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Culminating Senior Project

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Culminating Senior Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Culminating Senior Project. By: Caroline Hoeninghausen English 12, 2 nd Hour. Leadership. Leadership. Teagen Hoeninghausen Delivered 50 babies in Tanzania last febuary through april. She is a Mid wife.

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Culminating Senior Project

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culminating senior project

Culminating Senior Project

By: Caroline Hoeninghausen

English 12, 2nd Hour.


  • Teagen Hoeninghausen Delivered 50 babies in Tanzania last febuary through april.
  • She is a Mid wife.
  • She paid out of her own pocket to travel their to help the women.
  • She raised money ONLY for the supplies to aid the women in their deliveries.
  • She taught other women in Tanzania how to properly deliver.
the american dream
The American Dream
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted everyone to be treated equally
  • He wanted people to come to this country to be free and be treated fairly, not be sorted into social classes
  • The american dream, like his, is everyone’s dream
  • We all want to be happy and be accepted
accountability of leaders
Accountability of leaders

accountability of leaders1
Accountability of leaders
  • The Government can have complete control over us if we let them.
  • Gun control could be a good thing and could protect us, or it could just be another way of the government having control over us.
  • In some country’s, people have no opinions, and some aren't even entitled to their own thoughts. In some countries there is no stopping the government.
courage integrity
  • Be Brave!
  • Be Brave! Fight those who fight you withCourage! Courage to stand upFor what's right! Courage to stand up For the weak! Courage to know When a battle is lost! Let the passion rise up and eruptIn a firey blaze! Be Brave! Don't fall to those who are weakerAnd whisper with forked tongues When your back is turned.Use your courageTo stand your groundAnd not fight backUse your courage to Forgive those who have wronged you.Be Brave! And use your courage to know when to fight.
  • Bree Hodges
courage integrity1
  • Courage is to stand up for what you believe in or for someone who can’t.
  • Don’t let someone control you.
  • Do what you think is best, even if it’s wrong.
  • Be honest with yourself and with others.