in vestment potentials municipalit y of srbac n.
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In vestment potentials Municipalit y of Srbac PowerPoint Presentation
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In vestment potentials Municipalit y of Srbac

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In vestment potentials Municipalit y of Srbac - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In vestment potentials Municipalit y of Srbac. March, 2014 Srbac. Srbac. 500 km. 1000 km. Over one million inhabitants covering the area of 100 km. Investment potentials. Agriculture, healthy food Biogas plants (renewable sources of energy – biomass from agriculture and forestry)

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500 km

1000 km

Over one million inhabitants covering the area of 100 km

investment potentials
Investment potentials
  • Agriculture, healthy food
  • Biogas plants (renewable sources of energy – biomass from agriculture and forestry)
  • Wood processing
  • Mine of kaolin “Motajica‟
  • Industrial business zone “Crnaja‟
agriculture healthy food
Agriculture, healthy food
  • Total arable land around 17000 ha
  • Area around Lijevce polje ideal for farming and cultivation of vegetables (quality land, availability of water for irrigation, etc.)
  • Growing crops is the most popular covering 67 % of land, industrial crop and fodder cover 25 %, and vegetable with 8 %
  • Centre of poultry production in BiH - over 200 farms for chicken breeding, 20000 t/year of chicken meat
agriculture healthy food1
Agriculture, healthy food
  • Fish pond complex Bardača – freshwater fish farming
  • Great possibilities are seen in

construction of greenhouses

for the production of

vegetables and planting

material (at the moment

greenhouses are covering the

land of about 65 ha used for

vegetable and flower production )

  • Missing infrastructure - Cold storage with necessary equipment (Distributive Centre)
biogas plants
Biogas plants

Problem of uncontrolled dumping and throwing the great amount of organic waste (farming waste, waste from the slaughterhouse, food industry waste, etc.)

Solution – investment into biogas plants construction where organic waste could have been processed what would solve the problem of the uncontrolled waste dumping.

Processing products of biogas that make a profit:

  • Electrical energy
  • Heat energy
  • Substrate/organic fertilizer
wood processing
Wood processing
  • Wood processing sector – greatest percent of export on the territory of the municipality
  • Primary processing is curently the basic type of wood processing
  • Tradition and available labor force-established school for informal adult education (WoodMetalTechnicalSchool – WMTS) – adult education for wood and metal processing sector(CNC programmers and operators, etc.)
  • Investment possibilities – final woodprocessing sector
mine of kaolin motajica
Mine of kaolin “Motajica‟
  • Industry activity: mining and

kaolin granite sales

  • Mining of kaolin granite since1960
  • Ownership structure:

51,15 % majority stockholder

42,58 % small stockholder

6,27 % ZIF VIB Banjaluka Fond

  • Resources:
  • New mining reserves “Basica brdo” approximately 13 mil. t
  • Old mining reserves “Djidovi” approximately 2 mil. t
  • Conducted research on two potential mining reserves with the

estimated reserves of approximately 10 mil. t

  • Crude granite contains significant amount of feldspat, beryl, mica and quartz
  • Equipment and machinery for mining with the capacity of 50000 – 70000 t per year
mine of kaolin motajica1
Mine of kaolin “Motajica‟
  • Separation process:
  • Currently is out of work, crude granite is sold
  • Regulated infrastructure of processing capacity

60000 t per yearfor refined kaolin

  • Own substations and water springs for separation
  • Options for cooperation and strategic partnership:
  • Joint venture investment, primarily in separation process technology
  • Start of plant for production of new products on the base of ore minerals
  • Sale of shares of companies
industrial business zone crnaja
Industrial business zone“Crnaja”
  • Located in place Crnaja, 5 km from Srbac
  • Total area is32 ha
  • Purpose: industrial business
  • There isRegulation Zone Plan for urban parameters for parcels








Distance from the highway E 661 (Banja Luka – Gradiska) is 20 km

Distance from international crossing border Gradiska is 30 km (border between

BiH andEU)

Distance from the highway E 70 (Zagreb – Beograd) is 35 km

Distance from Mahovljani airport is 30 km, and from Zagreb airport is 170 km


Industrial business zone“Crnaja”

Existing infrastructure:

  • Above-ground20 kV transmission line
  • Substation which fulfils requests of the users in zone (630 kVA)
  • Water supply system, ø 160 mm
  • Telecommunication installations, internet (ADSL)

The missing infrastructure:

  • Sewerage system is not built in the zone, but the construction of local device system for filtration of technological waters has benn planned.

Industrial business zone“Crnaja”

Encouraging measurements for land buying in the zone for the purpose of construction of new buildings:

  • Lower land price (in this zone the public market price is6 KM/m²) – the same is now offered in the process of public bidding at starting price

of0,60 KM/m².

  • Lower one-time annuity (in this zone it is

12 KM/m²) – and now it is 4 KM/m² for new objectbigger than1000 m² in the base.


Competitive advantage industrial business zone “Crnaja“:

  • Good roadinfrastructure
  • Closeness of the highway
  • Closeness of EU market
  • Immediate closeness of industry for poultry meat processing “Slaughterhouse PPS (PerutninaPtuj)“ – modern slaughterhouse with capacity over 30000 units per day
  • Immediate closeness of industry“ENSA BH (Sava Kranj)” – production of bioenergetics on the base of wooden biomass
  • Adequate electro energetic network and industrial substations of great capacity
  • Existing big storage capacities for crops (silos)

Industrial bussines zone“Crnaja”

Development concept of industrial business zone “Crnaja“ should offer the answers about its own energetic efficiency and sustainability (to offer the solution of its own production of heat energy and integrity system for caring and controlling of waste waters).

In such conditions the potential investors (especially in the sector of food indutry) can expect significant benefits and that could be the key factor and crucial thing for attracting investors.

additional investment possibilities
Additional investment possibilities
  • Textile industry – tradition, trained labor force
  • Tourism – Bardaca (Ramsar area), fishing and hunting, recreation
  • Aquaculture
  • Central heating system construction in city area
  • Harbor/port construction on the Sava river
  • Improvement in controlling of sewerage waste material and secondary material
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