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Master Communication Studies Mark Tempelman (Thesis Coordinator Master CS)

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Master Communication Studies Mark Tempelman (Thesis Coordinator Master CS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Master Communication Studies Mark Tempelman (Thesis Coordinator Master CS) Jeanet Luijerink (Study advisor CS). The Master Communication Studies. Research oriented 60 EC programme, subsequent to the bachelor Communication Science or pre-master Communication Studies.

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Master Communication Studies

Mark Tempelman (Thesis Coordinator Master CS)

Jeanet Luijerink (Study advisor CS)

the master communication studies
The Master Communication Studies
  • Research oriented 60 EC programme, subsequent to the bachelor Communication Science or pre-master Communication Studies.
  • Full-time programme  No part-time enrolment..!
  • Four specialisations:
    • Corporate Communication (starts in each semester)
    • Marketing Communication (starts in each semester)
    • Media and Communication (starts in 2nd semester / February)
    • Technical Communication (starts in 1st semester / September)
  • 30 EC courses + 30 EC Master Thesis
    • Language for all specialisations is English
the master communication studies1
The Master Communication Studies
  • Programme outline Master CS (2014 – 2015)
    • Enrolment in September or February
    • Essentials and Research course offered in each semester
    • A variety of elective courses offered in each block
corporate communication
Corporate Communication
  • Research direction
    • Communication of organisations, in organisations and between organisations
    • An interplay between internal and external communication(s)
  • Main research topics
    • Reputation management, Public Affairs and
    • Identity issues (corporate, organisational and visual)
    • Relationships / Networking (in and between organisations)
    • Leadership and Employee Communication
corporate communication examples
Corporate Communication (Examples)
  • Reputation Management; why do or don’t we trust organisations?

Prof. dr. Menno de Jong

Professional and Organisational Communication

Dr. Ardion Beldad

Research on aspects of trust in organisation in crisis situations

corporate communication examples1
Corporate Communication (Examples)
  • Job-crafting; changing the way we work and communicate

Dr. Mark van Vuuren

Research on job-crafting and (perception of) work-meaning

marketing communication
Marketing Communication
  • Research direction
    • Marketing communication focusses on the effects of communication means (i.e. advertising), environmental (design) aspects as well as aspects of message content, on consumer behaviour.
  • Main research topics
    • Consumer responses towards CSR communication
    • Service environments and service encounters
    • (Multi-) Sensory marketing
    • Brand equity / Brand personality
marketing communication examples
Marketing Communication (Examples)
  • Brand social responsibility; looking for added consumer value

Prof. dr. Ad Pruyn

Marketing Communication and Consumer Behaviour

Dr. Sabrina Hegner

Brand management and Consumer Trust

marketing communication examples1
Marketing Communication (Examples)
  • Healthy food products; how do consumers process information?

Dr. Svetlana Bialkova

Consumers Information processing strategies

media and communication
Media and Communication
  • Research direction
    • Media and Communication is about developing an understanding of the psychological processes behind (new) media use and media design in order to effectively translate that knowledge into media and communication strategies.
  • Research topics
    • Implementation and effects of E-government strategies
    • Adoption and user centered design of (new) media
    • Effects of multi channelling and cross-media strategies
    • ICT and (new) media usage in and between organisations
media and communication examples
Media and Communication (Examples)
  • Online privacy concerns: how we use the internet since “Snowden”

Prof. dr. Jan van Dijk

Member of “Cohen-committee”, investigating the riots in Haren.

media and communication examples1
Media and Communication (Examples)
  • Adoption and integration of (new) media; Steve Jobs Schools

Dr. Alexander van Deursen

Adoption and Use of Ambient Technology

technical communication new specialisation
Technical Communication (new specialisation)
  • Research direction
    • Technical communication is concerned with how we use and perceive (instructional) communication related to product or services
    • It also addresses how communication means can best be designed for optimal usability
    • Finally it incorporates intercultural aspects as a result of the globalization of consumer markets
  • Main research topics
    • Instructional Design
    • User Support
    • Philosophy of Technology
    • User Centered Design of New Media
technical communication examples
Technical Communication (Examples)
  • Marketing localization; translating “products” to new cultures

Prof. dr. Menno de Jong

Professional and Organisational Communication

master thesis cs
Master Thesis CS
  • 30 EC Research assignment
    • Positioning of the Master Thesis CS
master thesis cs1
Master Thesis CS
  • Collaboration with external organisations is possible; though:
    • Feasibility is depending on research question(s)
    • Possible trade off between internship and research
    • Consider the degree of independence as a researcher
labour market for cs alumni
Labour Market for CS-alumni
  • Negotiate Linked-in profiles of CS alumni
    • Example search string “communication studies”
labour market for cs alumni1
Labour Market for CS-alumni
  • Marketing (35%)
  • Corporate (25%)
  • Media (13%)
  • Management (9%)
  • Research (5%)
  • Trainer/Teacher (4%)
  • Other (9%)
  • Researching Linked-In profiles of CS alumni
    • 2010 / 2013  N=330 (n=255)
    • About 60% has a job within one year after graduation
    • Various directions, branches and industries
labour market for cs alumni2
Labour Market for CS-alumni
  • Researching Linked-In profiles of CS alumni
pre master communication studies jeanet luijerink study counselor pre master cs
Pre-master Communication Studies

