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  2. Welcome!  • Welcome to IB Biology! I hope you are as excited as I am to begin this rigorous yet rewarding two year journey. • Be prepared to work diligently, cooperatively, and creatively inside and outside the classroom. • In addition to the IB Biology Course Syllabus, I have established some Course Guidelines which are essential to ensure your success in the upcoming school year.

  3. Remember me?… • Miss Pavicic • 5th year at Aurora High School • I teach IB Biology and Honors Biology • Bachelor of Science in Biology from John Carroll University • Master of Arts in Life Science Education from Ursuline College • IB Biology trained and certified from FLIBS. • Other things I do… • National Honor Society Advisor • 3rd of 6 kids… • Run marathons… • ?

  4. TOPICS THAT WE COVER • Ecology and environmental issues • Plant Classification and Physiology • Human Physiology- All Human Systems

  5. IMPORTANT ITEMS • EXTENDED ESSAY • GROUP 4 PROJECT – • INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS– • Catalase Lab (Sept 2011) • Sustaining an Ecosystem (Sept. 2011) • Field Study (October 2011) • Plant behavior (October 2011) • Human Physiology (Feb 2011) • EXAM – May afternoon (Papers 1 and 2 – 3 h and 15 min), May morning (Paper 3 – 1 h and 15 min)

  6. Classroom Expections • Be respectful to your fellow classmates, teacher, and yourself at all times. • Be in your seat and prepared for class to begin before the bell rings. • Bring your textbook, binder, and writing utensils to class EVERY DAY. These three items are a MUST. • Be an active participant in class, and ALWAYS raise your hand when asking questions or responding. • Use appropriate classroom language. Profanity and improper language will not be tolerated. • Lab rules and procedures must be followed and will be strictly enforced. • Absolutely no cell phones are permitted. Procedure as listed in the student handbook will be enforced upon their presence. • All rules as stated in the student handbook will be enforced. • Have a positive attitude! • **As IB students, it is my expectation that you ALL will follow these rules. Consequences will be put in order in the event that they are disobeyed.

  7. Grading • Grades are assigned to the following categories each semester: • 55% Tests • 30% Laboratory Work/Internal assessment, Quizzes • 15% Class work and homework Late work due to an excused absence will be accepted without penalty if it is turned in on the day you return to school.    All other late work will be a zero. This will be strictly enforced

  8. INTERNAL ASSESSMENT LABS • Internal Assessment labs are required by the IB Program. • Often, minimal direction is given for these assignments; the design of the procedure is left largely up to the student. • Internal Assessment labs are graded on an IB rubric and count as both part of the class grade as well as a percentage of the IB score reported to universities. • They require that students utilize a variety of skills, from using the scientific method to applying classroom knowledge to outside situations. Students are required to complete 60 hours of lab work. • There are very strict guidelines governing lab work in the program. • If all labs are not complete, students run the risk of receiving a very low IB grade (or no grade at all) at the end of the semester, since the lab grade contributes 30% to their final grade.  • You must follow the lab safety guidelines for all labs completed for IB Biology. 

  9. Attendance • To ensure success in IB Biology, it is essential that you attend class on a regular basis. If you are absent, • You are responsible for making up all work/assignments missed during an EXCUSED absence. • Using the restroom, going to the office, visiting a counselor, etc. should only be done if urgent. Not being in class for the entire 50 minute period will disrupt your ability to be successful, and may be disruptive to your classmates.

  10. EXTRA HELP • I LOVE helping my students! I am very flexible and available on most days. Please contact me verbally or via email if you would like to meet with me so we can arrange a time. 

  11. Assessments • Tests are given once per unit (about twice per quarter) and will reflect the standards of the IB End-of-Course Examinations.  They will be detailed and comprehensive, including multiple-choice, calculation problems, and extensive essay/discussion questions.   • Quizzes are based on the syllabus statements required in class. • In addition to quizzes, frequent formative assessments will be given to allow for proper intervention to help ensure your success on the Unit Summative Exams. • There will be no retakes.

  12. Syllabus statements • Syllabus statements must be hand written and completed on the day the unit test is given.  These statements will be part of your portfolio grade. When completing syllabus statements, be careful not to plagiarize the wording of others.   The best strategy is to attempt to address the statement on your own, and then edit or fill in the details from your notes, books, and internet sources.

  13. IB Biology provides a rewarding curriculum that will enable you to become successful, well rounded young adults prepared for the challenges in the real world. I am very excited to experience this journey with you, and am looking forward to an excellent school year! 