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Performance Management Process

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Performance Management Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Performance Management Process. A 5-step approach to building clarity of our Purpose, Strategies, Objectives and supporting Employee Empowerment. Performance Management Process. Step 5: Compensation Rewards linked to measurable performance against mutual objectives. Step 1:

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performance management process

Performance Management Process

A 5-step approach to building clarity of our Purpose, Strategies, Objectives and supporting Employee Empowerment

performance management process2
Performance Management Process

Step 5:

Compensation Rewards linked to measurable performance against mutual objectives

Step 1:

Define Purpose, Structure, Roles & Responsibilities



Step 4:

Written Performance Reviews and Development Planning

Step 2:

Individual Job Descriptions and

Objective Setting

Step 3:

Introduce Concept of

Job Bands, Salary

Ranges, Bonus Targets

…The same process that your children participate in at school

performance management concept
Performance Management Concept
  • Share responsibilities for business results
  • Focus on behaviours as well as results
  • Promote an environment where feedback and coaching occur regularly
  • Empower colleagues to take ownership of their job
  • Promote growth and job satisfaction by emphasizing individual development
our purpose

 Step 1

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To build a portfolio of recognizable consumer food novelty brands which provide sustainable value to our business partners. These include consumers, customers, employees, the community and business investors including suppliers

five spokes of business foundation

 Step 1

Five Spokes of Business Foundation

Communicate a clear vision and strategy to drive profitable volume growth in branded freezable novelty products throughout North America

Challenge, develop and reward out people against mutual/ measurable goals (Performance Management Process

Align our products & services with our customer and consumer needs



Create resources to win financially

Drive process improvements and execution to deliver customer excellence

setting objectives

 Step 2

Setting Objectives
  • An agreed job description is the foundation of this process
    • You can’t set objectives if you are not crystal clear on your job responsibilities
  • Objectives must be quantifiable and measurable
  • Some examples of key performance objectives or results or what measures may include
o bjective setting

 Step 2

Objective Setting
  • Verbs for writing statements of performance objectives
setting objectives summary

 Step 2

Setting Objectives: Summary

A three (3) phase activity

  • Define the objectives  Form Obj. #1
  • Quantify impact of achieving each objective  Form Obj. #2
  • Action to take to achieve each objective  Form Obj. #3

… Three one-page, word forms to complete

– maximum time 1 ½ hours

reasons for conducting a review

 Step 4

Reasons for Conducting a Review
  • To recognize positive performance
  • To improve future performance
  • To provide frank and constructive feedback to the employee
  • To support a fair and equitable compensation system
performance review

 Step 4

Performance Review
  • The employee will prepare his performance review for discussion with his supervisor
  • The following ratings outline would be provided to the employee to help his/her completion of the Performance Review
performance review12

 Step 4

Performance Review
  • It will be a simple 1 page form: makes your life easy

List Objectives List Quantifiable Performance

1 - ? Performance vs Rating vs

Each Objective Each Objective

  • The supervisor and employee discuss the performance review
    • Potential development training is identified

: Examples  Technological knowledge, Computer skills, Leadership training, etc.

… an overall performance rating would be concluded


 Step 5

  • The Performance Management process is directly linked to reward
  • Annual Merit (not inflation) increases should reflect the individual’s overall Performance Rating
  • The individual component of the Bonus Payout is tied to meeting or exceeding mutual objectives

…Target one annual reward payout, Merit and Bonus,

at one time for all Band B and up employees.