Jeanet Luijerink (Study Counselor Pre-master CS)

pre master cs
Pre-Master CS

Admission to the Master CS; direct or indirect

Direct admissible to the master CS:

Academic bachelors (BSc) In Communication Science(UvA, RUN, VU)

Admissible first to the Pre-master CS:

All related HBO and WO bachelors

Admissible first to the Bachelor CW:

All non-related HBO and WO bachelors

The CW/CS admission committee will determine if you are admissible to the Master CS, Pre-Master CS or Bachelor CW.

Based on the provided content of the prior education

programmes followed at a dutch university of applied science hbo
Programmes followed at a Dutch university of Applied Science (HBO)

Conditions for qualifying for the pre-Master’s programme

Completion of an HBO programme in a field related to Communication Studies. If you have completed an HBO programme that is listed among the related programmes, then you can apply for admission. Related programmes in any case include the following:

Programme followed at a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO)

pre master cs1
Pre-Master CS

Pre-master programme Communication Studies

As from September 2013:  30 EC (half year) programme

30 ec pre master cs start februari 2014
30 EC Pre-Master CS (Start Februari 2014)
  • One semester or half year programme
    • Courses:
      • Research Methodology and descriptive Statistics(5 EC)
      • Inferential Statistics (5 EC)
      • Communication Research and Design (5 EC)
      • Communication Science (5 EC)
      • Academic Writing (5 EC)
      • Research Project (5 EC)
    • Fixed conditions 30 EC pre-master programme
      • Maximum study period is one year
      • Maximum of two exams for each course
rules in the pre master cs programme
Rules in the Pre-master CS Programme
  • The pre-master’s programmeis (a full-time) programme of 30 EC

(1 semester on the basis of 40 hours of study a week).

  • All pre-Master’s courses must be successfully completed before you can enroll in the Master programme CS.
  • The maximum registration period for completing the pre-master’s programme is 1 year. During this period you may maximal sit 2 times for an exam. If you pass the second time for one ore more exams you will be excluded from the pre-master’s programme CS.
  • Obligatory prior knowledge to start with the course Research Project

Communication Science, Research Meth & Des. Statistics at least grade 5 AND Academic Writing at least grade 6!

pre master cs during your hbo study
Pre-Master CS during your HBO study
  • “Bijvakregeling” University of Twente
    • Students from other Dutch higher educations are able to take courses of the pre master CS
  • “Doorstroomminor” (Transfer from Saxion Hogeschool)

The UT has an agreement with Saxion Hogeschool regarding the pre-

Master’s programme. Saxion students enrolled in relevant programmes may,

under certain very strict conditions take the pre-master’s programme during

their Bachelor’s studies as a transfer minor.

Students must meet the following criteria to be admitted:

- All first year coursework + second year complete (120 EC);

- Among the top 20 % of students in the programme

Admission to MSc programme Communication Studies

In order to be admitted to the MSc programme, you must complete the

transfer minor/pre-master CS within 12 months. There is one exam and one

re-sit per subject.

pre master cs tuition fee
Pre-Master CS  Tuition Fee
  • As of 1 September 2013, tuition fee for the pre-master changes into paying an amount per EC!
  • Amount per EC: 30 EC= 917.50 euro
  • Conditions:
  • This regulations applies for both Dutch and international students
  • You pay an amount in one go and in advance for your entire pre-master programme
  • You have no right to refund in the event that you (have to) de-enroll for your pre-master
  • If you have not paid the (total) amount on time, CSA may de-enrol you for the programme
pre master cs general information
Pre-Master CS  general information
  • Presumed knowledge and skills
    • Sufficient confidence in English language skills
    • Sufficient confidence in mathematical skills
    • Application and registration procedure
    • Consult the application pre-master and master CS portal at:
      • Start Febr. 2014  apply before January 1st 2014
      • Start Sept. 2014  apply before August 1st 2014
    • Also apply / register if your bachelor degree is not yet, but due to be achieved before the start of the pre-master or master CS
      • If necessary you are always able to de-register
pre master cs general information1
Pre-Master CS  general information
  • Study Counselor (Pre-)Master CSJeanet Luijerink Room: Cubicus C-206 Tel.: +31 (0)53 489 2091 E-mail: [email protected]
  • Information website Master or
  • Information Centre for Educational Support (enrolment /tuition fee)
    • Tel: +31 (0)53 489 2124
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