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The U-2 Incident

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The U-2 Incident - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The U-2 Incident. By Samantha Raymond and Dan O’Connell Period 4. What was the U-2 incident?. May 1, 1960 – The United States sent a U-2 plane, to fly over the Soviet Union, to take infrared pictures of the USSR. The flight was issued by the CIA Francis Gary Powers was the pilot

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the u 2 incident

The U-2 Incident

By Samantha Raymond and Dan O’Connell

Period 4

what was the u 2 incident
What was the U-2 incident?
  • May 1, 1960 – The United States sent a U-2 plane, to fly over the Soviet Union, to take infrared pictures of the USSR. The flight was issued by the CIA
    • Francis Gary Powers was the pilot
  • The plane was shot down by the USSR
before the incident
Before the incident…

The United States had been sending many of these planes to fly over the Soviet Union because they were afraid the Soviets might be preparing for war

The Soviets knew that these planes were flying overhead since 1958

the u 2 planes
The U-2 Planes

Were made to fly above 90,000 feet, so they could be undetected by the Soviets

The U-2 planes were designed with cameras that took infrared pictures of the Soviets’ military installations

nervous about program 1960
Nervous About Program (1960)
  • The secret of the program was now known by some people of the American press
  • The Soviet Union had been aware of the flights for two years
  • Eisenhower wanted to stop the flights, but his secretary of state, John Dulles, wanted him to okay one last flight
francis gary powers
Francis Gary Powers
  • The pilot of the last flight of the U-2 planes that was shot down by the Soviet Union
  • Lived the crash
  • Sentenced to prison for three years and then an extra seven years of labor by the Soviet Union
    • Released after 17 months
  • Failed to activate self destruct in the plane
    • Soviets gathered information from the plane
the united states lies
The United States Lies
  • The U.S. tries to explain to the Soviet Union that the plane was not meant to fly over the USSR. It lost its course on a weather mission.
  • Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union, announced that the plane was brought down by one of his rockets and the pilot was captured and confessed
    • 1996 – proved to be a lie to make their weapons seem more advanced
ussr vs us
  • Khrushchev was angered because it made him look bad
    • His people thought that he couldn’t negotiate with the United States
    • Eisenhower refused to apologize = no summit conference
      • End Cold War
  • Khrushchev denounced Eisenhower at the summit then immediately left
  • Eisenhower was no longer the peacemaker

More tension between the Soviet Union and United States

Every peacemaking attempt had fallen short

Cold War would go on for about another decade because the summit conference did not take place

U.S. policies – Cuba and Vietnam

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