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Adventure Activity Accreditation. Update October 2010. Statutory Licensing. 1993 Lyme Bay canoeing tragedy. 1995 Activity Centres (Young Persons’ Safety) Act. 1996 AALA commences inspections 2007 HSE assumes full control of AALA

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Statutory licensing
Statutory Licensing

1993 Lyme Bay canoeing tragedy.

1995 Activity Centres (Young Persons’ Safety) Act.

1996 AALA commences inspections

2007 HSE assumes full control of AALA

The cost of a license is £715 for 2 years and this is anticipated to increase to £800+ next year.

AALA receives £500,000+ in a subvention.

Licensing in northern ireland
Licensing in Northern Ireland

Activity Centres (Young Persons’ Safety) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998

In force – but regulations have not been created and no authority created

Development of adventuremark
Development of Adventuremark

2006 - DCSF commissioned AAIAC

2008 - Report from AAA’s accepted

2009 - Adventuremark was launched

Adventuremark criteria
Adventuremark criteria

Management, operating systems and personnel appropriate to the scale and nature of adventurous provision and its intended target population

Staff are competent

Risks are identified and appropriately managed

Access to appropriate technical advice exists

Agreed operational procedures are implemented, regularly reviewed and responsive to changing events and circumstances

Internal and external communication is effective

Provision reflects the needs of targeted client groups and individuals

Safety critical equipment, facilities and services are fit for purpose

Learning outside the classroom
Learning Outside the Classroom

2008 The Council for learning Outside the Classroom launched the “Quality badge”

Aim was to reduce requirement on teachers to check that providers were compliant.

Route 1 – Low risk

Route 2 – Higher risks / management required

Access to Farms (ATF)

Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC)

Field Studies Council (FsC)

School Travel Forum (STF)

Expedition Providers Association (EPA)

Current situation with adventuremark
Current situation with Adventuremark

AAIAC manages Adventuremark and LOtC badge for adventure activities through a managing forum.

AAIAC contracts the delivery of these to 3A’s.

The cost of Adventuremark is £750 for 2 years with a top up of £200 in year 2

Development of accreditation in n ireland
Development of Accreditation in N. Ireland

  • 2005 Countryside Consultancy carry out a report on the number of “incidents”, injuries and “near misses” in NI

  • DCAL commission a report into options for accreditation in NI

  • 2008 DCAL Minister accepts report and asks SNI to develop a business case as a funding bid for the scheme.

  • Dec 2009 BC accepted by DCAL with the following caveats:

  • A member of staff could only be appointed for 1 year.

  • The full costs had to come from SNI existing budgets.

  • Meanwhile – SNI was subjected to an in year funding cut of £2m.

Implementation of adventuremark
Implementation of Adventuremark

Addendum to the business case completed – only option to implement GB Scheme.

SNI will provide funding to AAIAC to help cover costs of training / workshops, the development of the badge, additional costs for inspections in NI, the work of the managing forum and IT requirements.

NITB has also expressed an interest in the scheme – but had indicated that in year they have no funding to contribute.

Lord young review
Lord Young Review

“Good health and safety is vitally important. But all too often ….extended inappropriately…

A damaging compensation culture has arisen….

We simply cannot go on like this…..

Lord Young has come forward with a wide range of far reaching proposal which this Government fully supports…

Lord young review recommendations
Lord Young Review recommendations

12 sets of recommendations from Compensation legislation to RIDDORAdventure trainingAbolish the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and replace licensing with a voluntary code of conduct ….. That the HSE will oversee and monitor.HSE will ensure that that those planning trips can feel confident that a provider is compliant with the code.

Questions comments
Questions / Comments

Vociferous objections??