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ADDE SALEM. ADDE SALEM ( A D ouble D egree in E urope, S outh A merica L eadership and EM ployability). ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 3 project. Objective. Enhancing attractiveness of highly integrated programmes with Europe avoiding brain drain .

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adde salem a d ouble d egree in e urope s outh a merica l eadership and em ployability
ADDE SALEM(ADouble Degree in Europe, South America Leadership and EMployability)

ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 3 project


Enhancing attractiveness of highly integrated programmes with Europe avoiding brain drain.

Systematic studies of the needs of the South American job market and a feedback on designing new integrated programs (joint and double degrees).

project goals


  • A systematic gathering of data from different constituencies relevant to the project.
  • A benchmark of the existing Joint/Double degrees towards the needs of the South American (and European) advanced job markets.
  • Innovation of some curricula of Joint or Double Degrees between the European and the South American Institutions. Those degrees will be particularly designed for the needs of South American students and will be very attractive for them.


  • An external dissemination toward companies (South American and European), associations and governmental bodies to make them aware of the value added of employing joint graduates in South American countries.
  • An external dissemination towards other European and South American Institutions to encourage them to set up joint degree projects that take into account the results of our study.
south american universities
South American Universities
  • Argentina
  • Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires
  • Universidad Austral
  • Brazil
  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Universidade de Sao Paulo
  • Chile
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Chile
  • Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso
  • Colombia
  • Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotà
european universities
European Universities
  • Politecnico di Milano (leader)
  • Lund University – Faculty of Engineering
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Instituto Superior Tecnico de Lisboa
  • Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Ecole Centrale de Lille
  • Ecole Centrale de Nantes
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economy

ADDESALEM Admission in aPhD


Qualification and interview

Written examination


ADDESALEM Admission in aPhD

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Master level (proof without the title)

ADDESALEM courses /credits

  • No compulsory courses in PhD speciality Between 17% and 60% courses


to 3.5 years


≥ 4.5 years




No existing DD PhDinADDE SALEM partners

Existing DD PhDinADDE SALEM partners

phd de f e ns e

Onesingle defense

Two defenses (in both universities)

One defense for Joint PhD, 2 for DD PhD

  • Survey questionnaires
  • Working conferences
  • Focus Groups
  • Dissemination (seminars)

Survey dimensions: Alumni and Employers

  • Learning to know
    • Intelectual skills, technical expertise
  • Learning to do
    • Formulate, plan and solve problems
    • Applied knowledge in different contexts
  • Learning to live and work together
    • Leadership, teamwork, management of skilled people
    • Management of conflits, culture sensitivity
    • Social responsability
  • Learning to be
    • Autonomy, self-learning, decision making
    • Balance personal life and career
    • Adaptation to new environments, proactivity
    • Critical thinking and self criticism
  • Aspects of DD studies
    • Fields of work
    • Motivation for engaging in DD studies
    • Perceived risks with DD studies
    • Extra study time
    • Preferred continent to live and work
    • Added-value in terms of skills and competences
stakeholders and relevant approach
Stakeholders and relevant approach
  • Current students: Expectations
  • Alumni: Experience and added-value
  • Employers: Requirements and gaps
Survey studies: What opinions do they have?
  • Focus groups: Why do they have these opinions?
surveys and focus groups
Surveys and focus groups
  • 5 sections
    • Background data
    • Motivation
    • Language skills
    • Career and employability
    • Skills and competences
number o f answers c o llecte d
Numberof answerscollected
  • Current students: 61
  • Alumni: 46
  • Employers: 22
  • Many of the results are presented as ranking of answers ackording to how many respondants that have given a certain answer. Rank ”1” means that highest ranking.
language skills
Language skills
  • 90% of the alumni indicate “extremely high improvement” in host country language skills
  • 75% of the alumni indicate significant improvement in English language skills
where to live and work2
Where to live and work

“ I want to work in my country.”

“I plan to live in Brazil in order to bring to my country the knowledge I have got. “

“I want to live in Brazil: There are more work opportunities.”

“In order to gain professional experience before aiming for higher positions in global companies. “

  • Motivation – Outcomes match expectations
  • Perceived risks – No clear picture, students are optimistic
  • Extra study time – 2 semesters is OK
  • Preferred continent – Country and macro-economic situation may be important
  • Skills and competences – Good match but no gap-filling
  • Interpersonal skills are becoming more and more important
    • Almost as important as professional expertise (employers fear the potential negative consequences of poor interpersonal skills on the team as a whole)
  • Professional expertise is paramount (i.e subject specific knowledge and expert thinking)
  • International orientation is relevant
    • Companies appreciate foreign experience, can tip the balance in selecting a graduate for interview or in a recruitment decision. Interesting to notice that having done part of the study abroad is more appreciated than having done the entire study abroad.
the objectives of the bme
The objectives of the BME
  • Getacquintedwiththeinternationalaspects of DDsin South America
  • Closeup relations with South American partners
  • Initiatediscussionson DD programswith partner institutions
Thank you very much

for your attention