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Seniors - Class of 2012

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Seniors - Class of 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seniors - Class of 2012. Guidance Office. Get help with applications and scholarships Scholarship—Announcements, front board & in main guidance office Get help navigating college information and websites Get help contacting the appropriate college officials. Go visit!.

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guidance office
Guidance Office
  • Get help with applications and scholarships
  • Scholarship—Announcements, front board & in main guidance office
  • Get help navigating college information and websites
  • Get help contacting the appropriate college officials
go visit
Go visit!
  • Take a prearranged day to visit campus on a day when school is in session
    • 48 hours in advance—teachers sign
    • Obtain certain signatures while visiting
  • Go to an open house--Veterans Day
  • If you are serious about a school it may take two or more visits to confirm your choice
  • Do not make an impulsive decision
application process
Application Process
  • Online versus paper?
    • Avoid errors & missed blanks
    • Possibly save $ on the application fee
    • Receive confirmation of receipt within minutes of submitting the application via e-mail
    • Potentially quicker response of acceptance
    • Pay fee with credit card or mail in separately
application continued
Application Continued
  • Deadlines for early application – Is it the postmark OR thedate received in the college admissions office?
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that all application papers are turned in – call the college and ask about missing items with time to get them and mail them
application continued1
Application continued
  • Apply to a college within the college
  • Examples: at University of Illinois
  • AHS – College of Applied Health Sciences
  • BUS – College of Business
  • ENG – College of Engineering
  • The application will help you pick the correct college based on your major, even if you are undecided
application continued2
Application Continued
  • Getting accepted to a college does not guarantee that you will get accepted into your major!
  • Example: Illinois State – nursing
  • Make hard copies of all pieces of the application!
essay personal statement
Essay/Personal Statement
  • Specific topic or question OR free to choose your own
  • Standing out from the crowd of applicants is the key to admissions
  • Not all colleges require an essay
counselor page
Counselor Page
  • Purpose: to confirm GPA & rank and also rank the rigor of your high school courses compared to other college-bound students
  • Print hard copy and complete ALL sections before bringing to the guidance office
  • This page is not required by all colleges for application
  • Request forms in MAIN Office (Mrs. Barnhart)
  • PRINT your name clearly
  • Parent signature required until 18 yrs old
  • Transcripts may also be requested for scholarship applications
act scores
ACT Scores
  • For purposes of application, the colleges usually accept the ACT scores on your FHS transcript
  • Conditional acceptance letter from the college requiring that you request that ACT send “official” scores from their offices in Iowa City - - $$
  • This is not necessary if you already listed the college code on the ACT test registration form
transfer credits
Transfer credits
  • Make sure that you talk to both the community college and the college(s) that you think that you will be attending. The colleges are often aware of what is transferable and what is not. This can prevent you from taking classes that will not transfer.
  • Gen Ed classes transfer well but sometimes certificate/technical classes do not
aid grants scholarships
  • Should have applied to and been accepted to the college before completing FAFSA(Financial Aid) because financial aid is determined by the cost of tuition
  • Most scholarship applications are due second semester
  • Parents did not save $ - Financial Aid
fafsa continued
FAFSA continued
  • FAFSA may be submitted anytime after January 1st
  • Use the information off your and your parents’ 1040 income tax forms
  • Make every attempt to have it completed by February – therefore you will need your taxes done ASAP
  • You will get a PIN and so will your parents – DO NOT LOSE it because that is you PIN for LIFE
financial aid night
Financial Aid Night
  • Parents will receive notice through the mail – November or early December
  • Help with explaining the FAFSA and the various types of aid, scholarships, & loans
  • Parents and students are welcome
  • A representative from SVCC will be here to explain the process and any changes from the past
scholarship college recommendations
Scholarship & College Recommendations
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, employers, club advisors or leaders, and youth ministers
  • If the letter needs to be mailed provide the stamped, addressed envelope
  • Respect the time of those helping you
  • Give at least 2 weeks notice
  • If you receive a scholarship, be sure to THANK the sponsoring family or organization if you are a recipient
  • May be required to provide proof of registration
  • October/November – submit applications (preferably on-line) & complete a transcript request form (available in the MAIN office)
time table
Time table
  • January – become familiar with the FAFSA at
  • January – request a 7th sem transcript sent from FHS (not always required)
  • January – arrange for music & theatre auditions and arrange for submitting art portfolios
  • January/Feb– arrange for placement tests
time table1
Time table
  • February – complete & submit the FAFSA
  • March & April – decide on a “college-of-choice” based on the financial aid packages offered from each institution where you have been accepted
  • May – typical deadline to have a non-refundable tuition deposit received by the college to hold a space for you
  • June – FHS sends 8th semester transcript
community college
Community College
  • Cheaper to gain general education classes before attending the 4 year college
  • KEYS:
    • Obtain an associate’s degree


    • Have in writing the agreement between the community college & future college for credit acceptance
sauk valley community college
Sauk Valley Community College
  • Articulation credits– “B” or better
  • Dual Enrollment credits - on-line courses
  • “Discover Days” –parent must sign a planned absence form at least 3 days in advance – transportation not provided by FHS
  • Apply after beginning of 2nd semester
  • Placement tests (reading, English, math) may be required if your ACT sub-scores not high enough
svcc continued
SVCC continued
  • Placement tests at SVCC
  • Advance sign-up required!
  • Placement tests can be taken twice in a year so give yourself time to take it twice if necessary
  • Registration for both summer & fall classes is available by appointment with a SVCC counselor at SVCC –Listen for announcements!
college for everyone
College for Everyone?
  • EVERYONE needs some post high school training
    • Military Branch
    • Community College
    • 4 year
    • 2 year
    • Technical College
private public
Private Public
  • Smaller Campus = Smaller classes
  • More individualized
  • Often more expensive
  • More scholarship options
    • Weigh tuition costs once scholarships & financial aid offered
  • Bigger Campus = Bigger Classes
  • Less expensive—State funded
  • Cautious of Out of State Tuitions—Check WI & IA
  • Check financial aid packages
  • Weigh the state schools carefully based on your needs
  • Get registered on the NCAA clearinghouse website if you plan to play sports in a school associated with NCAA
  • Complete a transcript request form be sent to NCAA AND have ACT send your official scores to NCAA if you have not already done so
common application
Common Application
  • Some private schools accept only the common application
  • Along with the application there is also a school evaluation and a teacher evaluation
    • We have already completed a few of these online
listen ask
  • Announcements
  • Guidance Office
  • Bulletin Boards
  • FHS school website
  • College Websites
  • Be responsible
    • Communication with parents is the key right now!