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Steroids Webquest

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Steroids Webquest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steroids Webquest. 6 th Grade Health Mrs. Webb. Steroids .

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Steroids Webquest

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steroids webquest

Steroids Webquest

6th Grade Health

Mrs. Webb

  • In today’s society competition is at an all time high with an emphasis to win. Students play sports for more than just the camaraderie of the sport. Pressures to win and earn a scholarship are so great some students may be willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level.
steroid awareness
Steroid Awareness
  • Where do you stand?
    • Will you be able to say no?
    • Do you know the harmful affects?
    • Do you realize what has happen to athletes that cheated?
    • Are steroids addicting?
    • Do you know how to refuse steroids and build muscle naturally?
  • These questions and more will be answered during this webquest.
steroids awareness
Steroids Awareness
  • Use you steroids webquest worksheet to answer questions for task 1.
  • After completing task one, feel free to look at the other photos of steroids as well as the multimedia video.
steroids side effects
Steroids Side Effects

Task 2

  • Read the website to learn about the harmful effects of steroid





steroids task 3
Can Steroids be addicting?

What is “Roid” rage?

SteroidsTask 3
steroid awareness task 4
Steroid AwarenessTask 4
  • The ramifications of using this illegal drug are serious.
steroids can kill your career task 5
Steroids can kill your careerTask 5

Marian Jones

Female Olympic Sprinter

Miguel Tejada


Ben Johnson

Olympic sprinter

steroid awareness1
Steroid Awareness
  • Can steroids lead to death?
  • After reading this section watch the video.
safe training principles
Safe Training Principles
  • Find out ways to improve your sports performance without anabolic steroids.