans. Outside of business--.
  • NNS: Uh-huh.
  • NNS: ahh…
  • NS: You know what I mean?
  • NNS: No, I don’t know. I’d—I understand garbage…..

“Learners who were exposed to linguistically unmodified input with opportunities to negotiate meaning understood it better than learners who were exposed to a linguistically simplified version of the input but offered no opportunity for such negotiation” (Kumaravadivelu).

  • “The communicative and cognitive effort required to negotiate meaning can bring any problematic linguistic features to the learner’s immediate attention- features that might otherwise go unnoticed by the learner” (Kumaravadivelu).
  • What limitations can you think of?
interaction as an ideational activity
Interaction as an Ideational Activity
  • An expression of the participants’ of the processes, persons, objects, and events of the real or imaginary world in, around, and outside the learning and teaching context.
  • Draws students’ experiences
vygotsky s zone of proximal development zpd
Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
  • Distance between actual level of L2 development and the potential development
  • Compare ZPD to Krashen’s i + 1 theory

Potential Level

Actual Level of Development

  • These three are all connected
    • “Together, these three dimensions provide opportunities for teachers to create a conducive atmosphere in which learners can stretch their linguistic repertoire, sharpen their conversational capacities, and share their individual experiences” (Kumaravadivelu).
    • More than just conversational adjustments. Must include creation of opportunities for learners to share their perspectives on what matters to them!
now get into these groups
Now…get into these groups!
  • Lauren’s Group: Laura, Amy, Caitlin, Aubrey, Alex
  • Erich’s Group: Erika, Jessica, Linda, Katie H., Lizzie
  • Sarah’s Group: Lisa, Jade, Kerry, Melissa, Lindsay
  • Alison’s Group: Katie L., Julia, Stefanie, Whitney
  • (15 minutes for this station)
groups for learning centers
Groups for Learning Centers

Group 1- start with Erich

Laura, Erika, Lisa, Katie L., Amy, Jessica, Jade

Group 2- start with Lauren

Julia, Caitlin, Linda, Kerry, Stefanie, Aubrey

Group 3- Start with Sarah

Alex, Lizzie, Whitney, Lindsay, Katie H., Melissa

(15 minutes per station)