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Libya. Libya.

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Gleaming hot days, Libya is mostly covered by hot sand and dried up plants. The other part left is coastal humid lands because of the sea that is separating Europe and Africa. You can’t believe how hot it is and also how humid it is in the coastal parts. There is something that a lot of people have been dreaming of it is called the man-made river; This river will use water from the Mediterranean sea. That is amazing! Now everywhere in Libya will have water to farm their crops and also drink the water, also this will reduce the causes of dehydration. I can’t wait until they finish building this river that Libya is working on. Also there is barely and rain!! I know the reason why but still I’m not used to it… Also it is way more humid and hot in here other than United States. There has been amazing events and also a good view on how the deserts look like.


In Libya its so interesting how they dress because most dress with a lot of layers. Most of women's were clothes that cover their face and head. They wear that because since they live in the deserts the sand can get in their eyes and face or nose. I wore a lot of layers because in the beginning it was going in my eyes. While I was their I visited a museum that was so cool. I saw this new display they had of the fashionable clothes and some were for sale. I bought some sandals that were peach and brown they are so comfy. I laughed at the Manicheans because they looked so real with make up on. They were so serious. What amazed me was that the dresses they were and clothes are very very detailed every single inch. All the different patterns and shape. Nothing was the same all were different. I liked a lot of their clothes and most of the clothes that they by is the same brand as the one in the museum. I just don’t know what the brand was.


When I was in Libya I got very hung so I went to a very famous restaurant. They had sea food lamb and a lot of other things. I had some very interesting plate of lamb soup. It was so sweet but then it turned spicy. It was a very famous accent recipe from the 1500s. I paid to get the recipe. I paid 500$ because it was so good. Then I tried some fish and crab soup. It was so spicy I stared chugging goat milk. By the way it was good but not after that spiciness. These recipes was all museum tradition. Most of the country is Muslim. If you go don’t get scared that you wont know their language. They speak Arabic Italian, English and French. They had great live music although the instruments weren't the same in the us the ones I recognized were the lute and the zorka. The zorka looks like the bag pipes.


When I was In Libya I got to meet the president and the prime minister. The names of the prime minister and president was Mohammed magariaf and ail zidan. They were very polite people. I only played 25$ and I was talking to them and had a long conversation about their natural recourses and who they where ruled by. Then we had dinner. When they were talking about the recourses. They told me that the exported crude and refined oil. The natural remorse's were petroleum and natural gas. Then they told me about when Italy ruled Libya. They gained independence in 1951. then since they had gamed independence the poor became even more poor and the rich became even more wealthy. Then they gave a speech about how the government is getting stronger and what they need to do. Then we had dessert and we where dismissed.


From the beautiful paradise and landscape there is some downsides and good sides, and this has to do with health issues. You know about polio and malaria and other diseases, but there is one that can change a child and or an adult. This is HIV and AIDS. This normally happens to adults and as a result they die and leave their children. Right after that the children turn into orphans and this comes into a deep impact in children’s heart. There is a program called UNODC that works with a lot of countries in Africa and help prevent HIV and AIDS. UNODC opened a office in 2009 and changed Libya’s health a lot. Also UNODC has encouraged schools and companies to start after school activities about AIDS and HIV. I have met a child who won a contest of creating a poster about AIDS and HIV. This child’s parents were victims of AIDS. Also his poster encouraged a lot of people to think before doing something, that will cause AIDS or HIV.


I just came back from a long weekend and also I met the leader of Libya. I did an interview and answered a lot of my questions. Since I was taking notes on the current problems and events I heard that rouge militia is a great enemy against Libya. Also a couple weeks ago rouge militia attacked the national congress. Also I did a interview on one of the athletes of Libya who are going to the Olympic games. They are excited and are also will be trying their hardest to win a medal. I hope you go and watch the Olympic games and also cheer for the Libyan athletes. Since Libya was blamed for the 2001 incident in New York, Libya is still the center of terrorism, and just recently someone in Libya killed 3 Americans. Libya is still in conflict since Italy left them on their own. Also a lot of companies and programs started helping Libya against rebels militia and other rebels. One company I met was UNODC who also helps Libya fighting AIDS and HIV. I also motioned this in my last post card. A lot of citizens in Libya want their country to be neutral and they want peace.


See you later!

from Libya