Lowndes county public schools lcps teacher incentive fund tif engine for change
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Lowndes County Public Schools (LCPS) Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Engine for Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lowndes County Public Schools (LCPS) Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Engine for Change. Improved = Teacher Effectiveness & Student Outcome.

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Lowndes county public schools lcps teacher incentive fund tif engine for change

Lowndes County Public Schools (LCPS)Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)Engine for Change


= Teacher Effectiveness


Student Outcome


Teacher/Principal Evaluation

Standards Based Instruction & Assessments

DATA Warehouse





Background of lcps tif grant process
Background of LCPS TIF Grant Process

  • September 2010 U.S. Dept of Education Awards LCPS a $ 10,000,000.00 TeacherIncentive Fund grant for a five year period.

  • November 2010 LCPS submits amendment to U.S. Dept of Education Teacher Incentive Fund grant requesting approval to include other categories of employees

  • January 2011 U.S. Dept of Education approves LCPS amended grant proposal to include campus level classified employees

  • August 2012 LCPS requests amendment to include the inclusion of last category of other personnel: maintenance, bus shop and Central Office

  • U.S Dept of Education denied inclusion of other personnel

Goals of the tif performance based compensation system
Goals of the TIF Performance Based Compensation System

  • Improving student achievement by increasing teacher and principal effectiveness;

  • Reforming teacher and principal compensation systems so that teachers and principals are rewarded for increases in student achievement;

  • Increasing the number of effective teachers teaching poor, minority, and disadvantaged students in hard-to-staff subjects; and schools

  • Creating sustainable performance-based compensation systems

Tif advisory council members

Council Members

TIF Advisory Council Members

  • Elementary Teacher Mr. Michael Taylor

  • High School Teacher Mrs. Lisa Riley

  • Middle School Principal Mr. Archie Curtis

  • LCPS Curriculum Mr. Bernard Mitchell

  • LCPS Human Resource Ms. Kimberly Washington

  • Technology Dr. Benitha Mathews

  • LCPS Para Professional Ms. Julia Hyde

  • AEA Representative Ms. Julie Swann

  • AL Senate Senator Hank Sanders

  • Mayor of Mosses Mayor Walter Hill

  • SABIC Mr. Les Butler

  • ASU In-service Center Dr. Evelyn Hodge

  • WCCS President Dr. James Mitchell

  • Parent Ms. S. Rudolph

  • TIF Coordinator Ms. Mary Phelan-Jackson

  • LCPS Superintendent Dr. Daniel Boyd

Lcps tif employee weighted impact
LCPS TIF Employee Weighted Impact

Weighted Impact

Responsibility Factor

Pupil Contact Hours

Average Number of Pupils

Instructional Impact

Lcps tif category quality points employee category average award amount
LCPS “TIF” Category Quality Points Employee Category & Average Award Amount

Lcps tif criteria for certified employees teachers counselors media electives instructional coaches
LCPS "TIF" Criteria for Certified Employees(Teachers, Counselors, Media, Electives, Instructional Coaches)

What goes in a

PBCS (performance based

compensation system) for Teachers?

50% of Incentive



School specific incentives e.g.


Professional Development

TIF EndorsedPDPCriteriateachers.docx

Evaluations &

Observations (PEPE)PEPECriteriateachers.docx

School-wide Goal(ARMT/AHSGE)

3 Highest PIs(proficiency Index)SchoolwideCriteria.docx


Goal (SAT10)

Average NCEAssessmentCriteriaTeachers.docx

Lowndes county public schools lcps teacher incentive fund tif engine for change

LCPS “TIF” AdministratorCategory Quality Points

(Principals, Instructional Assistants, Assistant Principals)

Lowndes county public schools lcps teacher incentive fund tif engine for change

LCPS “TIF” Classified Category Quality Points

Lcps tif criteria for certified employees principals assistant principals instructional assistants

LCPS "TIF" Criteria for Certified Employees(Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Assistants)

What goes in a PBCS (performance based compensation system) for Administrators?



AYP w/o

Level II Assistance

Professional Development


Evaluations &

Observations (PEPE)

School-wide Goal (ARMT/AHSGE) 3 Highest PIs (proficiency Index)

Classroom Goal (SAT 10) Average NCE

Lowndes county public schools lcps teacher incentive fund tif engine for change

LCPS TIF Performance Based Compensation System

Other Personnel (Support Employees)

Lowndes county public schools lcps teacher incentive fund tif engine for change

LCPS “TIF” Classified Category Quality Points

Faq s frequently asked questions
FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

1. When will the new program begin?

Year 1 is designated as a planning year, therefore no incentives can be distributed; however, the professional learning activities have begun. We will begin full implementation of LCPS “TIF” program to include incentives for the 2012 fiscal year in April 2011 with the voluntary 10 day open enrollment period.

2. Are teachers and principals the only ones who will get an incentive?

No, although this is a teacher incentive program, The LCPS system requested an amendment to the grant to include classified employees.

3. Will instructional staff of non-tested subjects be eligible to receive the incentive?

Yes, however the amount for the classroom level award will be determined by the average NCE score on the SAT 10 for all students tested on the campus they are assigned.

4. How many opportunities exist to receive an incentive?

Classified employees who meet the criteria established are eligible for 1 opportunity to receive an incentive. Certified employees have two opportunities to receive an incentive: classroom level award and school-wide award.

5. How will pay be distributed?

The disbursement schedule will be during the LCPS beginning of year Institute day.

Faq s frequently asked questions1
FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

6. Will there exist leadership opportunities for teachers?

Yes, there is a component of the grant that addresses teachers taking on additional duties as mentor/model teachers.

7. How long is the grant?

The grant period is for five years, but year one has been established as a planning year. Since the first year is a planning year we are unable to pay any incentives during that time. The actual incentives will begin in year two and extend through year five. At this time we have only been awarded money to cover our budget for years one, two and part of year three. Based on our progress toward our objectives and proof we are following our program as it was presented in the grant, we will be awarded the remainder of year three. The last two years will be determined by congressional action. We will, however, be working to secure funding to not only support and expand the program during the life of the grant, but also to continue the program once the grant period is over.

8. Can this grant be renewed?

We can reapply for this grant, but preference is given to first time applicants. The TIF organization stresses that grant recipients should be able to secure funding to continue their programs once the grant period ends.

9. If teachers assigned to your school choose to opt-out of participation in the LCPS TIF program will it impact the opportunity for my school receiving the School-wide award?

No. Those individuals who choose to opt-out just will not be computed in the divisor when the award is divided equally amongst all instructional staff at your site

Questions comments lcps teacher incentive fund
Questions/CommentsLCPS Teacher Incentive Fund

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