need qualified employees l.
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Need Qualified Employees ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Need Qualified Employees ?

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Need Qualified Employees ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Need Qualified Employees ?.

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Need Qualified Employees ?

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    1. Need Qualified Employees ? When you recruit recently separated military veterans, you are reaching out to a unique pool of potential employees who have all ready demonstrated: integrity, commitment to excellence and the desire to do the best job possible. Veterans give you a clear edge on the competition. Today’s military service members typically possess a level of training, maturity and discipline rare in the civilian workforce. Hiring veteransis just smart business.

    2. Benefits of the military experience • Leadership training • The military trains people to accept & discharge responsibility for activities, resources and one’s own behavior. This training includes setting an example, giving carefully considered directions, inspiring leadership capabilities in others and continually motivating others in the group. …is leadership good for business ?

    3. Benefits of the military experience • Ability to meet deadlines & handle stress • One definite characteristic of military service is that service members must perform. They must do their job, do it right the first time and in a timely fashion. They are continuously setting priorities, meeting schedules and accomplishing their missions.Pressure and stress are built into this, but service members are taught how to deal with all these factors in a positive and effective manner. …is meeting deadlines good for business ?

    4. Benefits of the military experience • Ability to conform to rules & structure • In any organization and especially in the military, there must be rules and structure to avoid chaos and internal breakdown. Individuals in the service have learned and followed rules everyday in their working environment. While in this environment, they have also learned loyalty to their units and their leaders. … is loyalty good for business ?

    5. Benefits of the military experience • Systematic planning & organization • Most military operations require thorough planning and workload management. Carefully considered objectives, strengths and limitations of other people, resources, time schedules, supplies, logistics and various other factors are always being considered. Organization, evaluation and adjustment are continuously being assessed. …is planning & organization good for business ?

    6. Benefits of the military experience • Self direction • Many service members are trained to understand difficult & often complex issues and solve these issues or problems without step-by-step guidance from above. • Self discipline, i.e. drug free • With an Honorable discharge, service members are certified drug free. self direction & self discipline good for business ?

    7. The value of military training • Specialized advanced training • All service personnel receive advanced training in their fields. Their career fields designate a specialized focus & skill building for their individual jobs. Advanced training and cross-referenced training can be on computerized, financial, medical, engineering, administrative, personnel, technical mechanical or security fields.

    8. The value of military training • Examples of actual veteran skill sets: • Power Generation, (inc. nuclear) ENLISTED • Scientists & Professional, OFFICERS • Skilled Trades, ENLISTED • Healthcare, OFFICERS • Plus dozens more (available online @ on “veteran services”)

    9. Availability of skilled veterans • Michigan’s skilled veteran labor pool, costs you nothing…and the rewards could be substantial. • Call us at 800 455 5228 or e-mail us at • Visit us at on “veteran services”

    10. …and finally About Helmets to Hardhats